Nikki Ferrell: Rude Pediatric Nurse Blows Off Bachelor Fan at Hospital – Report

Nikki Ferrell: Rude Pediatric Nurse Blows Off Bachelor Fan at Hospital - Report

I guess pretending to be head over heels in love can take a real toll on a person’s mood so we can’t blame Nikki Ferrell too much for being one of the most miserable pediatric nurse’s around, right? While appearing on the recent season of The Bachelor Nikki talked about how much she loved being a pediatric nurse and how it was her dream job. Unfortunately, you’d never know it by her demeanor on the job.

According to the April 28th print edition of Star magazine, a mom was staying at the hospital where Nikki works because her 17-month old is suffering from a brain disorder. The woman’s friend approached Nikki, who was seated right outside the child’s’ room and asked her if she could pop in and say hi to the mom who just so happened to be a huge fan.

Nikki rolled her eyes and half agreed to go and say hi to the woman who had been rooting for her all season. Of course Nikki didn’t actually budge until her shift was over and she left without saying hi. The mother felt like the star was rude an un-supportive for not saying hi. I think there are two ways to look at this, I mean Nikki is obviously held to a different standard after making herself a public figure. At the same time, if her relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis is as fake as to seems then eventually Nikki was going to get tired of playing the game, right?

Eventually she would get tired of hearing fans gush about her fake romance, don’t you think? Are we there yet? Is Nikki regretting her stint on The Bachelor and do you think that she is finished pretending that it’s something that it’s really not? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Nikki Ferrell Twitter

  • drdebo cherry

    pediatric nurses are scary ppl- think about it- dealing with scared children…adding to their fear and pain- ever gone to a pediatric unit- awful awful…………..some might be normal…in the beginning but those who stay like it.

  • Naturegal13

    He’s rude, as his family said…it’s rubbing off. What a a rotten way to treat someone whose child is dying.