Nina Dobrev Posts a Picture of her Baby Bump Online – Check out The Vampire Diaries Star’s Photo Here! (PHOTO)

Nina Dobrev Posts a Picture of her Baby Bump Online - Check out The Vampire Diaries Star's Photo Here! (PHOTO)

Don’t worry, folks. Nina Dobrev isn’t actually with child. The photo Nina posted on her WhoSay account is a throwback photo from The Vampire Diaries set and features Elena Gilbert’s doppelganger with a gigantic baby bump! If you keep up with TVD, then you’re well aware of what’s going on with the Katherine Pierce story line (or, now, lack thereof). Perhaps Nina was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to pay tribute to her doppelganger nemesis. She posted this alongside the photo: “#TBT to the 1400’s when Katherine was knocked up. Wait a second … Is that a beer belly or is @Tytheprince11 pregnant too?”

She’s pictured with Ty Armstead, a production assistant for TVD who she’s always having fun times with. He also seems to be bearing a gigantic baby bump — and it looks as if he’ll be due any day now.

Katherine was the mother of Nadia and, while the two didn’t have the best mother-daughter bond, she ultimately turned things around in the end. That last scene with them together was SO emotional, and we’re sad that we won’t be seeing either of them anytime soon.

However, even though Katherine Pierce was rejected passage to the Other Side and was whisked away to who-knows-where, I wouldn’t count her out for too long. Maybe she’s really gone for good. Or maybe, just maybe, this resilient character will find a way to return and haunt the living daylights out of Mystic Falls and its residents.

What do you think of Nina with a baby bump? Do you think she wears it well? Sound off in the comments section below!

Image credit to WhoSay

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