Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Marriage Announcement Expected: Hot Vampire Diaries Couple Engaged Soon?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Marriage Announcement Expected: Hot Vampire Diaries Couple Engaged Soon?

A few years ago, when Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder first hooked up they decided to keep their relationship a secret. They went to work on the set of The Vampire Diaries and then curled up together at night in peace, without fans going crazy or the paps trailing them. I guess it became a pretty hard secret to keep and so after about a year the relationship went public. From that point on it was chaos with fans going crazy. The added pressure as well as Ian’s rumored wandering eye eventually helped to put an end to things and when they broke up early last spring things were ugly. Working together seemed iffy at best, but somehow they managed to do it.

There have been rumblings about Ian and Nina reconnecting last September and you have to admit they seem to be getting along awfully well. Nina had dated Derek Hough briefly and supposedly he dropped her when he realized she was rekindling things with Ian. On Thursday, Nina was photographed celebrating her 25th birthday with her BFF Julianne Hough and Ian. Are they back together? Is that why Ian was right beside her as she blew out those candles? We’re hearing yes, but don’t expect either of them to confirm it.

Things are red hot once again between Ian and Nina but this time around they aren’t letting the fans or paps control the way they live their lives together. They have realized that things worked great when they kept their private life private and so they are sticking to that course. Don’t be surprised if we find out long after the fact that not only are these two together, but that they’re married! Do you think that Ian and Nina belong together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Marriage Announcement Expected: Hot Vampire Diaries Couple Engaged Soon?

  • Clara Tezolin

    course that not Ian is very well without she!

    he is very happy and conserteza has other in between!

  • Vikki

    You are an idiots ? Nian confirmed their break up

  • Seannie5

    who cares?

  • isha

    I think Ian&Julianne in this pic has amazing chemistry..Ian is super cool with a blonde by his side..So..it’s JIAN for me now..OKAY? Nian is broken or whatever,,,they announced it at PCA..subtle hints..JIAN..Get some more pics of Ian with Julianne pls?or make thehm happen please..?Do witchcraft,boogle anything..

  • isha

    JUST LOOK at Julianne’s face,so close to Ian’s…And Jules looks besotted with Ian..cheek to cheek..CROP THAT PICTURE U IDIOTS..And make Julianne be pregnant with Ian’s baby..Plan their wedding STAT!! ASAP…thank you!

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  • philip

    I do not care

  • MrsJackie Dufour

    No they should not be togather.

  • Magda

    That would be amazing if they get married and nina becomes pregnant with Ian, they definety fit together ????????????????????

  • Cynthia Mcclain

    I think they are perfect together and you should find a man and let love flow or if you have a man hold him well

  • Sarina rust

    I think Nina and Ian should get married but that’s what I think they can do what ever they want

  • LuvIsInTheAir

    Um wo rude much. I get that we have our own opinions but you don’t need to be mean. I love Nina and Ian and I think they have a connection I don’t know if it’s a friend connection or boyfriend/girlfriend connection but they definitely

  • baylefaith

    nian dont give up tell him how much you love him am a big fan but i now he loves u i just really whant u to stay with him u love him and im sher he loves u to.

  • Nina

    He’s freaking engaged to Nikki Reed