Nurse Jackie Recap 6/15/14: Season 6 Episode 10 “Sidecars and Spermicide”

Nurse Jackie Recap 6/15/14: Season 6 Episode 10 “Sidecars and Spermicide”

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny NURSE JACKIE is back with a new episode called, “Sidecars and Spermicide.” On tonight’s episode as Jackie’s drug use intensifies, she realizes she needs to clear the decks of the people closest to her if she wants to keep using.

On last week’s episode Frank warned Jackie about an upcoming DEA investigation at All Saints – and it was clear the physician’s number she stole was coming home to roost. Antoinette turned to Eddie for help and more, Coop and Carrie found a way to get around their ‘no sex in the hospital’ rule, and the death of the newsstand proprietor had the rest of the staff at All Saints reflecting on the anonymity of life. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as Jackie’s drug use intensifies, she realizes she needs to clear the decks of the people closest to her if she wants to keep using. Meanwhile at All Saints, Carrie has forgotten Coop’s 40th birthday the morning after they’ve slept together – but is saved by Thor and the world’s greatest present. Plus, the DEA investigation into Nancy Wood grows more intense as they zero in on a suspect: Akalitus.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and enjoy the sneak peek below.


Grace kisses Frank’s son and says it’s weird making out on her mom’s roof and he says their parents are probably making out downstairs. They’re not. Eddie knocks and comes into Jackie’s asking if Antoinette is there. She says she’s not. Eddie says that Antoinette told him she was going to go to Gloria so he slept with her. He says then he told A it wouldn’t happen again and he says that didn’t go over well.

Antoinette calls Frank and tells him that Jackie is using again. She says he dumped both of them so she can use. Jackie checks her phone and Antoinette has called nine times. Frank comes downstairs and says Antoinette called and told him Jackie’s using. Jackie says A is mad because Eddie kicked her out of bad. He asks what’s up and Jackie says it’s nothing.

All three kids come downstairs and leave for school followed by Frank. Jackie pops a pill and heads to work. Thor says the DEA guy is making him sweat. Zoey asks if she should go get her Nurse Practitioner degree. Jackie says it’s a great idea and Zoey says the application deadline is tonight. She worries about the application but Thor says she’s a good writer.

Gloria wishes Coop happy birthday and Carrie asks him how they can top their helicopter sex. Gloria says the DEA guy is there to figure out who stole Carrie’s subscriber number and says he’ll be doing interviews. The EMTs bring in a new patient that fell down a flight of stairs. Her name is Joan, she has MS and had a relapse a few months ago. Coop orders tests.

Her hubby is there and says it will be okay. Gloria asks Jackie if she’s okay and offers her a pill. She takes it and then Gloria says Antoinette called her. She says that A heard Gloria was winning at poker and wants to sell her a condo. Jackie says she’ll make her leave her alone. She goes into a room, pops a pill and calls A.

Jackie tells her to quit calling her and her friends and co-workers. A begs her not to hang up and says she needs a drink and can’t talk to her sponsor. Jackie tells her to hold on and then comes back and says to talk to her. Antoinette says she’s a shitty sponsor and says she feels bad about not getting Jackie clean. A says she hasn’t been dumped in years and the Eddie thing is kicking her ass to deal with sober.

Jackie asks her to wait 8 hours until she gets off work. She tells her to go to Saks, spend $500 and call her when she’s done. Carrie runs in panic to Thor, tells him she slept with Coop and has real feelings for him and is upset that she doesn’t have a birthday gift for him. She asks if there is anything she can get for Coop within a two block radius. He hands her a wrapped present and tells her to tell Coop it’s from her. She asks if she should write a card and Thor asks if she was raised by wolves.

Zoey goes through today’s patients with Jackie looking for a good case for her essay. Grace calls Zoey and asks to talk. She listens and Jackie tries like hell to overhear. Zoey says she needs to talk to her mom about it and offers to go get her. Grace hangs up on her. Zoey says Grace asked her to get birth control. Jackie thinks that it’s Frank’s son that Grace is thinking about sleeping with.

Jackie says she won’t let it happen and goes to see Frank at work. She tells him to control his fucking son and says her boys can’t be near her girls. She says Grace just asked for birth control and he says Tommy is a gentleman and just met her last night. He thinks she asked for another guy and Jackie says they are done and she has to protect Grace. Frank says this isn’t about Grace and Jackie says it’s about her not wanting to be with him. He says Antoinette told him that Jackie would choose the drugs over them and he can’t believe she’s trying to blame it on their children. Frank says he doesn’t want her to be a fucking drug addict and she tells him to pack up and move out.

Joan’s husband passes out in the ER after asking for water. He comes to on a stretcher and Jackie says his BP is high. He wants to check on Joan. Jackie tells him that Zoey is a nurse practitioner and will be his primary care doctor for the day and will give him a full physical at no charge. She starts with his eyes, but is talking awkwardly.

Coop complains to Carrie that it’s his worst birthday ever. He got just one gift from Zoey and was interrogated by the DEA. Carrie says she got him a present too and he says he thought she forgot. He rips the present open and it’s a Kevin Costner DVD about Native Americans. He asked how she knew and she says she just knows him. Coop says it’s perfect and tells her that she’s perfect.

He shows the DVD to Thor who says he remembers that he lived in a tepee for years. Thor hands him his gift – a neck pillow nad a wind chimes CD. Coop tries to act pleased and Thor wishes him happy birthday. Thor walks off and Coop tells Carrie the gifts were lame. Antoinette is at the hospital and Jackie tells her she has to go. A says she’s broken all the rules of being a good sponsor.

Jackie says she understands. Antoinette says she’s going to get her shit together then help Jackie get clean. It’s Jackie’s turn with the DEA guy and they agree to have dinner together anyway. Jackie sits with the guy and she tells him that she’s a former drug addict who did treatment two years ago and has been clean ever since. She says she has a sponsor and goes to meetings.

Jackie says she knows why her name might come up and is ready to answer any questions he may have. The DEA guys tells her that he was using on the job for years and that a bunch of evidence files got lost up his nose. She says it’s inspiring sight to see someone else making recovery work. He tells her he went to rehab just to get out of going to his mother’s funeral. He says he’s been clean ever since.

Jackie tells him that’s great to hear. He asks if she stole Carrie’s subscriber number. She says she didn’t and he thanks her and says they’re done. She steps out and Gloria asks how it went. She says it went fine and she told him the truth. Gloria sits down with the DEA guy who asks her about the prescription she got from Cooper for Vicodin. She says it’s for her arthritis. He asks why her urinalysis came back clean for the Vicodin and asks her to explain.

Zoey tells the guy he has left ventricular strain and could lead to a fatal heart attack. She tells him it’s all preventable and says he’ll get hypertension drugs and then hands him a scrap of paper with her phone number on it. She says to think of it as a Batphone for her help. She says he can call her for information on a medication or a recipe. She says that’s the best way to make sure he’ll be there for his wife.

Jackie tells Zoey that was great and the Batphone touch was great. Zoey says she was doing what she thought Jackie would do. She asks Jackie to write her a recommendation for the NP program and she says she will after she writes her essay. Zoey tells her she hates her and then that she loves her.

Jackie lurks and waits for Grace and asks if she’s having sex. She tells her it’s none of her business. She gives her a condom. She runs through the list of diseases she can get. She asks if she wants to hear more. Grace says no. Jackie says she should have come to her and says she’s made her an OB-GYN appointment for next week. She tells her that even if she’s on birth control, that doesn’t mean she needs to have sex. She kisses her daughter and goes.

Antoinette describes what a sidecar (a drink) is to Jackie and says that the fling with Eddie is what triggered it. Jackie’s phone rings but she doesn’t take the call from Frank. Jackie says she could easily take 20 oxy right now because she has so much going on. Antoinette says they should move in and do a Laverne and Shirley and Jackie says she’s been thinking about rehab.

Jackie says maybe they could go together so it would be less lonely. Jackie pops a pill and says if she’s going to rehab, she’s going there high. Antoinette orders a drink and says instead of Laverne and Shirley, let’s go Thelma and Louise and Jackie reminds her they drove off the cliff. Antoinette says she forgot that part and Jackie asks who forgets the ending and Antoinette tells her alcoholics.

Antoinette holds the drink and says she’s waited 10 years for it. She tells Jackie she’s ready to go off the cliff with her. She sips it then smiles and orders another. Jackie pops another pill while Antoinette proceeds to drink. They both sigh and then laugh. Next morning, they stagger out of a cab together. They giggle and try to decide which one is Thelma and which one is Louise.

They come into the rehab facility and Jackie gives them Antoinette’s name and says she reserved a bed,. A realizes Jackie isn’t coming with her and says this is the most fucked up thing she’s ever seen an addict pull. Jackie tells the rehab folks that she had a rough night and is probably dehydrated. Antoinette tells her she’s a fucking cunt and that she never wants to see her again. Jackie tells the guy at the desk that sometimes it’s hard getting them to come in. She walks out smiling and smooths back her hair. She walks off smiling like her world is much, much lighter.