Nurse Jackie LIVE Recap 6/22/14: Season 6 Episode 11 “Sisterhood”

Nurse Jackie LIVE Recap 6/22/14: Season 6 Episode 11 “Sisterhood”

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny NURSE JACKIE is back with a new episode called, “Sisterhood.” On tonight’s episode it’s Kevin’s wedding day and Jackie’s going – not because she wants to, but because Fiona begged her.

On last week’s episode as Jackie’s drug use intensified, she realized she needs to clear the decks of the people closest to her if she wants to keep using. Meanwhile at All Saints, Carrie had forgotten Coop’s 40th birthday the morning after they’ve slept together – but was saved by Thor and the world’s greatest present. Plus, the DEA investigation into Nancy Wood grew more intense as they zeroed in on a suspect: Akalitus. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode it’s Kevin’s wedding day and Jackie isn’t that excited about it because she doesn’t want to go, she is only going because Fiona kept begging her to. Meanwhile at All Saints, Akalitus turns her suspicious eye on Jackie now that the DEA is breathing down her neck, Carrie demands that Coop introduce her to his mom, and Zoey’s hunch is confirmed when she witnesses Jackie make a near fatal error with a patient.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and enjoy the sneak peek below.


Jackie closes her eyes as she gets an evaluation for an eye lift from a plastic surgeon. She gives her a prescription for painkillers to have on hand after the surgery. She fills the scrip and then calls to cancel the surgery saying she’s having second thoughts. Carrie talks about disaster preparedness. Thor works with her and his BF coaches them on how to enhance their presence. They have plans to have dinner with his BF Reuben’s brother that night and Carrie and Zoey tease him.

Jackie comes in with her dress bag and tells them it’s Kevin’s wedding. She hands Zoey her letter of recommendation. She’s not happy about the wedding but says her daughters are nervous, so she has to go. Zoey goes to a private room to read the letter and sobs. Thor asks what she wrote and Jackie says the truth. She tells Jackie she can’t send the letter in because she wants to frame it.

Anna, a diabetic, is in the ER and Carrie orders tests and insulin. Coop calls for Jackie and she comes in for a female hit by a cab. It’s Helen – the drunk nun. She has bruising on her chest and tells them she stepped in front of the cab and says not to let the driver be charged with anything. Coop says he doesn’t like saving people who don’t want to live.

Jackie comes to see Gloria and tells her about Helen and says she has a cardiac contusion and probably won’t make it. Gloria says they had to fire three people after the drug screening. Jackie asks if they found Nancy Wood and she says no, but a couple of dope smoking radiologists and a security guard that was doing coke. Gloria says the DEA is on her about her pill prescription.

Jackie offers to pee in a cup but Gloria says her hands are neatly tied. Jackie asks why she’s looking at her that way then Gloria says she probably should really be looking at her that way. Jackie asks her how big of an asshole she thinks she is and Gloria says she’ll let her know after she finds Nancy Wood. She walks away.

Jackie goes to see Helen and the nun asks what’s wrong and if she can help her. Jackie says not to worry about her and says it may be the last thing she can do. She tells Jackie there is no one to call for her. She says when she was a nun, she had 65 sisters and now there’s just Jackie. She shows her how to use the morphine pump. Helen says she wishes there was a way she could repay her for what she’s done for her and calls her angel.

Zoey sidles up to Jackie and reads an excerpt from her recommendation letter that she recorded in her notebook. Zoey asks if it’s Helen’s chart and she says she’s staying close. Zoey says she looked better when she left and they look at the pic she took of the nun. Zoey asks her to send it to her and Zoey says she can stay with Helen tonight so Jackie can go to the wedding.

Carrie comes to see Coop and he says she looks even better than usual. She tells him they should have dinner with his moms. Coop says he would rather do anything else and she says moms love her. He says he doesn’t want her to meet his parents until he’s sure this is for real. He says it’s a big step and she says she’s ready. She asks if he’s even told them about her and he stammers then says of course they do. She stomps out mad.

Jackie comes to see Eddie and asks him to hang up her dress in the back so no one bugs her. Eddie says the dress is gorgeous and she says she has to leave the tags on so she can return it. He says to keep it because she deserves it. She tells him Gloria thinks she had something to do with Carrie’s DEA number and Eddie says history is history and he understands. She says fuck you and steals pills when his back is turned.

Zoey tells her that Helen is hanging in there and the nun says she’s okay. They open the curtains and a ton of women from the hospital come to stand around her, Carrie, other nurses, Zoey and Jackie. Helen sees them all and asks what this is. Jackie says these are all the women who work in the ER and Carrie says she has to say something. Carrie won’t stop. She says that she hates nuns, they hate her and they ruined most of her childhood but then says that she doesn’t hate Helen and really wishes her peace.

Helen asks to be called by her real name and says it’s Nancy. Nancy Wood. Gloria is there and hears this and then Carrie says goddamn you, all your nuns are out to ruin me and says she is a fucking bad person. She asks Jackie to press the little button and she does. Jackie looks at her closely then walks off.

Gloria is in the bathroom washing her hands. Jackie comes in and Gloria apologizes for suspecting her. Jackie says there is nothing to be sorry about and says they are all just doing their jobs. Jackie sits on the toilet and sniffs several pills. She sits back smiling with a sigh and then laughs in relief. She comes out of the bathroom and Anna complains.

Zoey comes over with test results and Jackie hangs a bag and says that they will get her insulin started. Anna slumps over and Zoey asks what she did. She says Carrie ordered eight units not 800. Zoey curses as she attempts to revive her. She brings her back and Anna is none the wiser. Jackie is in a panic. She thanks Zoey and says lucky for her she was with the most competent nurse on the floor.

Zoey says she’s never seen her make a mistake like that before and asks if she needs to go to a meeting. Jackie says she goes to meetings every day and then says she’s just stressed because of the wedding. Zoey tells her to get going since she still needs shoes and says there’s nothing tackier than showing up late to an ex-husband’s wedding.

Carrie and Thor record her segment on disaster preparedness. Thor is making crazy hand gestures – his BF Reuben’s critique of his over-gesturing has him freaking out. Carrie tries to help and asks how Reuben is for disaster preparedness and he says he’s very safety oriented. Carrie says her boyfriend Dr Cooper said that couples that have emergency supplies on hand are likely to stay safe and are less likely to get divorced. Coop listens to this in shock – looks like Carrie is forcing his hands since his moms are likely to see this or hear about it.

Jackie waits in the elevator to go into the event. She pops a pill before heading inside. She takes her seat just before the ceremony begins. Grace walks down the aisle with her escort then Fiona comes by and stops and begs Jackie to walk with her. She says she’s the only one who doesn’t have someone to walk with her. Jackie stands and walks with her but is very awkward.

She stares at Kevin and says sorry then heads back to her seat. Mia and her dad walk down the aisle. Jackie makes it through. At the reception, Grace sits with Frank’s son Tommy who is her date. He says his dad thought it was weird that he was coming with Grace but his dad isn’t. Grace says this whole night is weird.

Gabe shows up to meet Jackie and is looking around. Grace tells Tommy she recognizes him and says he sold drugs to a friend of hers at a party. Tommy asks if she’s a friend of Mia’s but then they see him go up and kiss Jackie. Grace says what the fuck then calls Zoey. She tells Grace to calm down and asks her to find a place to go where she can hear her.

Coop comes and tells Carrie they’re having dinner with his moms tonight. She asks if he’s mad and he says he’s not. She said she didn’t just want to skulk around. He says it’s okay and that he’s the chief and 40. He says he has to change his shirt since his moms hate this.

Carrie comes in and Zoey tells her that Helen just died if she wants to call time of death. She asks Carrie if she’s okay and Carrie says she needs to put the whole Nancy Wood thing behind her and asks to see her personal effects. The license says Nancy Wood and Zoey hands it to Carrie who says she’s going to give it to Gloria to give to the DEA.

Zoey pockets the wooden cross the nun had but she seems very distracted by a thought she’s having. She folds up the bag as she cries. Jackie dances happily with Gabe and he tells her he has coke and says he can have anything she wants tonight. Mia and Kevin walk up and Gabe introduces himself. He drops some cash into Mia’s money bag. They walk off and Gabe says it must be crazy for her.

Grace comes up and Jackie introduces her to Gabe. Grace says she’s met Gabe before and asks him to get a drink for Tommy. She says she was at a party in Bushwick and he sold drugs to her friend. She tells her mom that she can’t believe she brought a drug dealer to her dad’s wedding. Jackie freaks and asks him if he really sells drugs to kids. She says Grace is only 15 and he says she doesn’t look 15.

Jackie calls him an asshole and says 15 isn’t 15 anymore. He tells her to have fun and she tells him to get his hands off her. They cause a ruckus and Kevin comes over and tells Gabe he needs to leave. Then he tells Jackie she needs to leave too. He says to leave now. She’s floored. She walks out with all eyes on her, including Grace’s. She goes to the elevator and steps inside alone. She kicks her shoes off.

Zoey looks at the photo on her phone of Helen. She goes to Gloria and says they need to talk about Jackie and closes the door. OMG – the photo she sent Jackie is the exact photo that’s on the license!