NY Med Recap 7/24/14: Season 2 Episode 5

NY Med Recap 7/24/14: Season 2 Episode 5

Tonight on ABC their hit drama NY Med continues with a new episode. On tonight’s show it’s just another day at Newark’s University Hospital. First, Dr. Hugo Razo saves a man dying from a blood clot in his lungs and then hustles across the ER to assist security guards restraining a violent patient. Meanwhile his ER colleague, Dr. Tiffany Murano treats a flirtatious patient with a sports injury and a wife who is just about out of patience.

On the last episode a young couple, in love since the day they met, had big wedding plans. But their future together was thrown into doubt when cardiac surgeon Len Girardi delivered the news that the groom could drop dead at any time if he didn’t have a complex but potentially life-saving operation. Their choice and their journey would terrify and amaze you. Trauma surgeon Ziad Sifri thought he had seen it all growing up in war-torn Beirut. But at Newark’s University Hospital where he works, patients arrive injured by hammers, box cutters and other household tools showing how personal things can get when family or romantic relationships fall apart. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show It’s just another day at Newark’s University Hospital. First, Dr. Hugo Razo saves a man dying from a blood clot in his lungs and then hustles across the ER to assist security guards restraining a violent patient. Meanwhile his ER colleague, Dr. Tiffany Murano treats a flirtatious patient with a sports injury and a wife who is just about out of patience. Later, Dr. Murano’s good humor runs out when a paramedic gets snippy with her. Arriving by ambulance with an aorta about to rupture, a woman in her late 60s tells doctors that she has finally met the “love of her life,” a widower who is devoted to her. She fears that if she doesn’t make it, fate will have robbed her boyfriend twice. But her surgeon, Allan Stewart, who was enroute to visit his kids, reveals that he is wearing a Superman costume under his clothes. He vows to do a “super” surgery to make this romance last. Rita Respass-Brown is a devoted and vivacious mother of three grown children who are not ready to let her go. A loving parent and founder of a school in Florida, Rita has everything she could ever want in life. But with her kidneys failing and 100,000 people on the transplant waitlist, Rita’s chances are not good. But an angel might be closer to Rita than she realizes when she learns her son could be a perfect match.

Tonight’s NY MED is going to be intense, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NY Med — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the NY Med?

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A man suffering from cardiac arrest was rushed to the hospital. He had a pulmonary embolism and because that condition requires surgery – the cardiac surgeons had to be called in to relieve the ER doctor. Therefore the patient got stuck receiving treatment from several doctors instead of being given the chance of growing comfortable with one.

Although you won’t believe it – bedside manner plays a role in how well the patient responds to treatment. If they think they’re doctor is incapable then they’ll choose to see their treatment as simply another step prolonging their pain.

Debbi Yi is an ER doctor and the patient she’s currently attending touched her heart in more ways than one. Her patient came in with a complaint of heavy bleeding. And seeing as the woman is pregnant this made Dr. Yi believe her patient was suffering a miscarriage. Regrettably, her assumption was later proved correct after an ultrasound revealed there wasn’t a heartbeat.

But the reason this case had such an effect on her was that she had miscarried as well a mere two weeks ago. That was devastating loss for her and her husband so newly coming off of that experience allowed her to empathize with her patient and better understand the other woman’s position. Dr. Yi cheered her patient and with the help of the woman’s spouse – her patient was seen laughing again. So sometimes the doctor/patient relationship is that helpful.

Just look at Dr. Stewart for a second opinion. He is one of the few that considers a relationship built between the doctor and his or her patient is just as important as the patient’s treatment. However it should be noted that his hours at work often cut into precious time with his kids. Take the weekend he had them. These weekends don’t come around all that frequently yet he spent most of that time dealing with a patient. And he did it with a smile.

He knows that patient and more importantly the patient’s family look towards the doctor for reassurance. So he’s not going to complain about having to do a surgery. What he did do was promise her he would return her to her family and he was able to that. Afterwards, he rushed home hoping his kids hadn’t noticed he was gone for long.

Though patients do come in drunk and raging at everyone and everything. Hence working at a hospital can be hazardous. Even to the guy that was merely using a suction in one man’s mouth. Fluid had ended up spewing everywhere including in his eye so he then had to blast himself in the eye with water to clear out any extra fluid.

Over in Newark, Razo had to act like a G.I. Joe (according to an ER attendee) in order to rush over and help with one of the patients in crisis. The patient wasn’t in crisis because of their condition – they were in crisis because he built like an ox and wanted to fight everyone even though that’s how he was injured in the first place.

The attendee that had oh so admired Dr. Razo was Dr. Tiffany Murano and she had a troublesome patient of her own. A man came in with an injury he sustained playing during a game of basketball and he massively flirted with his wife to the amusement of everyone else. It seemed like there was no dirty joke he was prepared to walk away from.

She stopped laughing though when she had to deal with a paramedic. He thought it would be advisable to only tell her the parts he wanted about the patient’s condition rather than just handing over the file. Like that would work anyone much less Murano who’s known for being a hardass. All she cares about is her patients and the residents under her care – so hurt feelings don’t exactly rank that high with her.

But you get the good with the bad like any other job.

There are cases like Rita’s. She desperately needed a kidney transplant and with thousands of people already waiting on the transplant list – her son chose not to risk it. He decided to donate his kidney to his mother. What he did was rare and awe inspiring. Not a lot of people are capable of making those kinds of sacrifices.

Rita was still doing well after her one year check-up and in other good news Dr. Yi went on to make it past the crucial 12 week mark when she became pregnant again. Last we saw her, she was at 25 weeks and feeling comfortable about going shopping for baby clothes.