O.J. Simpson Killed Nicole Brown Simpson After Reading of Her Cheating Affair in Personal Diary – Report

O.J. Simpson Killed Nicole Brown Simpson After Reading of Her Cheating Affair in Personal Diary - Report

It’s almost twenty years to the day since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered at her Brentwood condo. Of course, some media outlets are working over time to dig up new theories and analyze possibly overlooked information. Even I have to admit . . . this one thing that has been recently uncovered is actually pretty interesting. According to a new report by the May 26th print edition of The National Enquirer, Simpson actually found Nicole’s private diary a week or so before the murders took place.

Supposedly during visitation with his kids, Simpson got his hands on an extra key to Nicole’s condo because he wanted to be able to keep tabs on what his ex was doing. One day he entered her home and rummaged through her bedroom and found her diary. Not only did he read it but Simpson supposedly ripped out pages pertaining to her secret love affair with a man that was Simpson’s good friend. That man has long been rumored to be Marcus Allen, a former NFL running back who denied having an affair with Nicole while under oath during Simpson’s civil trial. Supposedly in her diary Nicole talked in detail about what a fantastic lover Allen was and how he was nothing like her selfish ex.

It is alleged that Simpson ripped out those pages and took them with him, rereading them and letting them fester until he was so overcome with rage that he brutally attacked his ex and the man who just so happened to be with her. Do you think that it was Nicole’s own words that helped to fuel Simpson’s blind rage? Is there any truth to this or is it just a story conveniently timed to coincide with the anniversary of the double murder? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • wicked

    Also, there was an IRS threat looming. OJ was already dating. Controlling abusive men do not like to see their former possessions move on with other men. OJ felt threatened and he was not comfortable with Nicole becoming independent of him and becoming her own woman. There was emotional and physical abuse and degradation all though their marriage and these anger issues get worst and progress &
    Esculate over the years. In detest the mind set that Nicole had it coming. OJ’s behavior years after illustrated his road rage and his true
    Persona as Hus image was not protected by his handlers. Do I think he got away with murder.No. I think he got away with Conspiracy to commit murder. Or he snapped after the graduation ceremonies and the dinner where he was not the center of attention. It is a mystery and proves that good lawyers and a celebrity’s assessable image especially as a football hero from USC in L.A. over rides logic. If OJ wasn’t a football icon, beloved actor with charisma he would have been arrested as the Husband, especially an estranged husband with a history of domestic violence is always the logical choice. Just stating the facts and then obvious.

  • wicked

    Sorry for the typos! As follows:
    * I detest.
    * Persona as His …

  • Lana

    You sicko. How come he never got slaughtered for cheating on his two wives, as he admitted. TWOT.

  • Lana

    HE cheated too you twot! Men always want to forget their infidelities in favour of how the woman has wronged them!!!

    • Tee

      I don’t think our opinions really matter. His kids are in a good place right now and they still love their father so that’s what’s important.


    asswipe…So women who are cheated on should murder the cheating man? Please misogynist wierdo