Parenthood RECAP 4/170/14: Season 5 Finale “The Pontiac”

Parenthood RECAP 4/170/14: Season 5 Finale “The Pontiac”

PARENTHOOD returns to NBC tonight for another interesting new episode. In “The Pontiac,” the fifth season ends with Adam and Crosby reminiscing over childhood memories. Meanwhile, Amber and Ryan reunite; Sarah responds to Hank’s request; Victor triumphs over his fears; Zeek gives Victor a driving lesson; and Drew pursues his bliss.

On last week’s episode Crosby (Dax Shepard) found himself in a tough housing situation and reached out to Joel (Sam Jaeger) for help. Julia (Erika Christensen) mustered up the courage to talk with Sarah (Lauren Graham) about her current situation. Kristina (Monica Potter) received some devastating news and put all her energy into fighting for the charter school, meanwhile Amber (Mae Whitman) also heard of unsettling news and Hank (Ray Romano) stepped up to the plate. Also starring: Craig T. Nelson, Joy Bryant, Peter Krause, Miles Heizer, Max Burkholder, Tyree Brown, Savannah Paige Rae, Xolo Mariduena, Matt Lauria, Zachary Knighton, Lyndon Smith, Sonya Walger.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode THE SEASON FIVE FINALE OF PARENTHOOD IS A FRESH START FOR THE BRAVERMAN CLAN- Haddie (Sarah Ramos) comes home for the summer, while Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) reminisce about their childhood and also reenact some childish antics. Amber (Mae Whitman) reunites with Ryan (Matt Lauria) and struggles to let him go, meanwhile Sarah (Lauren Graham) finally addresses Hank’s (Ray Romano) request. Victor (Xolo Mariduena) conquers his fears and Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) are there to support him, while Zeek (Craig T, Nelson) surprises him with a driving lesson. Drew (Miles Heizer) realizes a mistake and goes after what he wants. Also starring: Bonnie Bedelia, Monica Potter, Joy Bryant, Max Burkholder, Savannah Paige Rae, Tyree Brown, Lyndon Smith, Jonathan Tucker.

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Hank meets Sarah at the hospital as she waits for Amber and she shares that they are waiting for some test results. She asks Hank why he is there and he replies that he “thought he’d just stick around.”

While at work, Joel gets a text and is very excited to hear that his son Victor just one first place in an essay contest at his school. On the other end of the phone is Julia and she is talking to Victor about the essay asking him for details. She is so excited for him, while he’s being pretty humble about it. Zeek is on hand as well and congratulates Victor on such a tremendous accomplishment. Victor gets to read his essay in front of his family and school mates. They all go out for yogurt after and celebrate. Later when they are ending the evening and it is time for Sydney to get to bed, there is a really emotionally intense moment where Sydney begs Joel to stay rather than leaving to his apartment. She is insistent, begging him and crying, holding on to him. He finally relents and he and Julia put her to bed as they lay with her telling some precious stories. She is smiling and content, but even better…Julia has tears in her eyes (happy ones!) and Joel seems pretty comfortable and happy as well. Later, another touching moment as Joel grabs Julia’s hand.

At the hospital, Amber is talking with Ryan when his mother walks in. Ryan is very surprised, and Amber even more so. She has never met his mom and she is caught off guard when his mom has no idea who she is. They talk and Amber shares that their relationship was a little more significant than Ryan’s mom thought. They have some conversations off to the side and Amber is definitely getting the cold shoulder, eventually getting pushed out of the room by Ryan’s estranged mom. When Amber sees Sarah and Hank, she tells them they might as well go because she cannot even see Ryan at the moment. She asks Hank why he is there and is pretty happy to see him. He shares that he wants to stick around. Later Ryan’s mom is throwing back a few drinks at a restaurant and she is joined by Amber who learns from his mom that Ryan will go back to Wyoming with her when he is discharged from the hospital. And that is not the only discharge. Ryan’s mom shares that Ryan was discharged from the military. Amber was visibly shaken as she had no idea. Later, Amber asks about his injuries now that she knows that there is a lot of information she didn’t know about. He confides in her that he was driving while intoxicated as well as using his phone while driving. He tells her he knows it was stupid. He was happy that the military gave him a medical discharge despite what he did. She asks him if it is true that he is going back to Wyoming and he tells her that he is. While he is on a roll with the honesty, he opens up about his feelings towards her and shares that he still thinks about her every day. He tells her everything will be okay after the two share a pretty intimate moment in the hospital bed and then kiss goodbye. Wonder what is in store for next season as Amber grabs a pregnancy test before this season’s end.

After Hank and Sarah leave the hospital, Sarah asks Hank where they stand. They discuss communication and while Hank shares that it is hard for him, Sarah shares it is something she needs. The two later kiss after Sarah plants one on him and it seems to be a sign that theyt are both ready and willing to work though this.

Drew gets an “I love you” from Natalie as she says goodbye for the summer. Drew is a bit dumbfounded and just stands there. Zeek later requests Drew’s help with moving furniture which leads to him handing over the keys to a Pontiac. Drew now has a way to visit his girlfriend and finish the unfinished business by telling her he loves her too.

Haddie comes home from college and brings her “super best friend” Lauren with her, She is excited about her meeting her family. We soon find out that these two are more than just friends when Max walks in on them kissing. Haddie and Lauren had just finished discussing Lauren’s hesitation in telling her family about their relationship and Lauren told her to take her time. Now that Max knows…she may not have a choice. Haddie has little windows of opportunity to tell her parents when small conversations come up, but she is still debating on whether or not it is the right time. When Kristina asks her about it after a discussion with Max, she opens the opportunity for Haddie to come clean with her. She finally admits that she is in a relationship with Lauren and her admittance was well-received by her supportive parents. She is very relieved after finally being able to share her happiness.

Throughout the entire episode, as Crosby and Adam help their parents pack up the home, they find their childish side by reenacting many childhood memories. It is touching and fun as the brothers bobsled down the stairs, and laugh over the birdhouse Crosby supposedly made after his elementary school project was found in the garage, Sadly, the house looks empty with no furniture, and Zeek and Camille have a last dance in the dining room after a lovely family dinner in the backyard.

Hope you had your Kleenex handy tonight because almost every scene was a tear-jerker that makes us ache for the next season to begin!