Patti Mallette Pregnant With New Baby – Or Is Justin Bieber Having a Child?

Patti Mallette Pregnant With New Baby - Or Is Justin Bieber Having a Child?

Like baby, baby, baby…nooo. Justin Bieber may have a new little brother or sister to look forward to in the future and not from his party pal dad Jeremy Bieber either. Apparently the Biebs’ mom, Patti Mallette, wants to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet on her floor again and is longing for another child.

Oh, and this is not a rumor but a fact taken straight from the mare’s mouth, i.e., Patti’s Twitter page. Just this past Thursday, Bieber’s mom tweeted out a photo of her holding a cute little chunky baby with the caption, “A baby looks good on me eh? (Yep still Canadian)” followed by the hash tag “#iwantmorekids!” Well alrighty then Miss Patti, we hear you. We just can’t help but wonder what your son Justin will think about all of this baby talk. Of course Pattie could mean that she’s hoping for a grandchild from her darling boy, Bizzle Justin. Is the Biebs planning on getting Ms. Selena Gomez with child? Now that would be a story!

Shooting straight here, Justin just turned twenty years old; that seems like quite a large gap to start over having kids again. Aside from that, Patti is contemplating starting over and having more kids at the tender age of 37. Not too big of deal, especially these days where women are having kids at later ages. The question CDL has is who the heck does she expect or want to have kids with? Last time we checked, Patti was a single unmarried woman not known to even be dating anyone. This also has us wondering what is really going on.

Like maybe Patti was just talking out the side of her mouth and didn’t literally mean that she is actually planning to have another baby. Perhaps holding the little cutie pie gave her that baby nostalgia all mothers know of and she just couldn’t help but to share the sentiment via Twitter. Or maybe she has been secretly dating someone and is sending him a not so subtle hint that she is ready to make some babies? Heck, she may be trying to attract potential suitors as she is ready to start exploring options for the next phase of her life.

Whatever the case may be, we here at CDL will be keeping an eye on Miss Patti. She will officially be on baby bump watch for a while. In the meantime, help us wash the dirt out of this load. What do you think about Patti’s baby dreams and what they really mean? Let us know by posting your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. twelfthnight says:

    Her first one turned out like crap. Why would you ever want another after that?