Kate Middleton Suffered Miscarriage Shortly Before Jessica Hay Announced Her Pregnancy With Second Child – GLOBE

Kate Middleton Suffered Miscarriage Shortly Before Jessica Hay Announced Her Pregnancy With Second Child - GLOBE

Kate Middleton has put on one heck of a brave face in spite of facing a crushing loss in recent weeks. The media has been speculating for quite awhile now that The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child with Prince William and she even had allowed her childhood friend, Jessica Hay to confirm it to the Australian press. Unfortunately Jessica serving as Kate’s special messenger this time around (as she also did when Kate was expecting Prince George) was a huge mistake that the young royals didn’t catch in time.

According to the Aug. 4th print edition of GLOBE Magazine on a morning in early July Kate woke up feeling unusually sick. At first she thought that it was going to turn into the same type of morning sickness that she had in the early pregnancy stages with George but it became obvious pretty quickly that this was worse. The royals summoned Kate’s doctor and were told that she was suffering a miscarriage. Kate was ordered to bed for four days and has since been spotted in public performing her official duties as if nothing happened.

Sources say that the first and one of the only people that Kate and William shared the news with was Queen Elizabeth. She encouraged them to grieve and then move on knowing that they will give George a brother or sister when the time is right. Kate has decided to try for another baby as soon as possible and William is already vowing to make sure that her stress will be kept to a minimum. Do you think that Kate wishes she hadn’t told Jessica to talk to the press? Will she be making that mistake again? Tell us your thoughts on Kate’s recent tragedy in the comments below!

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William attend the gymnastics during the Commonwealth Games on July 28, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland. The Royals looked glum today – could that have to do with the miscarriage rumors?

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  3. Audit says:

    Jealousy is a nasty trait

  4. kkeri12 says:

    Er, royalparasites, your comments give off the impression you’re pretty much mentally unbalanced.

  5. micmac says:

    It is the press saying all these things. So don’t be so rude about her. Even if by accident on this occasion, the press is telling the truth, it would be a shame and a genuine sorrow for her. And the Duchess isn’t there just to give the press someone to write about & “papp” 24/7, evaluate her extensively “recycled” wardrobe, and to second-guess her personal life which is what I think is happening. When charities like UNICEF have to write articles to supply the information that sites like this are too lazy to publicise, then do face the possibility that the Cambridges might be more active than is realised.

  6. […] GLOBE Magazine recently reported that Kate Middleton suffered a miscarriage, and had lost baby number two. We are really hoping that is not the case, but the fact that Will and Kate took the month of August off and are staying in the UK at super private Anmer Hall means there could be some truth to that report. However, it also could mean that Kate Middleton is truly pregnant and she is suffering from another case of severe morning sickness and needs to remain close to the royal medical team. It could also mean that Kate simply wants to control paparazzi access to her growing baby bump. […]

  7. jen says:

    Ive had a miscarriage at 7 months almost 8 to a baby girl who was born sleeping. No matter who they are to fake a pregnancy is wrong in my eyes. Disrespectful to the people to have lost a baby to fake it. So if their doing this for fame there heartless. Or going along with it. But if it is true then im sorry for their loss.

  8. […] or not The Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with baby number two, still trying to conceive or had suffered a crushing miscarriage. The answer seemed to change depending on who you asked and the palace never confirmed anything. […]