Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/8/14: Season 5 Episode 5 “Miss Me x 100”

Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/8/14: Season 5 Episode 5 “Miss Me x 100”

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family tonight for the fifth episode of season five. Tonight’s episode is called “Miss Me x 100” and it is their 100th episode. On tonight’s episode Alison returns to school with her chin up and a goal of righting past wrongs, but Mona and her crew are not in a forgiving mood. Meanwhile, Caleb comes back to town, and so does an old enemy.

On the last episode, with Ali back in Rosewood, she attempted to regain the role of leader of the group, but she found her four friends were not as willing to blindly follow her every whim as they once were. Besides feeling the pressured from Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer were also feeling under the microscope at school with the high school focusing their attention on the Liars. While most kids were morbidly curious about what happened to Ali, some were more focused on planning for Ali’s return to school. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode the day has finally arrived – Alison’s first day back at Rosewood High, and neither the PLLs nor Alison are really ready for it. Determined to put on a brave face, Alison returns to also help heal the damage she did years ago. But are apologies enough for those who Alison has hurt in the past? Not if Mona and her army have anything to say about it.

The fifth episode of season five’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us who you think is really A!

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Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars “Miss Me X 100” starts off tonight with Hanna and Travis sitting outside in the dark, working on a school project. Travis is looking through a telescope at the planets and trying to get Hanna to focus. She’s too worried about having to wear “business conservative” during their presentation at school. Travis can tell that Hanna’s head is elsewhere. He comforts her and tells her that she doesn’t have to walk in to school tomorrow with Alison if she doesn’t want to. She argues that she does have to, and everyone is going to think what they have always thought, that she and the liars are just Alison’s puppets.

Ezra and Aria are walking through Rosewood at night, Aria is still having flashbacks about Shanna. And, she is waiting for a message from “A” with a picture of her standing over Shanna’s body. They run in to Alison, who says she is just taking care of her enrollment forms that her Dad forgot to fill out. She is talking to a stranger in a car, they pull away when Ezra and Aria see them. The Rosewood bus pulls up, and Jenna Marshall gets off at the bus stop with her walking cane.

Spencer is at home with Toby, she confesses to him that she isn’t sure she believes that Alison has changed her ways. Toby gets a phone call from Jenna, he hangs up, and is shocked and says that Shanna has been murdered. He rushes to go see Jenna.

Alison, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna all meet up at Spencer’s to discuss Jenna’s arrival in Rosewood. They are scared that Jenna has come to Rosewood to “finish what Jenna started and try to kill them.” Alison gives a speech about how she is going to try to make amends with everyone she has hurt.

The next morning Alison gets up bright and early and puts her make-up on and gives herself a pep-talk in the mirror. The liars wait in front of the school for her, and she finally arrives. As she walks through the crowd, everyone whispers and stares at her. She stops and hugs two girls that she used to pick on named Cindy and Mindy. She thanks the liars for waiting for her, and they all head in to Rosewood High together. Emily agrees to walk her to the guidance office, and they all go their separate ways after Alison thanks them profusely for “everything.”

Spencer is called to the principal’s office over the loudspeaker, she heads to the office and finds her mom waiting for her. Her mom says that they have to go home and pack, because she is leaving her father, and taking Spencer with her.

In the quad Hanna runs in to Lucas, and he reveals that he has a girlfriend and he wants Hanna to come to his party after school to meet her. Hanna agrees to come, and says she is bringing Travis with her.

At the Hastings house, Spencer’s mom is panicking and telling her to pack so that they can be out of the house and in the hotel before her Dad comes homes form work. Spencer’s mom reveals that she hired a private investigator and found out that her Dad and Melissa lied. They said they went to a diner the night that Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed, but they actually didn’t.

At lunch Aria tells Hanna and Emily that she wants to go to Jenna’s house after school because she feels guilty that she killed Jenna’s girlfriend Shanna. She will feel better about herself if she helps Jenna through this tough time.

Sidney tries to get Emily to go with her to a Frozen sing-a-long with free pizza after school. Emily agrees, and then stops by Paige’s locker. Paige is having a meltdown and says that just being in the same building with Alison is making her sick. Emily gives her a peptalk and tells her she is one of the bravest people she knows.

Aria stops by Jenna’s house, and lets herself in. She finds Jenna sitting on her bedroom floor crying. Jenna calls out “is someone there?” And, she appears to be full-on blind again. Aria gets cold feet and runs out of the house without saying a word so that Jenna doesn’t know it is her.

After school Emily brings Paige over to Alison’s house. Alison chokes up and tells Paige how sorry she is for the way that she treated her. Paige doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to forgive her. She informs Alison that she was happy when she was gone, and didn’t even care if she was dead.

After their awkward conversation, Emily heads to the sing-a-long with Paige. Alison wants to come, but Emily says she can’t because Paige is going. Before Emily leaves Alison tells her that all of the times that she kissed her, it wasn’t just for practice, it actually meant something.

Hanna stops by the café to pick up coffees for her and Travis on the way to Lucas’s party. She bumps in to Caleb and is in shock to see him and confused about why he didn’t tell her he was back in Rosewood. Her coffees are delivered and Caleb sees Travis’s name written on one of the cups and disappears in to the crowd when she turns around to pay.

Hanna heads to Lucas’s party and blows up Caleb’s phone leaving him voicemails asking him where he is. Lucas continues pouring her cups of punch, and getting her drunker and drunker. Travis shows up and drags her off and says that she has had “too much.”

Alison is walking down the street in the dark, and a car is following her. Meanwhile at Aria’s house, Jenna shows up at her front door and demands to know why Aria was in her house. Aria says she was just coming to see if she was okay. Jenna says she “doesn’t have anyone left” now that Shanna is dead and turns to leave. Aria invites her to come in for a cup of tea and talk about Shanna.

Alison is still trying to walk down the street in the dark with the car following her, she panicks and runs inside the Rosewood church. She texts Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer an SOS message and says she is at the church. She spins around and finds Mona standing in the church. Mona announces that she knows they were all in NY the night Shanna was murdered and she can prove it. She tells Alison to leave town, and she knows that Alison hasn’t changed. Alison points out that Mona is as big a bully as she was, she was “A.” Alison says that Mona is scared because she knows it isn’t going to take her long to win over her army of losers. Mona slaps Alison across the face, and Alison slaps her right back. She tells Mona to “leave her alone,” and storms out of the church.

Alison rushes home and Aria, Spencer, and Emily come over to comfort her. Alison plays the victim and says that she is scared of Mona and Mona hit her, she neglects to tell them that she hit Mona back.

Hanna’s mom tucks her drunk daughter in to bed, and says that when she sobers up they are going to have a serious conversation. Hanna mumbles that Caleb is back when she is falling asleep, and that is why she got so drunk.

Emily decides to sleep over at Alison’s house, and calls her mom and lets her know she won’t be coming home. Alison brings up the time that she saved Emily and pulled her out of the barn. Emily says that Alison told her she “missed her the most.”

Aria shows up at Ezra’s house with a pie, and tells him about her time with Jenna. She feels guilty and she thinks that Jenna actually loved Shanna. Ezra pulls up his shirt and shows Aria his scar from being shot, he reminds Aria that they are both lucky to be alive. Ezra pulls her up and tells her he never wants to hear her say she’s sorry again, and kisses her.

At Alison’s house Emily and Alison are laying in bed together. Alison rolls over and Emily kisses her. Meanwhile at Ezra’s house, he and Aria are ripping each other’s clothes off.

The next day at school Hanna shows up hung over, the liars and Alison are all greeted by Mona and her Army, and Mona has a scratch on her face. Mona apparently video-taped Alison slapping her and calling her “Loser Mona.” The liars follow Alison in to the bathroom and call her out for lying to them. They storm out on Alison and leave h3er to fend for herself.

Sidney arrives at the park with Jenna, they are apparently friends, and Sidney is driving the same car that was following Alison down the street. They sit down at the picnic table with Mona and report to her that the liars don’t want things to go back to the way they were with Alison, they don’t want to be her dolls. Mona nods in agreement and says that maybe now they can get rid of Alison for good.

Later that night Spencer and Toby are sitting in his car in the dark and talking. She fills him in on all of the Hastings’ Family drama. He reassures her that she is never alone, and they start kissing. Meanwhile Hanna meets up with Caleb at the swing set in the park.

Alison shows up at Emily’s house and begs her to forgive her. She insists that she lied because she didn’t want to lose her, Emily’s not buying it. A press release comes on the TV, and says breaking news. They had ID’d the body of the girl in the Alison’s backyard. Everyone rushes to Emily’s house to watch the press release together. The police chief takes the podium and says that the name of the woman in Alison’s grave was Bethany Young, and she was a 17 year old girl that had escaped from Radley Sanitarium.

Spencer, Toby, Caleb, Hanna, Ezra, Aria, Emily, and Alison all watch the TV in awe. And, then there is a huge explosion outside and the windows shatter. They run outside and Toby’s house is on fire and there are cars lying in the street upside down. Toby begins screaming for Jenna and trying to run in to his burning house. All of the girls’ phones go off simultaneously. “A” is back.