Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Spoilers Episode 19 “Shadow Play”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Spoilers Episode 19 “Shadow Play”

Last night’s episode 18, “Hot For Teacher” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  The show opens with Alison is talking to someone on the telephone from a phone booth. It’s Shana, the girls walk in and she gets off the phone. They all look over at her with their usual stares of accusation. Emily is the first to suggest that they try to be a little nicer. Spencer is still groping with the fact that Alison trust her. Emily suggest that in that case perhaps they should as well. Hannah says Shana has to many faces to trust that she has run out of fingers to count with. Aria always the helpful one tells her she has one that she can use but be warned it’s not the nice kind. If that isn’t the subtle way of saying she wants Shana to F off nothing is.

They are all sitting in the muffin man’s talking about Emily’s dad. Hannah thinks Shana caused it, Emily is nope A is a dude remember. Spencer in between jittery stares and shaking legs tries to help them all put the dots together and assume it very well could be someone helping Mr. Fitz or possibly even Fitz himself. No luck the other three are as clueless as usual, Hannah maybe a little less thanks to some good old book reading. However Hannah’s main concerns are as follows: the note in her teeth, the impossible to not understand hint to stay away from all things Alison and the fact that Spencer’s legs keep moving. Not necessarily in that order. Emily and Aria try to come to Alison’s defense and explain she needs their help. Hannah says to hell with that A knocked me out, shot me up and played post office between my teeth. Hannah,once them all to agree to be safe, they all three chime in, Hannah looks at Spencer with worry.

Speaking of Spencer she is at home taking one of Andrews perk me up pills. She pulls her hair back and starts investigating all things EzrA. Spencer is literally up all night looking to Mr. Fitz, she only realizes it’s morning when she pulls open the curtains and the sunlight almost knocks her down. She sends a text to Andrew asking for more perk me ups but unfortunately he is out. Next she calls a doctors office and pretends to be her mom.

Aria is helping EzrA put papers on the desk that are titled the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is a huge clue as far as I’m concerned and am sure Spencer will pick up on no doubt. EzrA is telling Aria that the cabin was vandalized, which if we are keeping track we know he already knew about long before the cops informed him. He tells her he needs to go up there for the weekend and ask of she would like to go. Aria tells him she can’t, but EzrA having become a master manipulator all of a sudden guilts her into it. You think Aria could pick on at the very least his change in demeanor, but no she is to blinded by love and her fantasy of a happily ever after.

Hannah is at the police station with officer McHottie, just kidding I totally know his name it’s Gabe last name Holbrook. They talk about their love of mysteries and Hannah tells him she is taking a hiatus from them, the one about the teeth really creeped her out, she is still talking about a book right? Hannah ask Gabe if he might want to read them, he tells her he can’t he is up to his eyes in CeCe Drake. Hannah tells him it’s to bad he can’t skip to the end. Gabe then gives her some useful information again, he tells her IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT ARE INFINITELY THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!

Emily waits for Shana outside where she has swim practice and tells her she wants to know about Alison. Shana gets smart and Emily tells her to cut the crap, she suggest that by helping each other they can help Alison. Shana walks away. Emily tells her to tell Alison she is sorry. Shana tells her she will see what she can do.

Aria and Hannah are walking through the halls of the school talking about Spencer, Aria gets side tracked when Hannah calls Holbrook Gabe. Hannah tells her they are in the same book club. Yeah the I flirt with the hottie officer book club. Hannah tells Aria she knows Spencer is lying because of the way she has been acting, she wants her, Aria and Emily to spend the weekend with Spencer and see if they can get her to fess up. Aria lies to Hannah and says no can do she is meeting her dad in New Jersey.

Spencer is watching some girl named Brenda at a table, or rather she is watching her pill bottle which she drops back in her bag. Spencer corners her and ask if she can talk to her for a second. When Spencer gets her alone she makes up a story about how her dad can’t get a prescription filled for a few days. Brenda ask of two is enough and Spencer tells her she should probably make it five, you know just to be safe. Brenda tells her it will be fifty. Spencer tells her she was hoping she could just give her some. Brenda tells her not to be tacky, it’s fifty for first timers repeat customers get a discount. Spencer pays the fifty and has her perk me ups. Spencer runs into EzrA and he ask if she has a minute. The look on her face almost gives her away.

EzrA tells Spencer he just got finished reading her essay. Spencer ask if something’s wrong with it. EzrA tells her it’s sub par, she practically lifted a entire paragraph from Wikipedia, guess teachers don’t like it when you do that. Spencer wants to know how bad the grade is, EzrA tells her this isn’t about the grade I just want to know what’s been keeping you so busy lately. Did he really think it was going to be that easy? EzrA would like to Spencer after school, she tells him she will take the grade. If that isn’t the subtle way of her saying she wants EzrA to F off nothing is. EzrA tells Spencer that SLOPPY WORK LEADS TO CONSEQUENCES AND HE WOULD HATE TO SEE HER SUFFER as his comeback/warning.

Aria goes to knock on the new guidance counselor’s door, thinks better of it starts to walk away and if by magic Jesse opens it and comes out. He ask Aria what’s going on. Aria tells Jesse he was right she is angry but not at her brother at herself and then she ask if they can talk.

Spencer is at home back on the computer researching EzrA and answering phone calls from Hannah where she lies to her about where she is at and what she is doing. Spencer is more determined than ever and can you blame her, who in the hell does EzrA Fitz think he is threatening her, she is a Hastings damn it.

Aria is as jumpy as Spencer has been and starts babbling about this and that, Mike’s relationship with Mona, how she has to respect it. Jesse finally gets a word in and tells her he thought this was about her, Aria says it is and then tells him she has been lying to her friends about the guy she has been seeing because she knows that wouldn’t approve. When Jesse ask why that is Aria decides to clam up and she leaves. Ezra sees her leave his office.

Meanwhile Hannah and Emily are outside on the Great Spencer stake out of 2014. Emily thinks it’s wrong, Hannah can’t be bothered with what Emily thinks she knows Spencer is up to something and she is determined to find out what it is. While waiting for Spencer to appear Hannah sees Shana out of the corner of her eye in the mirror and it’s then and only then that she decides leaving is the best course of action.

Ezra is going through student files and takes out Spencer’s. He opens it and finds out not only does she have ADHD which explains so so much, but that she also has ADHD medication that is on hand in the nurses office. I’m guessing in Spencer’s case ADHD stands for “Alison DiLaurentis Hyper-Reality Disorder.” Jesse walks in by mistake thinking it’s the teachers lounge. They introduce themselves and then EzrA tells him he is just getting some information in a student he is having some problems with which technically speaking isn’t a lie. Jesse tells him all he needs to do is get the student talking, which in Aria’s case won’t be a problem. As soon as Jesse leaves EzrA puts the file in his bag and leaves.

Shana shows up,at Emily’s and wants her help. Emily ask how she can help her. Shana wants to come inside to talk. Smart girl that Shana someone is sitting outside in a car taking pictures of them. It’s not EzrA so who could it be?

Emily wants answers before she will help Shana. First things first she wants to know if she dated Paige just to get to Emily. Shana tells her she saw a button and pushed it. Emily ask about Wren, he hired her to pack his things. Shana tells her she knows her and Hannah saw her at Alison’s house today. Shana tells her she was trying to get something for Alison but she couldn’t get and that’s where Emily comes in its a poster with twins in it.

Spencer is still hitting a brick wall so she calls Aria and leaves a message that she needs to talk to her about something that has been going on, and if she is right it will break Aria’s heart and if she is wrong Aria will hate her and that will break Spencer’s heart. She hangs up grabs the paper with the picture of the Ravenswood apartment on it, her purse, keys and heads out the door.

Aria is at the cabin with Ezra and tells him he needs to take her home because she is tires of lying and just wants to go home. He spins it to his advantage and tells her she has to start telling him everything and think of him as the person she shares everything with, then he does the reverse psychology thing and tells her if she really wants to go he will take her after he showers, it works and Aria is back on the hook.

Spencer and Hannah are fighting on the sidewalk about all the lies Spencer has been telling, it gets neatest and Spencer yells a for Hannah to back off and then she takes off. Gabe having been a witness to all of it ask if they always fight like that, Hannah tells him no not really. Gabe says he got the impression she was the level headed one, Hannah agrees.

Emily is over at Alison’s house up in her room, spinning some nonsense about having lost one of her moms earrings. Alison’s mom offers to look in the guest bathroom. Soon as she is out the door Emily takes the poster off the wall, cuts a little hole in it and pulls a envelope full of cash out, a paper is attached to it with email addresses. Emily puts the poster back, sticks the envelope under clothes and pulls out a earring just in time to fool Alison’s mom.

EzrA is playing sadistic chef when Aria comes in for taking pictures. EzrA claims they have no chick peas for dinner Aria offers to go and get some. She leaves and as soon as she does he pulls a can of chick peas out of the cabinet. EzrA walks over to the trap door and opens it, goes down the stairs and we see A has a new lair. EzrA is going through all the pictures that have been taken of the girls that were sent in attachments. So someone is def working for him or with him.

Hannah is on the phone with Spencer’s mom and tells her she borrowed some nail polish and needs it back, she ask if she can stop by. Veronica tells her she can and Hannah is on her way to Spencer’s.

Shana gets in her car after her swim meet to go get the money from Emily who put it in a coffee bag. Why didn’t she just leave it in her pocket till her shift was over? Especially considering these girls do not have a good track record when it comes to large sums of money. Shana straps in and turns on her car, she looks in her mirror and then screams.

Hannah is at Spencer’s and decides to look at her computer. Hannah sees all the research she has been doing on EzrA and she sees the email sent by the apartments in Ravenswood stating they can’t release information to her about the last tenant. Hannah’s little lightbulb goes off.

Spencer is heading to EzrA’s apartments and Hannah catches up to her and tells her she shouldn’t be there. Hannah ask her if she is on drugs. Spencer tells her no. Hannah tells her she must be if she thinks EzrA is A, Spencer’s eyes are huge. Hannah tells her she went through her computer and she should get a password if she wants to keep things private. Spencer tells her about the story and the bar and how EzrA was there and he was eating the pie and about the beer and it being called board shorts. Hannah ask what happens if she is connecting the wrong dots. Spencer tells her to come inside and either she proves it or she is wrong. They hear a car speed off. Spencer ask Hannah if she is coming.

EzrA is sitting in a car on a tablet watching Aria from cameras he has all over the cabin. He gets another email which has pictures of Hannah and Spencer standing outside his apartment complex and then heading in.

Inside they get to his apartment, spencer tells her she is looking for something that will tie him to Ravenswood. Spencer finds the key and opens the door to go in. Hannah stops her and tells her if there is proof it won’t be in his apartment. Spencer notices a camera inside a vent on the wall and tells Hannah to follow her lead. She closes the door, tells Hannah she doesn’t know what she was thinking and they leave. Ezra was watching the whole thing.

Aria is back at the cabin tossing and turning, she rolls over and notices EzrA isn’t in bed. Aria gets up and nervously heads to the front door, she opens it and looks out on the patio and calls EzrA,when she gets no answer she close the door and locks it back up. When she turns around EzrA is standing right on top of her, she jumps sky high.

Aria ask him where he was, he said he was locking the back door. Aria ask him if he is ok. EzrA tells her he is really glad she stayed.

Back at Spencer’s Emily is getting brought up to speed. Emily thinks that maybe the apartment manger put the camera there. Spencer says and his it. Emily finally catches on and realizes Spencer is saying that EzrA is A. Emily and Hannah can’t believe it especially because he was so nice and helpful to them, Spencer says it was his way of getting closer to them. Emily wants to tell Aria. Spencer says not until they are 100% sure. Hannah picks up the bag of coffee that Emily had for Shana. They want to make it and drink it. Emily takes out the envelope and shows it to them. They realize that if Shana doesn’t show back up then Alison will be out of money and can’t keep moving.
Spencer wonders if EzrA has her.

Alison is making a phone call, it’s to Shana’s cell phone. Shana wakes up groggy and disoriented. She answers the phone, Alison ask Shana if she has it. Shana is incoherent, she looks around and turns on her headlights. Shana gasp,when she sees a sign that says you are now leaving Rosewood. In red letters it says Don’t close to the come back again on the sign. Shana tells her she has to hang up now. Alison ask her what she means, Shana tells her she has to go. Alison ask her about the money she tells her she doesn’t have it, Alison ask her what she is supposed to do, Shana tells her she has to go. Shana tears the phone apart, throws it out her window and then drives off.

Alison hangs up the phone, and sees that she only has forty-seven dollars left. She pulls out a picture of her with the girls. Alison gets on a bus headed for Rosewood I’m guessing.

A is watching a movie when he opens a envelope, inside are a bunch of prescription pads with Wren’s name on them.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Shadow Play” check out the preview of episode 19 below!

“Spencer’s numerous sleepless nights with the help of prescription pills start to take a toll on her as her hunt for Ali and much needed answers continues. As she pours over newly acquired information, her worldview takes a black and white turn. Now teleported into the world of 1940’s Film Noir, Spencer tries to come up with the answers she and her friends have been desperately looking for.”

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