Prince Charles’ Meddlesome Lobbying Letters Must Be Released To The Public – Appeal Court Rules

Prince Charles' Meddlesome Lobbying Letters Must Be Released To The Public - Appeal Court Rules

Technically speaking, Prince Charles really doesn’t have the power to be influencing government policy. Well, he has the ‘power’, but it’s really Queen Elizabeth who should be making these decisions, if at all applicable.

According to the Royalist, Guardian journalist Rob Evans has been battling with the courts for almost nine years to get permission to publish Prince Charles’ lobbying letter to the government ministers. However, Evans has finally gotten his victory after the appeal court today ruled that the Attorney General acted ‘unlawfully’ when he decided to prevent the publication of those letters.

The report claims that the memos contain Charles’, “most deeply held personal views and beliefs.” The Guardian’s rep has already released a statement saying that they hoped that the Attorney General wouldn’t continue interfering in this matter, and that the letters would finally get published to the public.

The reason that the Attorney General blocked the letters’ publication in the first place was because they apparently contained, “contain remarks about public affairs which would in my view, if revealed, have had a material effect upon the willingness of the government to engage in correspondence with the Prince of Wales, and would potentially have undermined his position of political neutrality…” Basically, Prince Charles was meddling in affairs that he had no right to meddle in, and that would affect the public’s opinion about him. Don’t worry, Attorney General sir, the public’s opinion of Charles isn’t all that great to begin with, and I don’t think it could get much worse.

Some of the letters reportedly criticize former Prime Minister Tony Blair for ‘destroying the countryside and failing to tackle rural poverty and housing.‘ Charles also reportedly wrote that if hunting was banned, he would just pack up and leave the country [good riddance].

Do you guys think the letters should be published? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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2 responses to “Prince Charles’ Meddlesome Lobbying Letters Must Be Released To The Public – Appeal Court Rules”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:

    Absolutely publish the letters, all of them. He is not only disliked by the overall UK people and his evil wife is hated. There has to be some way to bypass this incompetent prince from ever taking the throne , It has happened before and I pray it happens again and Prince William is passed on the royal baton,

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