Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Dating, Back Together – Camilla Thurlow Disgusted – Feels Used (PHOTOS)

Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Dating, Back Together - Camilla Thurlow Disgusted - Feels Used (PHOTOS)

Prince Harry was spotted dating Cressida Bonas again and Camilla Thurlow is losing her mind. There’s about to be some major trouble in paradise for Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow, as the Sun released a major scoop on Harry’s secret date with Cressida Bonas. The blog has uploaded several photos of Harry and Cressida on this ‘date’, which they claim was from earlier this week. Could Harry and Cressida be headed for a reunion? And what does this mean for Harry and Camilla?

So many questions! First thing first, let’s revisit some Harry and Cressida history to try make sense of this ‘reunion’. As we know, they broke up a few months ago on supposedly amicable terms, largely because Cressida didn’t want to become a royal. In other words, she wanted to become a big movie star and she wouldn’t have been able to do that as Harry’s wife. And in Harry’s world, if you don’t marry him, you better be ready to dump him.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Cressida and Harry stopped having feelings for each other, just that they were forced to break up due to royal pressure. But would Harry be willing to put any feelings he still had for Cressida above his new relationship with Camilla Thurlow?

Seriously Harry, look at your life, look at your choices! Camilla is not only a much better match for Harry in every single way, but she actually has the approval of the royal family. Is he going to throw that all away for a fling with his ex-girlfriend? Seriously?

Let’s just say that this wasn’t a reconciliation, but rather an outing between old friends. In that scenario, I can’t imagine Camilla Thurlow will react all that well to this news. Does anyone ever feel happy that their significant other is going out on secret dates with their ex? It’s not like he was open about it – he wore a cap and hid from everyone around him!

Besides, Cressida did turn up at the Invictus Games last week, which was spearheaded by Harry. Coincidence? After this date, I think not. One thing for sure is that if Cressida wants Harry back and to be a princess she will be forced to relinquish her Hollywood ambitions.

What do you guys think about Cressida and Harry getting back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

British socialite and dancer Cressida Bonas eats lunch with a friend on September 18, 2014 in London, England. Reports have suggested that Cressida and her ex Prince Harry may have rekindled their romance, after the two were spotted on a low-key night out at the movies. Cressida, who ended their two year relationship in April, was also spotted at the closing of the Invictus Games, which was spearheaded by Harry, which has lead many to speculate that the pair may be heating up again!

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8 responses to “Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Dating, Back Together – Camilla Thurlow Disgusted – Feels Used (PHOTOS)”

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  2. Krista Williams says:

    Harry deserves to find a wonderful woman to share his life with.He has grown up alot and even though the press has hounded him as much as they did his mother, I think he has handled it as best as anyone could in that situation.It is important for him to find the right one and given the constant gossip written about him daily , it may take some time for him to find a woman strong enough to handle that lifestyle.Hopefully he will meet that special someone within the next couple of years .Good luck Harry,wish you the best.

    • BellaB says:

      Even though I agree with you, Krista, I think he is doing just fine the way he is. He is only 30yo. That’s fairly young for a man. So, unless he wants to have kids he really doesn’t need a heavy weight ball tight to his leg to be dragged wherever he goes with him. If this Bonas woman is sharpening her talons for him again it’s only because she sucks at whatever she does and can’t get a decent job, hence time to find someone to exploit before it’s too late and the so appealing youth of hers is gone. She is in excellent position to do it to this dude because she has some history with him so she goes for it. Simple as that.
      Nevertheless, I don’t think it will be love Harry will marry for, if he marry at all.

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  4. Marcella Busuttil says:

    i can’t imagine cressida a princess though. TBH i prefer camilla thurlow

  5. Anne Pedersen says:

    I think the press should give him a break and begin focusing on the good things he’s doing, instead of always presenting him as the black sheep of the Royal Family. He has just accomplished an amazing creation which is the Invictus Games. He’s only just turned 30 – he has a whole life in front of him. Let him live his life as he wants to. We all make mistakes, which is a part of our life’s journey. Some learn from them, other’s don’t. Just because he’s royal doesn’t mean he’s perfect. What matters is that he is trying his best, and it sure ain’t easy with hungry media hawks watching over every second of his life!!

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