Queen Elizabeth Forbids Prince Harry From Reuniting With Cressida Bonas – Monarch Hates Actresses! (PHOTOS)

Queen Elizabeth Forbids Prince Harry From Reuniting With Cressida Bonas - Monarch Hates Actresses! (PHOTOS)

When Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas split up earlier this year there was some speculation that it might be a temporary break in their relationship. She was said to have gotten cold feet about marrying into the royal family but time apart has made Cressida miss Harry. Cressida had been taking steps towards trying to win Harry back and it seemed to be working until recently. Cressida is also pursuing an acting career and recently booked Tulip Fever, a Harvey Weinstein film.

According to the June 30th print edition of The National Enquirer when Queen Elizabeth got wind of the fact that Cressida is now a working actress , she had a chat with Harry. The prince was basically told that he needs a suitable wife and that Cressie is certainly not it. Acting is not a respectable career according to Elizabeth and she is absolutely not going to accept an actress into her esteemed family. Basically Cressida is in exactly the same position that she was in at the time of her split from Harry. She doesn’t want to give up every part of herself just to be Harry’s other half and that is exactly what the royals are requiring her to do.

Do you think that Cressida will reconsider acting in order to hang on to Harry? Would she give up a chance at the career that she most wants in order to be with her prince? How about Harry, will he buck the system and continue dating someone that he now knows for certain that Elizabeth will never approve of or will simply do as he is told? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

British socialite and dancer Cressida Bonas heads out for lunch in London, England on June 5, 2014. Thinks are looking up for Cressida since her split from Prince Harry. She’s signed on to star in her first ever movie, “Tulip Market” with Cara Delevingne, Zach Galifianakis and Christoph Waltz. Let’s be serious here – once Cressida decided to choose Hollywood her relationship with Harry was never happening – the Queen’s grandson and future monarch is NOT marrying a working actress.

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11 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Forbids Prince Harry From Reuniting With Cressida Bonas – Monarch Hates Actresses! (PHOTOS)”

  1. micmac says:

    There you go. The public expects royal girlfriends to earn their upkeep. But there are all sorts of difficulties if they want a job. Actress is iffy, and so is dancing. Whilst working for Mum’s party planning company is okay so long as it is kept quiet. Poor Cressida. She needs to make her mind up if she really wants Prince Harry.

  2. concernedGrndma says:

    She is too cheap for the behavioral standard of royals.

    • Linrow says:

      Are you joking? The behavioral standard of royals is, and has always been, far below those of a normal British family!

  3. Vesper says:

    Cressida is a relief compared to Chelsy.

  4. Astrologically, the synastry [cosmic compatibility] between their two charts is a disaster!!! She’s a very
    late Aquarius [Can you say: “**** you, I’ll do as I please!”?], who is unlikely to toe the line. The royal family demands extremely conservative and decorous behavior from its members and anyone who marries into it. Messy Cressy would probably chafe against any such restriction. The artsy Scrunchie Queen is, after all, much more of a ripped overalls & lime-green sunglasses girl.

    She’d most likely balk against the orthodontia and eyebrow-waxing that she’d be made to undergo, if she ever became Harry’s fiancée and wife. Since they ARE public figures, the royal family wants to present a media-ready image at all times.

    Moreover, Harry wants someone warm and fuzzy, like his mother…NOT a quality that most ice-cold Aquarians possess. With her Moon in Leo, Cressy craves attention and an audience [preferably seated before her in a theater; not a bunch of annoying paparazzi who are always pointing cameras at her]. Moreover, the emotional needs of that Leo Moon might not be too happy with a husband who always has to put his royal responsibilities first. Remember that Harry has a duty-bound Virgo Sun and is a former military man. Cressy’s Moon squares [90 degrees of separation = stress] Harry’s Moon, which is in Taurus. This aspect denotes
    conflicting emotional needs. Harry’s Taurus Moon in a solid Earth sign needs a stable female partner; whereas stability is not exactly in an Aquarian’s nature.

    Princess Diana’s Moon was in Aquarius, which underlined her chronic emotional volatility. Harry’s Venus [how you love] is in air sign of Libra, the sign of beauty; so, Cressy’s looks are mostly what drew Harry in. Cressy’s Venus is in Aquarius, another air sign. The
    two moons trine [120 degrees of separation] each other, which is a harmonious aspect. However, Venus in Aquarius needs LOTS of freedom in a relationship;
    whereas Venus in Libra needs everything to be balanced and nicey-nice. Do I have to explain the problem here? However, since both Moons are in air signs, there’s some compatibility present. Air Venuses tend to fall in love through what they hear.

    For her part, Cressy has a tight conjunction of Uranus [rebellion], Saturn [by-the-books], and Neptune
    [dreamy disassociation] — all in Capricorn. It’s Gordian knot of conflicting energy. All of these planets seem to be working at cross-purposes from each other. But, at least this astrological grouping completes a lovely Earth trine [120 degrees of separation = harmony] to Harry’s Virgo Sun [duty] and Taurus Moon [stability]. So, there’s a degree of saving grace here. Whether that’s enough to keep her by his side in the long run remains to be seen.
    All things considered, it’s doubtful that her chart contains the necessary supportive elements that could sustain a committed relationship with Harry over time.

    • Guest says:

      Looks like a disaster in the making to me.

    • KSEubanks says:

      Really? Astrology? Good grief,,,

    • Richard C says:

      What a load of tosh!!! Astrology doesn’t and never has worked. It is invented by charlatans for deceit of the gullible. I have a friend who writes them for a national newspaper and has told me that she just makes them up. The thought that planets, moons and stars millions of miles away from our planet can have influences on people depending on their date of birth here, dates that were invented as a method of recording time and only introduced in the last few hundred years when these bodies have been there for millions of years, is ludicrous. Anyone defending astrology is a liar and anyone believing it is gullible and foolish.

  5. Guest says:

    I think the fact that she decided to take advantage of Harry’s fame and use it to score an acting role ,is what rang all alarm bells with Grandma.Lets face it Cressida is no Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. A respectable actress who gives up her career is a very different story than someone who starts her acting career by the means of a royal relationship.

  6. Royal Observer says:

    I agree any kind of nudity or sex scenes would be a problem.Neither could he ever marry an underwear model.This being said Kate’s so called work at her parent’s company has been the subject of much laughter among the public.Kate is just not one of us ,neither will she ever be one of them,really.She has no royal blood nor does she have any aristocratic heritage.

  7. Richard C says:

    If the Queen considers actors not to be respectable why does she allow so many honours to be given to them?