Cressida Bonas Fights With Guy Pelly and Over Prince Harry’s Hooking-Up and Partying

Cressida Bonas Fights With Guy Pelly and Over Prince Harry's Hooking-Up and Partying

More royal drama involving Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry. Is this surprising? Despite what Cressida’s camp has to say, it’s become pretty obvious in the past month that she’s used her connection to Harry to leverage herself a pretty sweet deal in Hollywood, including a plum movie role and a big play. However, she clearly did have feelings for him, and when he broke up with her, I doubt she took it very well.

That’s why this new report – suggesting that Cressida was miffed at Harry’s partying in the US recently – isn’t very surprising. The report [from the Daily Mail] claims that Cressida missed Guy Pelly‘s wedding in Memphis because she broke up with Harry, but that doesn’t mean that she was happy about all the shenanigans that reportedly went on. A source tells the Mail that the relationship between Cressida, Guy, and his new wife, Lizzy Wilson, is pretty fraught with tension, especially as all three of them were involved in a ‘heated exchange‘ at a party at Guy’s Chelsea club Tonteria.

Apparently, Cressida even walked off after Guy came into the party. Obviously, she was still pretty pissed, and she’s holding a grudge. The report claims that Cressida’s anger was all due to her feeling left out when Guy organized mostly ‘boys-only events’ before the wedding.

In the end, what difference would it have made if Guy organized more girls-inclusive events as well? It’s not like Cressida could have gone to the event, considering her breakup with Harry and all. It’s not as though Guy would have ever chosen to invite Cressida over Harry and Prince William, not with their years of friendship.

It is obvious that Cressida heard about the raucous partying that went on, including Harry’s hookup with a random blonde socialite. However, it would be a teeny bit hypocritical of her to publicize her jealousy when she’s gone around landing movie roles and theater roles in the wake of their breakup.

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