Cressida Bonas Finished With Prince Harry: She’s Moved On With Acting Debut

Cressida Bonas Finished With Prince Harry: She's Moved On With Acting Debut

I’m not sure if Cressida Bonas is heartbroken over her break up with Prince Harry but if so she has absolutely no intention of wearing her heart on her sleeve. Instead she is throwing herself into work and has won a starring role in ‘There’s A Monster In The Lake,’ a play written by Tallulah Brown and directed by Lily Ashley. 25-year old Bonas was recently spotted rehearsing for the play, which will be a part of the How The Light Gets In Festival of Philosophy and Music which is a spin off from the popular Hay Festival.

Wating to enjoy a real career is one of the reasons that Bonas decided to end things with Harry. After talking to Kate Middleton and really coming to understand just how all-encompassing becoming a royal would have been, Bonas realized that it was a life that would have made her miserable in the long run. It seems after sharing living space with Harry for only 6 weeks Bonas already couldn’t handle life in a fish bowl and got herself out of there. It makes perfect sense that she would throw all of her energy into the work that she nearly gave up completely.

But what about Harry? While she may never marry him do you think that there is a chance for even a short-lived reconciliation between these two? Bonas seemed to ground Harry more than any other woman that he has dated so she clearly was quite good for him. Might there be another chance at love for these two? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Give it up! Harry and Cressy aren’t going anywhere. Regardless of what anyone writes he still pines for Chelsy, whether or not she’s available. Anyone who marries into that family circus should go into mental therapy first,

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