Cressida Bonas Needs To Clean Up Her Act To Earn Queen Elizabeth’s Engagement Approval Before Balmoral Meeting This Summer (PHOTOS)

Cressida Bonas Needs To Clean Up Her Act To Earn Queen Elizabeth's Engagement Approval Before Balmoral Meeting This Summer (PHOTOS)

There has been an awful lot of buzz in recent weeks about Prince Harry’s romance with Cressida Bonas and royal watcher’s are insisting that the duo is alter-bound sometime next year. Cressida has pretty much moved herself into Harry’s Kensington Palace apartment and the two have been seen together in public a bit more often now as well. As of now, Cressida has been invited to be formally introduced to Queen Elizabeth later this summer during her annual trip to Balmoral in Scotland.

While the royal family has taken steps to become a bit more modern some of those old traditions still stick and one huge one which is sacrosanct is that the Queen must give her blessing before a royal can marry. Without Elizabeth’s blessing of the marriage then instead of Cressida being welcomed into the family Harry would be disinherited and tossed out. It is customary for formal introductions to take place in late summer in Scotland so this invite that Cressida has received is of huge importance.

As Kate Middleton has drawn raves for how stunning she looks and how well-dressed she is, Cressida is raising some eyebrows of her own, but for opposite reasons. Kate is right now impressing everyone who’s looking, and that is everyone, with her grace, beauty, elegance, charm and downright brilliance representing Elizabeth and the British Crown on the Royal Tour down under. Elizabeth and William can’t believe their good luck with Kate.  Cressida, not so much – she was spotted out and about yesterday in a sweatshirt and sneakers looking like a bit of a bum and it’s moments like these that she already can’t afford to have. Cressida has no doubt already been advised to start to amp up her appearance so that she doesn’t simply look as though she is playing dress up when she finally meets Elizabeth.

We have seen Kate also out wearing leggings and sneakers but the reaction has been quite a bit different. When The Duchess of Cambridge dresses down it makes the royal watchers feel like she is a bit more relatable so why do you think it is that Cressida isn’t received the same way? Is it a sign of things to come for her? Will Cressda ever be fully accepted into the family? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s girlfriend, enjoys a smoothie as she takes the London Underground while out in London, England on April 16.

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3 responses to “Cressida Bonas Needs To Clean Up Her Act To Earn Queen Elizabeth’s Engagement Approval Before Balmoral Meeting This Summer (PHOTOS)”

  1. Lara says:

    Leave the girl alone! Cressida has more class on her little pinkie than Waity Middleton will ever have. Plus Cressida has no pictures showing her crotch, publcs, naked butt, nude breasts, etc. Then there are the trashy photos of Waity. And, Waity continues to flash her goods.

    • Jason says:

      Whis is this “Middleton” person you which you refer? The last time I checked her name was now the Duchess of Cambridge. You just sound bitter that she #1, landed herself a man and that man is a real life Prince. #2 that she has a rocking body to be showing off in public, and you may be jealous of that. #3, that not only does she have a prince, they are both in love and happy with one another. And HMMM let me see, Kate wore a see through shirt with underwear on under it at the fashion show years ago, which was more coverup than a bathing suit would be, and the shots of her breast (not her crotch get it right), were taken when she thought she was alone in private with her HUSBAND, not hanging out in public or with a group of people, it was an intimate husband and wife time, like so many others do, and in Europe topless on a public beach isn’t frowned upon. You just sound prudish and jealous that the Duchess has the goods and the looks to flaunt if she wanted to, and is happy as you don’t seem to be.

  2. Jason says:

    First off Cressida has still has not passed the new royal pre-marriage test. The Count and Countess of Wessex were the testing ground for this, they let them live together, and publicly be known to be together to see how they got along in the household and how well she could handle the press attention. Then William and Kate were the next real test of the System, that is why she was “Waity Katie” it wasn’t because WIlliam wanted to wait I’m sure, but because of the lessons learned during the Diana and Fergie years, the Palace pushed Charles and Andrew to marry the women to “save their reputations” (as Prince Philip put it to them) and upon engagement they were given police protection and came under the guard of the Palace media relations providing them protection from the press. It was done so fast they didnt’ have time to cope. Kate however spent many years in the public eye, everyone knowing who she was, and she coped with them, stayed quiet and never talked to them, didn’t crack and she and William lived together for a long time. Once the Queen saw they were stable and Kate could handle the pressure the marriage was allowed. Cressida is a socialite, who was somewhat in the spot light, if she showed up at a party someone would take her pic and she might hit page 6 but the wider world didn’t know her, now she is the focus of the attention so time will tell she can continue with that pressure or cracks, if she passes that test, then she will move in with Harry, from there that would test how she handled palace life, which is basically living in a guilded cage. surrounded by luxury, but never owning it yourself, and never being able to privately exist outside the walls again. Once they determine she can then she wil get to marry. Otherwise it will be denied