Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Wedding and Engagement Plans Back On After Back To Back Date Nights

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Engagement Back On After Back To Back Date Nights

The great Ginger Beard is alive and well. And lest we forget the beard still has a fondness for a blonde socialite! Regardless of the past weekend’s many attempts to claim Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas are supposedly close to a break up – the pair were recently spotted enjoying each other’s company on back to back dates. Not only did the two effectively put any rumors to rest, but many were just as surprised to see Harry working that beard. If you can recall, Queen Elizabeth allegedly hates beards and had asked her grandson to shave his off. Well somebody looks like he’s ignoring her and we (the female population) don’t blame him!

The first time they went out together was in a group with friends including Princess Eugenie. The were unable to be photographed together due to our now favorite Instagram stalker’s timing although it’s already been confirmed Cressida was in fact there and was later seen in a photo op with Eugenie. For their second date night though the couple chose to go to a simple burger joint located not far from Harry’s Kensington Palace Apartment. Nothing fancy and to be fair it didn’t require any extra effort on his part.  The whole second date kind of sounded like nothing more than a re-fueling trip. Who knows maybe Cressida likes the beard. It has been known to be ticklish when applied correctly.

With the break-up rumors off then all we have to wait for is the engagement rumors to start back up again! It’s highly likely that if Prince Harry doesn’t propose within 2014 then social media will riot! Several close sources to the pair have admitted how serious this relationship is and because Kate Middleton married into the family 3 years ago; everybody is waiting (literally dying) for a new tiara event. Could a wedding be on the cards? What do you think?