Princess Madeleine of Sweden To Give Birth to Baby Girl in NYC – Paparazzi Await Royal Daughter’s Delivery

Princess Madeleine of Sweden To Give Birth to Baby Girl in NYC - Paparazzi Await Royal Daughter's Arrival

Today Marshal of the Realm Svante Lindqvist announced on behalf of the Swedish royal family that Pregnant Princess Madeleine is breaking with family traditions and is going to give birth to her child in New York City.

The formal press release states: “After careful consideration and in consultation with the King and Queen, Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill decided that their children will be born in New York. Birth is estimated at the end of February 2014. Princess Madeleine and Mr. O’Neill kindly request the media to respect their desire for your cooperation during this special and happy time.”

Keep dreaming princess! Of course it won’t be a crazy goose chase as with Kate Middleton and baby Prince George, especially since she’s far away from home. But even here in America there are expats like me who love the little bit of sparkle and touch of royalty she brought to New York. Already a bunch of Paparazzi have been seen hanging out outside their NYC residence.

Madeleine, the former Swedish “party princess” and her husband Christopher O’Neil, 39, live a very down to earth lifestyle. That is – as down to earth as it gets when you’re working for your mother’s charity, who happens to be the Queen of Sweden, and your husband is head of research for a massive hedge fund operation.

Other than Princess Victoria’s husband Prince Daniel, a former fitness trainer, who took the royal title upon marriage, Chris O’Neil decided not to follow in his footsteps and chose to further pursue his career.

Despite their relatively normal life, Princess Victoria’s younger sister is fourth in line to the Swedish throne, making her baby 5th in line of heirs apparent.

According to Swedish newspaper The Local royal expert Roger Lundgren explained that her decision to give birth in the United States might have ruffled some feathers in Sweden. Daily Mail quotes him “Many here at home will probably be disappointed, they want their princess back home in Sweden, as part of the royal family. The fact that Madeleine will give birth abroad cements a distance to her. On the contrary, Lundgren also says there were certain factors such as a difficult pregnancy that might make it hard for the princess to travel home. He called her decision ‘purely practical.'”

She has had a tough pregnancy, she missed the Nobel banquette for example, and it is simply more convenient to give birth there than in Sweden,” he said.

It is yet unknown what hospital she has chosen, but we’ll stay tuned and let you know!

What do you guys think? Is royalty outdated and boring or does it bring that little sparkle I’m talking about?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet