Project Runway Under the Gunn RECAP 3/20/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “Crossing Teams”

Project Runway Under the Gunn RECAP 3/20/14: Season 1 Episode 10 "Crossing Teams"

Tonight on Lifetime Emmy Award winning Tim Gunn returns with another new episode of PROJECT RUNWAY: UNDER THE GUNN. On “Crossing Teams” the designers are placed in pairs across mentor groups.

On the last episode the mentors confronted the judges after a heated argument in the lounge. Macklemore joined the panel. The mentors confronted the judges after a heated argument in the lounge. Once again, Nick got busted for taking over. Giving Oscar ideas, and then even taking the pencil to sketch the idea! Tim walked in just in time and reminded him of his role. The designers were given the task to create a design that takes a woman from day-to-night.

On last week’s show Michelle was eliminated. Mondo and Anya were even more upset that Michelle, who they felt was more talented than Natalia, was going home while Natalia was staying. Michelle had a good attitude upon her departure.  Oscar won the challenge with Natalia coming in second place.  When Mondo and Anya were told they could go back to the lounge, they both remained and told the judges exactly how they felt about their choices that tonight. Mondo was steaming.  Did you tune in last week? If not then we have a full and detailed recap of it for you right here.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime′s Under the Gunn Season 1 Episode 10 at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Under The Gunn tonight.

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Tonight on Project Runway: Under the Gunn, the designers are placed in pairs across mentor groups; the mentors must work together to advise the teams.

The show opens with the designers talking about last week. Asha is still upset about Natalia staying and Michelle leaving. Natalia is feeling down but knows she needs to stay strong.

The Challenge Begins

Tonight’s episode begins with the team of designers meeting with the chief merchandiser at Francesca’s. The winner gets to have their design featured in the store. The designers will work in teams and were paired up as follows:

Shan and Oscar

Natalia and Asha

Blake and Sam

The mentors need to work together on helping the teams. The teams go inside and start looking around, making notes about the designs in the store. Everyone seems to be working together, but Asha keeps talking over Natalia, not giving her a chance to share her own ideas.

The designers are off to get their fabrics. Natalia and Asha are behind and Tim is getting stressed. Asha is just being really overbearing and picks al the fabrics, not really giving Natalia a say. Back at FIDM, Asha and Natalia are trying to get their fabric in order, when Natalia wants to cut fabric swatches, Asha tells her “no” to that as well. She tells Asha they need to work as a team. Sam asks Asha later how things are going. She gives a horrible face. Sam is positive and remind Asha that Natalia was part of the winning team last week. Asha has already made her mind up..and if their design goes bad, she needs to look at herself to see the part she played in this. She went in with a bad attitude. She should have taken a lesson from the other teams. Everyone is working well together. Sam and Blake are really positive and see to mesh really well together.

Asha and Nick meet with Oscar and Shan. The mentors remind them to push the envelope a bit more. They are not designing to the “woman” who is Francesca. Mondo and Asha meet with Blake and Sam. Mondo seems really bitter. Asha gives some valuable advice that betters their design, while Mondo is a little more rough. Mondo and Nick meet with Asha and Natalia. Mondo just seems really upset and rather than giving good feedback, he was pretty rude. The fabric they planned to use for the harem pants was not a good choice at all. He got upset with Natalia when she replied that they had a problem at mood with choosing fabric. He told her not to make excuses. He could have gotten way more out of this time by motivating them a bit more. Nick comes back to try to pick up the pieces.

Runway Day

The designers are constructing their designs and Shan and Sam are joking around after Sam made a comment about Shan’s maxi dress. They are all laughing and getting along well. Asha likes the way their collection came out but is not happy with Natalia’s construction. The models start getting ready. The designs all look really good. Asha isn’t too happy with the construction and tells Mondo. Mondo thinks that if Asha and Natalia lose, it will be Natalia’s fault…even though the piece he was talking about was Asha’s design.

Runway Time!!

Oscar and Shan’s pieces come out first. They have a sort of cut out romper/short overalls, a really great cut out blazer with a chic design, and a maxi dress that is well constructed and is popping with vibrant colors. Asha and Natalia are first. Nick sees the flaws in Natalia’s dress but thinks the cute style will win the judges over. It is obvious these two were not on the same “team” like Shan and Oscar. Sam and Blake’s designs are very feminine and colorful. Great designs, but the top with the palazzo pants look like the construction needed more care. They used the same fabric a bit in each design which came off really well.

The Judges Comments

At the judges table tonight: Jen Rade, Zanna Robert-Rossi, Rachel Roy, and guest Sei Jin Alt, who is Francesca’s Chief Merchandising Manager,

Sam and Blake: Makes Zanna want to go on vacation. Top with palazzo pants is cute, but top need some fixing. Love the print. Worked well together. All the judges loved it.

Shan and Oscar: Jumpsuit shorts are adorable. Individually loves the colors, not so much together. Love the cut out blazer. Pleat in back is distracting. Love the concept of removable bib on jumper. They worked well together.

Asha and Natalia: Hippie superhero, construction is horrible on dress. It doesn’t make sense.

When Tim asks if one of them has to go, who should go. Asha said how much she enjoys being here. Natalia starts crying and says Asha should stay. All the designers start crying. Even the judges shed a few tears during the emotional conversation. Mondo mentions how happy he is about what Natalia said and did so Asha could stay.


Natalia is going home. Nick encourages her to pursue her dream. Tim tells her how talented and creative she is. She was very graceful in her departure.

The Winner!

Sei Jin Alt chooses one piece from Shan and one from Oscar so that they each win and each get a piece to be sold at Francesas.