Queen Elizabeth’s Horse Fails Drug Test – Doped With Morphine – She Involved In This Royal Equine Scandal?

Queen Elizabeth's Horse Fails Drug Test - Doped With Morphine - She Involved In This Royal Equine Scandal?

Queen Elizabeth is NOT pleased right now. One of her horses has tested positive for morphine in random tests conducted earlier today by horse-racing authorities. What’s even worse is that the horse in question (who goes by the name Estimate) actually won the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup.

We have to wonder whether or not the Queen knew…or if the responsibility rests fully on her racehorse trainer, Sir Michael Stoute. The Queen isn’t involved in the day-to-day activities of her steeds; instead, she focuses on running an entire nation of people. So, even though she’s yet to release a public statement, I’m inclined to think that she had nothing to do with this. Then again, she did display a rare show of emotion when the horse won the Ascot cup, so maybe it was on her orders that Stoute hopped the horse up on drugs.

The horse was reportedly one of several horses to be found with morphine in its blood, but I’m sure the royals will come up with a suitable ‘explanation’ for this. The press office will probably go into damage control soon enough, claiming that the morphine was slipped into the water stream from some unknown saboteur. Or perhaps the morphine was accidentally given to several animals instead of one. Whatever the reason is, it’s unlikely to become a full-blown scandal because of the scale of the situation.

In fact, it is very possible that the morphine found its way into the horse’s blood by accident, especially since some food and drink actually do contain morphine in small traces. So long as the horses don’t display full-blown symptoms of getting doped, I doubt the royals will have to face any serious consequences.

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