Queen Elizabeth To Lose Scotland: Minister Considers Ditching Monarchy after Vote for Separation

Queen Elizabeth To Lose Scotland: Minister Considers Ditching Monarchy after Vote for Separation

Uh-oh. This feels like the calm before the storm, especially if Scotland is serious about ditching the United Kingdom and the royal family in the process. There will be a referendum later this year in Scotland to decide whether the country’s future involves staying in the U.K. or separating from it.

Obviously, this is a huge decision and doesn’t just impact the royal family, but that’ll be a big part of it. Although it was initially assumed that Scotland would remain a monarchy even with its independence, Kenny MacAskill, a senior Scottish Minister has now spoken up and suggested the idea of a second referendum – and this one will decide whether Queen Elizabeth will remain head of state even if Scotland gains their independence.

The Sunday Post reportedly stated that the Minister’s comments included, “We will inherit the situation we have with the Queen as head of state in the ceremonial capacity that she has. But it will be for the people of Scotland to decide. If and when that would occur, if they wished to have a referendum, and we would hope we would become the government post-2016, it will be for whoever is in office then.”

So basically, it’s not going to happen for some time, even if it happens at all. However, if the people of the country do decide to vote out the Queen as head of state, that will have a lot of implications for the governments and the monarchy. Scotland is a relatively large part of the United Kingdom right now, and losing the country would be a massive blow to the UK, not to mention the royal family. And considering that most people assume the Queen’s job is worthless, this will only add to those concerns.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like anyone will have to worry about it until 2016 at least, but perhaps Prince Charles should start getting ready to deal with it.

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  • Jason

    Scotland land wise is large, but as a population they only have around 5 million, where England and Wales have 30 million. The Queen’s role in Scotland right now functions through Westminster, and her yearly Hollyrood Week and Balmoral court season. The Queen is very involved in Scotish activities and sponsors the yearly Highland Games, so they love her and will most likely keep her

  • Bubbly

    hmmm… interesting. If any of this is true than I can definitely see slow but sure demise of the royal family. And about time, too. They all should get proper jobs and do the art gallery openings in their spare time, in this order, not the other way around. Now THAT would bring them closer to their subjects and make them understand what life of an average person is like, not getting photographed with their skirt up their chin. Just because someone is not rich and famous, it doesn’t make them any less human who loves, cares for their family, has bills to pay and all the other mundane every day life problems and joys to deal with.