Ray Donovan LIVE Recap and Review: Season 2 Premiere “Yo Soy Capitan”

Ray Donovan LIVE Recap and Review: Season 2 Premiere “Yo Soy Capitan”

Tonight on Showtime their new drama RAY DONOVAN continues with their season 2 premiere called, “Yo Soy Capitan.” On tonight’s show the FBI demands that Ray bring Mickey back from Mexico in the season two premiere.

On the last season’s finale episode Mickey went to Ray and told him that he thought if he came out to see him everything would work out but Ray agreed that did not work. Mickey told Ray that he did 20 years for him, but Ray told him there is no forgiveness for him. Meanwhile Abby started to realize that that Mickey was not what she thought he was. She reached out to Ray to come home. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you mised it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode an FBI agent learns Ray and Mickey took part in killing Sully Sullivan and demands that Ray bring in his father as Season 2 begins. However, Mickey is in Mexico setting up a fight and isn’t eager to leave. Meanwhile, Ray rescues a client from a violent confrontation; Terry obsesses over his ex-girlfriend; and Conor assaults a classmate.

Tonight’s season two premiere looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Ray lies on the beach on a chaise lounge. His shirt is covered in blood. A shovelful of dirt is thrown on him and now he’s in a grave being buried alive. He wakes in bed and then curls up beside Abby. She rolls over away from him but he forces himself inside of her and screw her with no foreplay. She stares out in the distance and grunts as he does his thing and is done. She doesn’t look pleased.

Mickey is on a tropical island. He says he’s going for a swim and the girl he’s with tells him to come back to bed and says they drank too much. He tells her not to worry and heads into the ocean still swilling booze and smoking. He wades out into the ocean and then swims out. He sees a dolphin that talks to him and welcomes him to Mexico.

The dolphin asks him to come swim with her and he paddles out deeper. He says he’s getting tired and the dolphin tells him he’s a captain and says to swim deeper. He sees Lisa in the water then and she tells him she’s in a dark place and he put here there. Mickey tries to tell her it was Sully that did it, not her but she sinks below the water and is gone.

Bridget and Conor look at the hits that Marvin’s video got. She says to turn it off and Abby comes in and asks what they’re fighting abut. Conor says his sister is being a douchbag and Ray comes in and tells him to cut it out. The news is on and talks about Sully. Ray shuts off Conor’s laptop and tells Abby he’ll drop the kids off for school then meet her.

She nags about the time but he tells her not to worry. He hands Bridget the keys to drive and he tells her to keep it on the down low. As they drive he coaches her on her driving and she wants to know where he and Abby are going and he says therapy. This worries Conor and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Conor raps Marvin’s lyrics and his dad tells him to shut it.

At therapy, Abby complains about Mickey but says it’s better since he’s gone. The therapist, Finkel, (played by Star Trek’s Brent Spiner) says they each need to own their blames. Abby says Mickey showed up because she wrote to him in prison and invited him there then let him see the kids. Then he wants Ray to talk about his violence and says his kids saw him hit grandpa with a gun. Ray says he’s sorry he saw it.

Finkel then goes on to list him roughing up Marvin, being passed out and covered in blood and them thinking he was dead. He asks Ray if they can make a contract to pledge to no more violence in front of the kids and Ray says it sounds reasonable. He tells Finkel he loves his family. His phone rings and he checks it. He apologizes and says he has to go.

Ray walks out of the session. Finkel tells Abby he thinks it went fairly well and she agrees. She tells him that it’s not all bad and he asks if they are still having sex twice a day and she asks why he’s obsessed with that and she says lots of women would be glad to be f-ed by their husbands that often. Finkel thinks he’s hyper sexual and it’s a symptom of the abuse. Abby says maybe he just wants to fuck.

Finkel says until Ray faces up to the molestation, their marriage will never be whole and Abby says she never should have told him about it. She walks out. Ray sees a billboard dedicated to Sean Walker. His phome rings and it’s Frank. He tells him that they’re in trouble. Ray asks what he’s done and he says he’s coming to see him. He pops a U and heads to see Frank.

Frank says ballistics came back and it matched Sully’s gun. Ray calls him a piece of shit and storms out. He says Cochran is next in line to take on the bureau. He asks how they can keep their stories straight and Ray says they can’t. He marches past the receptionist and into Cochran’s office and introduces himself. (It’s Hank Azaria!) He says he knows who Ray is and says he’s a bag man for movie stars.

He says Ray is an all around piece of shit and he knows he was on the dock that night and wants to know why. He says he has a press conference and was going to give a medal of honor to Agent Volchek but then got the ballistics report. He asks what really happened and Ray tells him he doesn’t want to know. He asks why Mickey was there that night and Ray repeats that he doesn’t want to know.

Ray says he paid two million to Sully to kill his dad. Frank tries to interrupt and Ray tells him to shut up. Cochran asks who shot Sully and Ray says it was Mickey. Frank tries to talk and Cochran tells him to get the fuck out. Cochran says he needs to talk to Mickey and Ray says he should have his press conference and enjoy his moment in the sun for America’s most wanted being dead. Cochran asks Ray if he even knows where Mickey is and Ray says f-u and walks out.

Terry quits sparring and heads into the office. He calls up Frances and then hangs up once he hears her voice. Ray comes in and asks where Mickey is and Terry says in Mexico but he doesn’t know where. Ray says he has to find him and Terry says to leave it alone. Ray says he needs it for business and Terry says it’s just him. Bunchy shows up and asks if he looks okay. He says he has no long pants.

Ray asks where their dad is and Bunchy asks why he cares. He asks where Darryl is. Ray calls Darryl and asks the same question. Darryl tells him to find him himself. Ray searches around the office and Deonte calls and says he f-d up and needs him. Ray shows up and hears arguing and crying. He sees the kids and then heads upstairs. He has a girl in his bedroom from American Idol.

Ray asks Deonte if he has guns in there and he says he doesn’t but then they hear gunshot. Ray kicks in the door. His wife says he’s tired of him and has shot the girl he was cheating in their bed with. Ray tells her that he agrees that he’s a piece of shit and should shoot him. Ray takes the girl and goes. The girl cries in the car and wonder how she’ll be able to perform. She says she doesn’t want to die in thrid place on AI.

A kid hassles Conor and says he’s lying about knowing Marvin and Conor shoves him down the stairs. Whoa. Shades of dad. On Ray’s way to deal with the gunshot American Idol chick, the principal calls and tells him there was incident with Conor. He says Abby is on the way and that Conor is in serious trouble. He pops a U and says he’ll be there soon. He tells the girl to shut up.

He pulls over, pulls a gun and asks her if she wants to be remembered as the girl that got f-ed by Deonte Brown and shot by his wife. She doesn’t so he puts her out of the car. He takes her into a park and tells her to wait there. She demands he take her to Cedars and he says she’ll be there in just a couple of minutes. He takes a couple of shots at her, deliberately missing then tells her to say she was mugged by a guy in a hoodie. Lena comes by and recognizes her and calls 911. She tells her she has a good shot at winning but says if she doesn’t do exactly what they said, they’ll shoot her again.

In Mexico, Mickey hangs at a bar with the chick he was banging. She tells him her story but he’s not listening. He sees Darryl and goes to hug him. He gets him a seat and introduces him to Jazmin but can’t recall her name. The bartender comes over and says he owes $300 for the room and $100 for the girl and asks Darryl to help him out. He offers what he has and says he’ll get him more after the fight.

Mickey asks if the boys miss him and if he’s seen Ray. A kid runs up and asks him to sign the fight poster. Darryl is annoyed because it calls him El Negro but he signs it and tells the kid he’s black Irish. Mickey tells him to have a drink and relax and Darryl reminds him it’s fight night and turns it down.

Bunchy goes to group therapy and says he’s living on his own again like a grown up but it’s not easy. He says he gets lonely but he’s not around booze, porn or coke anymore and no more hookers. He tells the group he has a job interview at a bike shop and the others encourage him and tell him he’ll do good. Bunchy fixes coffee when Stan approaches him and introduces himself. He says he likes his tie.

Stan says he’s new to all this and says he wishes he could put his abuse behind him like Bunchy has but Bunchy says he just buried his. Stan says he connected with him and asks if he wants to grab a bite and talk about it but Bunchy begs off because of his job interiew. Stan wishes him good luck and Bunchy leaves.

Ray pulls up and calls Avi who tells him he traced Darryl’s call to Baja heading South. He ass Avi if he’s feeling okay and he says he’s healing well. A salesgirl drops a bag into his car and says she’ll put it onto his account. He pulls up and gets out of his car and changes his shirt. Bunchy is at his interview but doesn’t have a lot on his resume.

At the school, Amato tells them that the kid slapped Conor’s phone out of his hand and he pushed him down the stairs. Ray says the other kid started it but Abby tells him the other boy has a broken collar bone. Amato says they are also facing the chance of a lawsuit or criminal charges. He gets suspended for five days and Abby rails at Conor that she can’t deal with this.

Ray calls Conor over and hugs him. He says he’ll take care of it. He says he’s going to call the kid’s parents and they’re going to go over and apologize. Abby tells him they could get sued and Conor looks stressed. Abby thanks Ray for coming and says she knows he’s busy. He kisses her and tells her nothing is more important.

Ezra calls Ray and tells him he needs him. At the fight night in Mexico, the ref introduces El Negro Donovan. The back of his robe even says it and Mickey says the crowd is against him and to use that anger. Darryl says he’ll make sure they remember El Negro. Montago is introduced to great fanfare and applause. The guy is huge and Darryl panics. Mickey says to move and dance and stick when you can.

The guy looks like a freight train and Darryl’s eyes are wide. Mickey tells him mind over matter and to keep his distance. The fight starts. The guy hits him with a hard one two. Then he beats him in the ribs before he can get away. Darryl gets in a good shot and knocks him down but then Montago hits him so hard that blood splatters all over the judges. Darryl is down for the count. He sees Mickey collecting on bets he made against him.

Cochran is with Ezra and asks what he uses Ray for. Ezra says that Ray is also a client and so he can’t talk about him. Cochran asks if Mickey is also a client and Ezra says he knows nothing about him and doesn’t know where he is. Ray comes in and Cochran tells him he has 24 hours to find his father. He leaves and Ray asks what he told him.

Ezra wants to know why he’s after Mickey and says he doesn’t know what’s at stake. He tells Ray that the Ruth Goldman Cancer Center is the most important thing in his life and that he’s $50 million short and he has to help him make good on them. Ray says he understands and says it’s under control. Bridget is riding with her friend when they’re pulled over for not using a blinker when turning.

He asks if it’s Bridget’s back pack in the back of the car and asks her to step out of the car. She asks what’s going on but he won’t tell her. Lena comes back and Ray asks how it went with the girl. He thanks her and she leaves. His phone rings and it’s Bridget crying. The cop takes her phone and says his name is Officer Jansen and says he found an ounce of weed in her backpack.

The cop says he’s going to give her a warning and Bridget gets the phone back and swears she didn’t do it. He says he trusts her and he tells her to go straight home and not tell her mom. He says he’ll see her at home. He tells her to put the cop back on. He says to tell Cochran that he got the message. Potato Pie answers the phone and Ray asks where his brother is. He asks which one.

At home, Frances is making dinner while Terry stands outside drinking. Ray asks what he’s doing here and he walks off. Ray asks if he’s stalking her. Ray asks where Mickey is and he says to leave it alone. Ray tells him he’s in trouble and has to find Mickey and bring him back or it’s all over for him. He asks Terry for his help and even says please.

In Mexico, Darryl sits alone nursing his wounds while Mickey parties. He dances and has a fine time while Darryl glares from his table. He staggers around and says drinks are on him for everyone. Darryl walks over and says he bet against him. Mickey says his heart was with him but his money wasn’t. Darryl is angry and tells him to look at his face.

He offers Darryl half of the take and he says he doesn’t want to end up like Terry. Darryl grabs the money and walks out. He calls Ray and tells him he’s in Rosarito. Ray says he knows and he asks where and he says he’s at Lucy’s. He calls Abby and tells her he’ll be back tomorrow and she asks about him going to apologize to the kid’s family.

Ray says he’ll take him tomorrow and promises. Abby says whatever you say. He apologizes and says he has to go. Bridget gets a text from Ray telling her he’ll be back tomorrow and asking her to hold down the fort. On American Idol, the announcer says Tiffany was brutally attacked. She’s wheeled out in a wheelchair then stands and sings My Heart Will Go On. Avi and Lena watch the show.

Abby also watches and smokes. Bridget watches Marvin’s music video. Conor also watches while he texts with friends. Mickey is dancing in the bar to La Bamba. He asks what the song says and she says it says I’m not a sailor, I’m a captain. He’s stunned because it’s what the dolphin said to hi. He dances with her some more.

Ray cruises down the street getting closer. Mickey is drunk and singing with his new amigos. He pours a drink on one guy’s head and they all laugh. Ray pulls up outside. He puts on his jacket and heads inside. Mickey comes over to him and ask why he’s there. He tells everyone it’s his son and they say they thought Darryl was his son. He says that’s El Negro and this is El Blanco.

Ray tells him they have to go back and Mickey tells him to f- off. He says he’s a captain, not a sailor. He laughs at Ray. Ray says all right. He goes to the juke box and turns on a song then walks out. He calls Cochran and says he has him. He tells him good. Ray opens up his trunk and takes his jacket off. He pulls his shirt off, grabs a baseball bat and heads back into the bar.

We hear smashing sounds and screams and that’s it. Fade to black.