Ray Donovan LIVE Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 “Uber Ray”

Ray Donovan LIVE Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 “Uber Ray”

Tonight on Showtime their new drama RAY DONOVAN continues with an all new season 2 episode called, “Uber Ray.” On tonight’s show Ray forces Mickey to return to Los Angeles, where the city’s FBI chief puts Mickey on parole, and takes full credit for finding and shooting Sully Sullivan.

On the last episode an FBI agent learnt Ray and Mickey took part in killing Sully Sullivan and demanded that Ray brought in his father as Season 2 began. However, Mickey was in Mexico setting up a fight and wasn’t eager to leave. Meanwhile, Ray rescued a client from a violent confrontation; Terry obsessed over his ex-girlfriend; and Conor assaulted a classmate. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Ray forces Mickey to return to Los Angeles, where the city’s FBI chief puts Mickey on parole, and takes full credit for finding and shooting Sully Sullivan. Meanwhile, a Boston reporter investigates Sully’s death; and Ray gets a parole officer to take over Mickey’s case.

Tonight’s second episode of season two looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Ray drives North from Mexico, Mickey unconscious in the passenger seat. Mickey starts to come to and find he’s handcuffed to the car door. He looks around and out the sunroof and comments on all the stars. He reminds Ray of a summer they spent together – the only summer he was actually around. He says they got lobsters and put them in the bathrub and then came back and found them gone. He says his mom always thought they threw them back in the ocean and they had bologna sandwiches that night.

Mickey says it was all bad and Ray reminds him of when he was out f-ing Claudette. He asks what’s on Ray’s mind. At the DOJ, Cochran has a room full of press waiting. His wife is there and tells him it’s his moment. She encourages him. He’s told that it’s time and heads into the room. He greets the crowd.

Mickey asks why they’re there and he says the FBI head wants to see him about Sully. Mickey asks if he’s going to give them the $2 million reward. Ray says the FBI wants credit for killing Sully and want to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. He asks if Ray knows what they have in mind to keep him quiet but he doesn’t answer. Mickey waves out at the ocean and Ray asks what he’s waving at. He says he’s had a spiritual awakening.

Cochran talks about how Agent Miller was killed by Sully but then they were able to take him down so American’s Most Wanted is now dead. A Boston reporter asks her boss to send her to LA for the story because she knows they’re lying about Sully and how long he was in LA.

Ray brings Mickey into the FBI and tells Ray if it goes South for him, he’ll spill and tell them where the priest’s body is that Ray killed. Ray reminds him if he spills, all Mickey’s kids will go to prison, not just him. They go to see Cochran. Mickey comes in and asks where his reward is and Cochran says he doesn’t give a shit about a 75 year old Irish mobster. He tells Mickey his days of making his own decisions are over and says he’s on parole for the next few years and if he doesn’t cooperate, he can go to Leavenworth for a much longer time.

Mickey says he’s a patriot and shouldn’t be on parole. He reminds him he wore a wire for them and Cochran says not for him. Then he asks who killed Sully and Mickey won’t answer. Cochran offers him a one way ticket to Gitmo. He tells him that Frank killed Sully if anyone asks and that’s all it is. Ray asks to speak to Cochran alone and Mickey steps out. Ray tells him it’s not the right play and says it’s better for all if Mickey goes back to Mexico.

Ray says he shouldn’t want Mickey around and Cochran says if Mickey f-s up on parole, they will both go to Leavenworth. He tells Ray to get the f- out and take his dad with him. Ray looks at the photo behind his desk and Cochran asks what he’s looking at and he says it’s his mom. Cochran tells him he can’t f with him and to go.

Mickey bitches about parole and Ray says none of them want him back there. He says if the parole officer sucks, he’ll head back to Mexico and Ray says if he does, he’ll end up dead. He tells him to drop his stuff at the gym and go to his officer. Mickey comes in and Bunchy and the others glare at him. Bunchy finally goes to hug him and then Daryl asks why he’s back. He says it’s just parole. He offers Bunch a drink and Ray says he’s sober and to not give it.

Mickey tells Daryl to suck it up and get over being taken down. He glares at his dad. Bunch tells Ray that it’s okay and says he’s stronger and it’s all going to be okay. Ray says a kind word then goes. At a home, he calls Frank and asks him about parole officers.

Ray tries to get busy with Abby and she tries to get him to slow his roll but he pushes her down on the bed. She says no but he doesn’t stop. She says no several more times then slaps him. She says she can’t keep doing it and says she feels like he’s raping her. He asks if she’s f-ing kidding him. He gets in the shower and she comes to peek in. She tells him she talked to the therapist. She asks if he knows how rough he is and says she can barely walk that he’s so rough on her. She says her va-jay-jay hurts.

She says they can’t pretend that it didn’t happen with the priest. Abby says she wants to be close to him. He says nothing. She asks him to answer her. He looks away. Kate from the Boston Globe shows up to talk to Sully’s mom at her nursing home. She’s writing a book about Sully and tells her she knows her son was a good boy who wouldn’t have left her unless he had to. She asks if she knows how long he was in LA and if Katherine was with her.

Kate tells her that she wants to talk to Katherine. His mom says Katherine would take her to get her hair done but says she has no one now. She says it’s all Mickey’s fault because he was fucking that n(word). Ray calls Lena and asks her to get info on Cochran. He comes to talk to Conor and he’s online with Tommy since he’s suspended but he heads out quickly. Mickey calls Conor and tells him he’s back from Mexico.

He tells his grandpa he pushed a kid down the stairs and Mickey says he can’t condone pushing from behind. He asks Mickey to come over and he says he can’t for a few days but says he can come to the gym and see him. He’s at the parole office and they call his name.

Ray heads to a piece of real estate that’s for sale. Avi calls and says he needs him. The parole officer tells Mickey to pee in a cup and asks her to help him. He tells her he had a drink this morning because he didn’t know this was part of it. She gives him a pass and he tells Lupita he likes her and calls her a sweetheart.

Ray sees Deb and she tells him Ezra put her in charge of fundraising. He asks if she gave the property flyers to Abby and she says she’s obsessed with Truesdale. Avi comes in and is panicking about the donors. He tells Ray he needs to collect on the pledges and there’s one woman in particular he’s upset about. Ray tells him that he’s worked for him for 20 years and Avi asks if he’s about to be arrested. He says no and Avi says – then go get the money.

Abby is at a yoga lass and lies on the mat after everyone else leaves. Her yoga teacher touches her on the shoulder and smiles. She says he looks at her likes he sees her. He says he does. She sits up and asks if he really does. He nods. She grabs him and kisses him and he hesitates but then kisses her back. She stops and runs out of the room abruptly. She drives home and lights a cigarette.

Ray comes in and Lena says Cochran is on the short list to head the FBI. The other guy has credit reports for the parole officers. Ray points out one guy and says to find him. Lena points out Frances in his office. Frances tells Ray that Terry has been following her. She tells him she knows who he is, what he did and doesn’t care that the guy is dead. She says she needs to know that she and her family are safe. Ray tells her they are safe. She says she doesn’t believe him because they both know what she saw.

Ray asks what she saw and she asks if he’s playing with her. Frances says she didn’t see anything. She tells him to tell Terry to leave her alone. She goes. Terry sees her leaving Ray’s office and asks why she won’t talk to him. She tells him to leave her the f- alone and runs off. He comes in agitated, asks Ray if he threatened her and punches Ray. He tells Ray to fight him but he won’t. Terry asks what he told her and he says – what she needed to hear.

Ray reminds him they killed a priest and she could say anything at any time. Terry says she won’t talk and Ray reminds him she has a family. He says she chose him (i.e. the other guy). Terry is upset and walks out. Kate goes to see someone else about Sully. She says Katherine called her when she and Sully were on their way to California about a month ago. She asks the woman for a photo of Katherine and she pulls one out of K and her dog. Kate asks to keep it and the woman says no.

Kate snaps a photo of the photo. We see the same dog in Bunchy’s lap licking his beer. Mickey brings Lupita to the gym to show him her home. Conor shows up and he says he took an Uber car. Mickey introduces her and he sends Conor off to work the bag. Lupita tells him he has to find a job and says she’ll see him in a week. He looks sideways at the dog as she leaves.

Abby opens a package from Agent Provocateur. It’s a fancy corset and there’s a shipping invoice. She packs it back up and closes the box. Ray comes to the casino and looks for the parole officer with money problems. They point out a large black guy at a gaming table. Ray approaches him later at the bar and sits next to him. Ray offers to buy him a drink but he says he doesn’t want to talk. Ray has a drink and sits in silence.

The guy finally starts talking about his money problems. His daughter wants a $15k wedding dress. He says she’s never asked for anything and even paid her own way through college. He tells him he gambled away all his money and can’t believe he f-d up this bad. He calls himself names and cries. He asks himself what’s wrong with him. Ray says $15k is a lot for a parole officer. He asks Ray who the f- he is and he introduces himself then hands him a fat envelope.

Mickey shoves Conor and he says it’s a bitch move to shove someone from behind and says it will get you shanked in the can. He asks what Ray said about what happened and he says he wants to take him to apologize but Mickey says Donovans don’t apologize. Conor tells him he saw tits today and Mickey says it’s all about ass when you’re older.

The parole officer says he can take him from Lupita, but can’t make up rule. Ray grabs the money and acts like he’s leaving and the guy stops him and says he can go to jail for this and he doesn’t want to end up where he sends people. He notices Ray’s fancy watch and asks about it. Ray pops it off and hands it to him then leaves.

Abby is in the sexy lingerie. She gets a text showing a charge from Uber and is aggravated. She calls Ray and says Conor is at the gym and took Uber. He asks why he has that account and she says she’s tired of being a chaffeur. He says he’ll go get him. She’s annoyed and starts to get dressed. Ray finds Conor in the ring with Mickey sparring. Conor sees Ray and stops and he tells his son they have to go. Conor says no and then says his dad is trying to make a him a bitch and says Donovans don’t apologize.

Abby is there and tells him to go. Ray tells Abby that he thought Mickey would be here for one day but he’s on parole and is stuck there. She says he’s a liar and doesn’t want to save their marriage. Ray says he didn’t know it needed sEzrang and she says maybe he needs to think about it.

Kate tells her boss that Sully called his mother for Mexico while the FBI said he was in LA. She says the FBI is lying and Bob says he’s not sending her to LA. Kate says she’s going and he says she’s fired. She goes anyway.

Ray gets dressed and puts n a new watch since his other is now gone. He gets a call from Lena who’s tailing Cochran and he tells her to stay on him. Ray finds June at a restaurant and greets her. She laughs at Ray and he sits down. He calls her gorgeous and she says he is too. She orders him a glass of wine and a champagne for herself. She knows Ezra wants the money and she asks how much she pledged and he says $5 mill. She says she must have been drunk and he offers her a stint in rehab.

He asks what to tell him and she says she has to sell her art collection. Ray tells her to slow up and says a pledge is not legally binding. She says Ezra is not a man to trifle with and she writes him a check. He tears it up and says he can handle Ezra. He asks if she wants him to stick around for dinner but she says she’s good. He goes.

Lena lurks watching Cochran. She tells Ray that he’s at the airport and is in a tight white tshirt and a leather vest. She says he’s got tight ripped jeans and a bandanna and then he gets something out of his car. Lena says forget it and she tells him he’s in a cover band. Ray gets a text. He makes a call to Abby. She’s outside smoking and he tells her to come out and meet him and says she’ll be glad she did. She says she doesn’t know what’s what and he says he’s texting the address and to come on.

Mickey bunks down for the night when he hears the door to the gym open. It’s the parole officer. Mickey says they’re closed and the guy comes on in anyway. He says he’s Ronald Keith, his new parole officer. Mickey says he has Lupita and Ronald says no mistake. He says he got reassigned and says he can’t stay at a boxing gym because people gamble there. He says to pack and come with him. Mickey is distraught and asks where he’ll go.

Ray has Abby meet him at the house in Truesdale. Ray heads inside as his phone rings. It’s Ezra and he asks what the f- he did. He says she can’t afford it and Ezra says that’s not acceptable. Ray says he can’t beat her up and hangs up on her. Mickey walks with Ronald and tells him a racially offensive joke as he drops him off at a flop house. He hands him a sheet a paper and says he has a job and to report at 5 am. Mickey isn’t happy with his surroundings. Ronald leaves him there.

Cochran plays Night Moves in his Bob Seger cover band. Lena watches while having a drink. Kate is on the plane to LA. Abby shows up at the house. Ray asks if she likes it and she smiles and asks – really? He says he’s going to make it happen and she runs to him and kisses him. He says they can be happy there. She pulls up her top and shows him she’s in the corset. She drops her pants down and steps back up to him. He kisses her. She drops down to her knees and unbuckles him. He doesn’t look very enthused as she heads downtown to show her appreciation.