Ray Donovan Live Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 4 “S U C K” 8/3/14

Ray Donovan Live Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 4 “S U C K” 8/3/14

Tonight on Showtime their new drama RAY DONOVAN continues with an all new episode called, “S U C K.” On tonight’s show Kate’s investigation zeroes in on Mickey. Abby meets a new friend.

On the last episode Ray and Abby faced a big hurdle when they tried to get their daughter Bridget into her dream school, Belair. Ray was willing to do whatever it took to get her enrolled. A reporter was sniffing around looking into Sully’s death. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode ate’s investigation zeroes in on Mickey. Meanwhile, Tiny, a former member of Sully’s gang, jeopardizes Cochran’s career, and Ray tries to get Tiny safely out of the country. Mickey begins working at a Mexican restaurant; Abby meets a new friend at a gun range; and Bunchy encounters a potential new love interest.

Tonight’s third episode of season two looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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In the grocery store, a guy (Tiny, one of Sully’s crew) checks for store staff then shoves lunch meat in his pockets and heads for the door. He stops when he sees the chicken rotisserie rack. He stands close, sniffs, then grabs one and shoves it in his jacket. He turns to see store security and drops the chicken. He says he has nothing else but then the lunch meat falls out too. Tiny curses then grabs up the chicken and runs for the door. The store cop gives chase. In the parking lot, he wheezes and stops running, exhausted. He says – I can’t f-g run.

We see a woman moaning and writhing. It’s Kate and she’s riding Ray. She asks if he wants to be on top and he flips her over and starts pumping into her. She moans in appreciation.

Cochran is on the treadmill when he gets a call and he curses. It’s about Tiny. He curses the f word repeatedly until his wife tells him to stop. He asks the caller where Ray Donovan is. Ray is on the balcony of the hotel watching the sun rise. He creeps back into the room and closes the door as quietly as possible. He looks down at Kate and she wakes.

She asks if he does this a lot and he says no then asks her the same. She also says no. She tells him that she’ll still do their job even though they f-ed. He says he gets it. He asks if he can see her again but Kate says it’s not a good idea. He says that’s too bad and walks out. In the elevator, Ray looks ponderous.

Ray calls Deb and says he wants to put in an offer on the house. She says they want $4.6 million and he says to offer that. She says they don’t have to offer that much, but he says she has to get the house. Guilty much, Ray? He gets to the lobby and is brought to Cochran. He tells him about Tiny being arrested for stealing a chicken and Ray says he’s harmless.

Cochran says Tiny was running his mouth and told a detective he was on the docks the night Sully was killed. He asks Ray if everyone was there. Ray says he’ll take care of it and Cochran asks if he’s going to f- him like he did the reporter. Cochran says he needs to get rid of Tiny but Ray insists that’s not what he does. Cochran says he knows he has no morals and Ray pledges to take care of it.

Ray calls parole officer Ron and says he needs a favor. Ron says it’s his day off but Ray insists. At home, Abby is practicing elocution on her computer to get rid of her Sobie accent. Bridget comes in and asks what she’s doing and Abby asks where she was. She says she was with Marvin. Conor comes in and asks for breakfast but Abby says they can take care of themselves. Ray comes in and Abby says it’s nice he stopped by. He kisses her and says he put in a bid on the house.

He goes and gets into the shower and Abby follows him into the bathroom. She asks if he thinks they’ll get the house and he says yeah. She asks how much and he tells her. She asks if they can afford it and he says of course so she takes off her robe and panties and hops in the shower to show him her appreciation. She thanks him and kisses him. She says thanks again and kisses his chest. He tries to get her to stop but she persists. He tells her he doesn’t have time.

Abby says he’s been f-ing her twice a day the last two weeks but now doesn’t have time. She’s outraged. He grabs a towel and hops out of the shower leaving her there alone. She’s not pleased.

Mickey gets his first paycheck and is in shock over how low it is. The manager explains the deductions and Mickey says they’re better crooks than he ever was. Kate shows up to talk to him but then Ron is there and tells Mickey it’s time for his drug test. Kate tells Mickey she wants to ask him about Sully and he says he doesn’t know him. She says Ray says they can’t talk but he should make up his own mind. He isn’t having it and leaves with Ron.

Ray goes to pick up Tiny. He tells him to go back to Boston but he’s not happy. Ron calls and says he has Mickey. He asks to talk to his dad and he says if Ray can let him go to the fight club to see his boys, he won’t talk to Kate.

Bunchy is working at the bike shop and a mom is talking to the sales guy about a $275 bike. Bunchy asks the kid where he wants to ride and he says just sidewalks, nothing crazy. The mom comes over and Bunchy says he can hook them up. She says they don’t have a lot of money and shouldn’t have come in. He tells her to come back this afternoon and that he’ll have something for her.

Ray takes Tiny into a hotel room and he and threatens him. He reminds him the first lesson you learn when you’re five years old on Dorcester Street is that you don’t talk to cops. Tiny begs Ray not to shoot him. Instead, Ray snaps a photo of him with his iPhone then tells Avi to make sure he doesn’t take one step out of the hotel room. Ray goes outside and finds Frank waiting. He says Tiny will be out of the country by tonight and the guy asks if he’s a travel agent now. He tells Frank he has big balls now but says Cochran won’t look out for him when this is all over. He walks off.

Mickey shows up at the gym but no one is there to greet him. He finds Terry in the office watching TV. He’s watching a show on sheep and tells his dad he’s moving there. He asks Terry if he knows what Ray is doing to him. He shows him his paltry paycheck and said he shouldn’t have to live like this. He says they need another fight night. Daryll comes in to see Terry and is shocked to see Mickey there.

Mickey says they’re talking about a fight night and Daryll tells him to f- off and says he’s never fighting for him again. Mickey tells him he shouldn’t be driving a limo and says it’s demeaning. Daryll says he’s earning a living and says that Mickey is an asshole. His dad tells him not to get so emotional. His son stomps off.

Ray checks in with Lena and she tells him Cochran is clean and a total Boy Scout. He gives her the photo of Tiny and says he needs a passport in two hours. Deb calls and tells Ray they got the house but need a check for a million ASAP. He calls Ezra and his secretary won’t let him through. He’s not pleased.

Mickey roams the gym and approaches a kid that’s sparring and says he’s been managing fighters in Mexico and is looking for new blood. He says he found a way for fighters to earn real money South of the border if they’re willing to take a fall. Mickey comes up and tells him to get the f- out. He says he runs a clean establishment. Mickey says he can’t blame him for the Parkinson’s and says he told him not to go the full 12. He tells Mickey to go home. He grudgingly goes.

Abby works on her elocution while doing laundry. She’s focusing on “park the car” and “walk across the yard.” She’s doing pretty well. She finds something in Ray’s clothes she’s not happy about. Finkel is in with a patient when Abby storms in and tells him it’s his fault because Ray is f-ing someone else and says he should never have told her that Ray was raping her.

Ray slams into Ezra’s office and demands to know why he’s not taking his calls. Ezra says he disappointed him because when Ray didn’t make June pay, Arthur didn’t pay and because Arthur didn’t pay, no one is paying. Ray says he’ll get June to pay the five million but he keeps 20%. Ezra asks what gives him the right and he says it’s because he does his dirty work for him. Ezra says the cancer center is his life and Ray says he has a life and a family to that he has to think about. He says he has no problems shaking him down to take care of them.

[10:06:39 PM] Rachel Rowan: Abby is at the shooting range firing out her rage. A guy approaches her and compliments her gun. She says it was a gift from her husband. The guy says her hubby is brave and she says he gave it to her when they were younger and they were both optimistic. He tells her the gun isn’t the right size for her hand and offers his. She takes it and says it feels okay. He says just okay and she admits it feels guide. He hands her a magazine and tells her to let it rip. She loads it up and fires, smiling the whole time.

Mickey’s buddy Shorty greets him at the flop house and asks what’s up. Mickey shows him his paycheck and says he has a shit job in a Mexican restaurant and his sons have turned their backs on him. Shorty thinks it’s great that he almost has $100. Mickey says he doesn’t know how he stays happy when he has cancer and a shitty life. Mickey shares a joint with him.

Ray goes to see June and finds scantily clad Carlo there telling him she’s not there. Carlo touches him and Ray tells him to stop then floors him by twisting his wrist. June comes in and sees this then goes to get dressed. She offers him a drink and then says she knew Ezra wouldn’t take no for an answer. She asks if he checked the envelope she left. He opens it and sees a photo of a young woman.

She says it’s her daughter Allison. She says she’s always kept her hidden – the girl has an obvious condition (Down’s). She says she supports her and he says Ezra wants his money. She says Ezra helped her hide her daughter. She says she worked with a ton of famous directors and had four Oscar nominations. She says she won’t be remembered for not keeping her pledge. She writes him a check. Ray says he’s sorry and she says she knows Ezra pays him well for what he does. He asks if there’s anything she needs. She says no thanks and that she won’t be seeing him again. She walks out.

Bunchy has refurbished a bike for the kid and gives it to the mom when they show up. She says it’s awesome and thanks him. They go out to give it a test ride. She tells him her son loves it and introduces herself as Patty and her son as Clifford. He tells her everyone calls him Bunchy and she says that’s funny. She invites him to eat Mexican with them for dinner. He agrees but looks apprehensive.

Abby comes out of the shooting range and sees the guy that loaned her his gun. He approaches her and hands her his card. He’s a detective with the LAPD and tells her not to hold it against him. He says if she ever gets in trouble to call and she asks if she should only call when she’s in trouble. She gets in her car and smiles, pleased that he was flirting.

Kate calls Ray and says she found Mickey was in pretty good shape. She says she didn’t get to talk to him because his parole officer showed up. She asks if he knows anything about that and he says just because they f-ed doesn’t mean he won’t do his job. He hangs up on her then goes to pick up Tiny. He tells him he’s going to the Maldives and Tiny is in a panic about it.

He asks to go to the bathroom and then Ray and Avi hear a crash and Tiny crying. He tried to break out through the window and hurt himself. Tiny begs him not to send him there and Ray tells him to shut the f- up and quit whining and says he’s getting on the plane.

Mickey tells Shorty that he read a book about hate and says it all comes from the inside out. He asks if he believes it and his buddy says he likes everyone because it makes life easier. He giggles as they continue getting high. Mickey hears a voice speaking to him. It’s a woman and she says she was wrong about him – she says he’s not a captain, he’s a sailor, only a sailor.

This sets Mickey off and he stands up and says he’s not an f-ing sailor. Shorty is perplexed at the outburst. Mickey stomps out. He goes into his room and drops down for a set of push ups. He calls Kate and tells her he has a story for her but it will cost. She says she doesn’t buy stories and he says that’s too bad because he was on the dock when Sully got shot. She asks to see him in person and says they can work something out. He says he can’t leave where he is but she says she’ll come to him.

Holly calls her hubby to tell him that the head of the judiciary committee is coming to dinner with them and their next stop if Washington. He says that’s great news and she asks what’s wrong. He says he’s trusting someone to do something for him but he’s not sure it’ll work out. She says her mom always told her if she wanted something done, to do it herself. Cochran says that’s why he loves her.

He calls Ray and says he needs to see him right now. Avi is stitching Tiny up. Ray tells Tiny it’s time. They walk him to the car and he blubbers and says he doesn’t want to go and says he can work for him. Ray says he has no choice. He hands him a passport and some cash to get him started. Tiny isn’t happy his name is Burt Handy. He says he belongs in Southie and says Ray can’t make him go.

Rays says he doesn’t get it and doesn’t have a choice. Tiny rips up the passport and says he’s not going. Ray tells Avi to put him back inside the hotel room and he picks up the torn papers.

Bunchy amuses Clifford at dinner and they talk about Sponge Bob. Patty offers to buy him a beer but he says he doesn’t drink and says he’ll take a Coke. She asks how he learned to build bikes and he says he got a hand me down bike from his brother that got stolen and they couldn’t afford a new one so he built his own. Clifford looks concerned and Bunchy says no one will steal his bike and if they do, they’ll answer to him.

Ray goes to meet Cochran in a parking garage. Cochran calls Ray a liar and plays him a recording of Kate talking to Mickey and his dad saying he was on the docks when Sully was shot. He tells Ray he doesn’t have anything under control. Ray says he’s got it under control and asks him not to kill them. Cochran says that’s not the plan and reminds him he has a huge staff of people working for him while Ray has one ex-Massad guy who sits around and watches TV.

Deb comes to tell Abby they got the house and she calls Ray to ask why he didn’t tell her they got the house. She asks when he’s coming home and he says as soon as he can. He’s at the store buying a rotisserie chicken like Tiny likes. He comes to the hotel room and sends Avi home. He says he’ll take over and that he should go home. He tells Ray to be careful and goes.

Tiny gobbles up the chicken bare handed and the alcohol Ray pours him. He tells Ray he doesn’t want to get sick but Ray says he’ll be fine. He asks if he can work for him and Ray says sure. Tiny says he just couldn’t go away and says he’s a simple person that likes what he likes and Ray says he knows that about him. Tiny asks for ice cream and Ray says he’ll get him some. He thanks Ray. Ray heads down the stairs and into the parking lot. He sees a guy with the trunk of his car open and then gives him a look, gets in his car and drives off.

He calls Kate. He tells her if she talks to his dad, her life is in danger. She asks who from and he says he’s texting her an address and says they have to talk in person. She agrees and asks if he’ll be there and he says yeah.

Cochran greets Megan and Tom for their Scrabble night and says Holly made their favorite casserole. The guy from the parking lot goes to talk to Tiny. He has a silencer and tries to shoot Tiny but just grazes him. Tiny tackles him then runs out. The guy shoots him again, this time in the back of the head. Tiny falls down the stairs and there’s a random guy there screaming that this fat guy fell on him and broke his leg. He has to kill the guy that Tiny squished also.

Cochran gets a call from Frank and thanks him. Megan is in the kitchen with Cochran and grabs her boob as he leaves. She smiles so it looks like he’s done it before. There’s his dirty secret!

Mickey pulls out a mini-cassette from a hollowed out book he keeps it in and then goes to answer a knock at the door of his room. He sees two G-men types through the key hole. He goes to the window and looks down. They kick in the door and drag him out. Shorty sees this go down.

Abby works on her elocution then finally says f- this. She calls the detective – Jim – and gets his voice mail. She leaves a voice mail and says she’ll be at the gun range tomorrow just in case he wanted to know.

Ray comes in to meet Kate. He has a bottle of whiskey and pours a glass and downs it. She asks if someone is going to shoot her – if there’s a big, bad guy out there waiting for her. He says yeah and she tells him he’s full of shit. She asks what this place is and says it’s awful and cold. He asks why she stayed and she says because he asked her to. He drinks another and then kisses her. She stops him and says she’s not doing this until he explains himself. He tells her to shut up and kisses her hard. She goes with it.

Holly spells out “suck” on their Scrabble board and they all giggle. Cochran tells her it’s nice work. Megan spells out a word (presumably a dirty one) and Cochran says uh-oh. Maybe they’re swingers? That’s the vibe I’m getting since his wife is sooo goody two-shoes. Looking forward to finding out more next week!