Ray Donovan Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 9 “Snowflake”

Ray Donovan Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 9 “Snowflake”

Tonight on Showtime their new drama RAY DONOVAN continues with an all new episode called, “Snowflake.” On tonight’s show Ray tells Bridget to lie for her own safety. Mickey plans a robbery.

On the last episode Lee Drexler returned from his honeymoon and was confronted by Cookie Brown, who demanded the rights to Marvin’s music. Ray arranged the deal, but Lee reneges on it. Meanwhile, Kate reopened her investigation but was threatened by two Southie thugs. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Ray tells Bridget she needs to lie about where she was during the shooting for her own safety; Ray convinces Lee and Ezra to give Cookie the rights to Marvin and Rekon’s music; Mickey makes plans to rob a pot store with Shorty; Kate visits a Walpole inmate to find out what went wrong with her article.

Tonight’s ninth episode of season two looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

RECAP: Ray sits drinking. Bridget takes a shower. Her phone buzzes and he goes and puts her bloody clothes in a plastic bag. Conor sees a news story about Re-Kon and Marvin’s shooting. Abby leaves Bridget and angry message. Conor runs in and tells his mom about the shooting. She calls Ray crying. She tells him Bridget was with Marvin. He tells her that he has Bridget and she’s fine. She cries in relief and asks where he is. He says they’re at his apartment and she tells him to bring her home.

He says she just fell asleep. She tells him to bring her home or she’s coming there. He tells her to stay home with Conor and says they’ll be home as soon as he can. Bridget tells her dad she got off the blood off. Ray tells her to sit down. She does. He says they have to talk about it. She says she heard Cookie’s voice and knows it was him. Ray asks if Cookie says her and she says she doesn’t know. He tells her to think about it but she cries and says she just doesn’t know.

He holds her and tells her it will be okay but she cries and says it will never be okay. She bawls and he tells her he’s sorry and holds her while she cries. Abby calls Jim and tells him that Marvin is Bridget’s boyfriend. She tells him that Ray has Bridget and won’t bring her home. She asks him to go get Bridget and he says it’s a bad idea. She says if he’s all in, he’s all in. He tells her the best help he can give is to look into the shooting. He tells her that he’ll call her back.

Lena comes by and says the cops are still canvassing and looking for witnesses. He asks if anyone saw Bridget get out of the car. She says Steve told her no one is saying anything about Bridget or anyone else. He tells her to go to the studio and ask who saw Bridget there and what they’re saying to the cops. Kate is grabbing skin mags at a convenience store. She tells the clerk to just ring them up without commenting.

Mickey and Shorty sit outside of their hovel sunbathing when Cherry comes up. She got a nice knock off purse at Mickey’s request – it’s a gift for Claudette. He gives Cherry some cash for taking care of it for him and then tries to call his sweetie but gets voice mail. He asks her to call him back. Cherry cuddles on Shorty’s lap and they listen to the call.

Mickey comes into his place and his PO is there telling him to get his job. He tells him that he knows Paramount fired him and says he screwed up the opportunity for both of them. Mickey hands the guy some cash and tells him to let him enjoy being unemployed for a couple of weeks. He tells him he can have a couple of days and takes off.

Tod Anderson, from homicide calls Ray and asks him to bring Bridget in. Ray asks to bring her in tomorrow and says she’s still upset but the guy is insistent about her making a statement today. Ray agrees and rings off. Bridget tells him he doesn’t need to protect her. She tells him she wants to go in and tell them what happened. She says she knows Cookie killed them and she can say it and they’ll arrest him. She says she’s not scared.

Ray says it’s not that simple. He says she was stoned and they will tear her apart in court. He doesn’t want her to tell her mom or anyone and tells her these are the kinds of things he cleans up for a living. They get to the house and Abby hugs her and says she’s so sorry and asks if she was with him when it happened. Abby asks where she was and Bridget says she just wants to go lie down. Abby asks what that was about and Ray says Bridget got high with Marvin and didn’t want her to see her like that.

He tells her to keep her at home, in the house and off the phone. She asks if Bridget is in danger and he just tells her to do what he tells her. She asks or what. He just leaves without answering. Abby won’t let it alone and goes upstairs and asks Bridget to talk to her. She tells her Mom to leave her alone and says she just wants to sleep. She puts a blanket on her and goes.

Mickey finally gets Claudette on the phone and asks to see her. She says after what happened, she needs some time. She tells him he embarrassed her and hurt Daryl’s feelings. She says he lied about her being invited to the party. He tells her it’s urgent and says she may be in trouble and that he needs to talk to her in person. Shorty knocks and Mickey tells him Claudette is coming over. He asks if she smokes and he says she used to. He asks Mickey to go to the weed shop with him.

Lee calls Ray and asks him to come over and protect him. He tells Lee he’ll be there later and tells him to keep his mouth shut about his meeting with Cookie yesterday. He asks Ray if he thinks he’s an idiot. Kate heads to the prison with her dirty magazines as a gift for Boris. Ray meets Avi who says Cookie hasn’t left his house all day. He tells Avi to leave and go watch his family. He says he has to find out if he saw Bridget. Ray heads over and rings the buzzer. The gate opens and he heads in.

A whole crew approaches him and Ray gets into a fight with them and they proceed to kick his ass good then drag him inside. They check him for wires. Cookie asks why he’s there and he asks why would he hurt Marvin since he was his golden goose. Ray struggles to sit up and tells him they both know why he did it. They other thugs head off so they can talk.

Ray asks if he’s out of his mind shooting them in the middle of the street in Hollywood. Cookie says someone shot him, but nobody saw it. Ray asks if he’s sure and Cookie says he’s pretty sure and if someone pops up, these things take care of themselves. Cookie asks why he’s really there and Ray stands and says Lee wants to make sure they’re square.

Cookie wants the rights to Marvin’s music and Ray says he’ll talk to him. He says he wants Re-Kon’s catalog too if Lee is that scared. Ray leaves. Patty is getting friendly with Bunchy but he’s struggling to get hard. He tells her hasn’t been with a woman in a long time. She tells him he’s sexy and he asks if they can just go slow. She tells him he’s adorable.

Kate asks Boris what’s wrong with her article. He starts to stroke himself but then ends up deciding to chat with her. He tells her that Mickey and Sully were the biggest enemies in the world. He says their last robbery ended up with Mickey taking the cash and giving it to his baby momma. He tells her that the only reason Sully would go to LA would be to put a bullet in Mickey and tells her the FBI is playing her. She asks why and he says no clue.

[10:16:24 PM] Rachel Rowan: Bridget lies in bed when her mom comes in and asks if she’s hungry. She sets a tray down and tries to get her to drink some juice. She pats her head and tells her she knows it’s hard. She says losing someone like this is the worst thing and says it can be a horrible world. Bridget tells her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and tells her to leave her the f- alone.

She cries and won’t look at her mom then tells her she was in the car and saw it happen. She says his head exploded and some of his blood went into her mouth. She says Marvin begged for his life but Cookie killed him anyway. She says her dad told her to lie. Abby calls Ray and calls him a motherf-er. She says they have to go to the police.

He tells her that the guy is dangerous. He says he knows him through Lee and that he will kill her if he finds out she saw. She says this is about his f-ing business- he tell her it’s not and to trust him but she’s getting hysterical. He gets to Ezra’s office and knocks Lee across the room and tells him it’s his fault they’re dead and says he has to give Cookie the music catalogs.

Lee agrees immediately but Ezra says no way and walks out. Lee begs Ray to go talk to him. Ray follows Ezra and tells him he needs to trust him and was trying to protect him. He snaps and tells him Bridget was in the back seat of the car. Ray says they have to give him what he wants and be done with it and Ezra says it’s done.

Bunchy makes burgers for Patty and the kid and he sees Bunchy using mustard and decides to try it. He also says he likes pickles just like Bunchy. Patty asks Bunchy if they cut burgers in half in Boston and he says yes. They eat happily like a little family.

Shorty brings Mickey to the pot shop and he asks if he knows what time he wants and he asks which puts ladies in the mood and he recommends one. Shorty points out the security as the guy goes to the back and tells him they could knock this place off real easy. Mickey looks around thoughtfully. Avi watches Ray’s house and sees when Jim shows up. Avi calls Ray and tells him.

Patty tells Bunchy he’s good with her son and Clifford says he’s ready to get out of the tub. He asks Bunchy to get him out. Patty asks if he minds and he says okay. (Who lets a near stranger near their naked kid in the tub?) Bunchy is uncomfortable and Clifford asks him to pick him up. He wraps the towel around him and then accidentally drops him. Patty comes in and Clifford says he threw him. Bunchy creeps out the door.

Bridget asks Abby who the guy is and Jim says he’s a cop and a friend of her moms. Bridget says her mom has no friends. Jim says Abby asked him to talk to her about what happened last night. She asks if her dad knows that he’s there. Jim says she needs to just tell them exactly what she saw when she makes her statement. Ray comes in and he is not happy.

He tells Bridget to get her stuff and says it’s time to go. He tells Jim to get the f- out of his house. He tells Abby to call if she needs him and goes. Ray just glares at Bridget and walks away. Upstairs, Bridget asks if he knew her mom’s boyfriend is a cop. He tells her that she needs to say that Re-Kon and Marvin were smoking pot in the car and she asked to be let out.

She says if she does that, Cookie will get away with murder. He says it will save her life but she says she doesn’t care because he killed Marvin. Mickey and Shorty sit smoking dope in the shop talking. Mickey comments that it’s an all cash business. They don’t even take credit cards. Shorty says that’s what he’s been trying to tell him.

At the cop shop, Ray tells Bridget that Cookie is extremely dangerous and there’s only so much he can do to protect her. She gets out of the car and goes in. Mickey tells Shorty to hang back and he talks to the security guy. He tells him he worked security back in the day and says it’s under-appreciated work. He walks off and Mickey says they have security up the ass and says the guy is packing.

Patty tells Bunchy that Clifford is fine. He says he’s sorry he did it. She says it was just an accident. He says he’s not his dad and shouldn’t give him a bath. She asks what’s wrong and he cries and says he gets really confused. She asks about what. Bunchy asks if she was ever afraid you were going to do something but knew in your heart you didn’t really want to do it.

He tells her that he can’t tell her. Patty tells him that he’s scaring her and he says he’s sorry. She asks him to leave. She tells Cliff to stay in his room when he calls out. She asks Bunchy again to please go and he does. Ray and Bridget wait for Detective Anderson. He thanks Bridget for coming down and says he just needs to ask her a few questions.

He says he has to talk to her alone and Ray says she’s a minor. Bridget insists that she’s fine and Ray relents. She heads in the back with the detective. Abby comes in and Ray says they took her to talk to her alone. They sit to wait. He says he can’t believe she brought over the guy she’s f-ing to give advice to their daughter who’s life is at stake. She tells him to f- off.

Bridget tells the guy she got in the car with Re-Kon and Marvin after the studio. She says they were smoking pot. She tells him that she wasn’t in the car when they were killed. She says she got at Sunset and Le Brea. She says she called her dad and he picked her up. The cop says she can get in a lot of trouble for lying and she cooly says she’s not and says her dad didn’t tell her to lie.

He says he knows she’s scared and she says she’s not scared. She tells him Re-Kon was really high and was driving crazy and she asked to get out. He asks her who’s looking out for Marvin. She just stares. Claudette shows up at Mickey’s and he asks her in. He tells her the place is temporary and gives her the purse he got for her. She opens it and finds pot in there. He tells her it’s Indica. She asks what was so urgent and he asks her to sit. She does.

He tells her it’s about Allan. She tells him that he’s cheating on her. He tells her he saw him at a party last night with another woman. He says he thought she would want to know. She says they’re working on their marriage and he says she was supposed to wait on him. She says 20 years was too long. She tells him that she and Allan have their ups and downs but have a good life.

He tells her has to give her credit for the sweet set up. Mickey tells her he just wanted her to be happy. She tells him that’s bullshit and says he only ever cared about himself. She tosses the purse on the bed and tells him to keep it and says she has the real one at home. She marches out and leaves him devastated and reeling.

Bridget comes out and looks at her parents, then hurries out the front door. She says she just wants to go home. She says she told the truth – that she didn’t see anything. Cookie rolls up in front of the police station and calls Bridget Snowflake – he tells her he’s sorry and says he loved the little n—- too. He hugs her and tells her it will get better.

Abby pulls Bridget away and says they’re headed home. Cookie asks Ray if he talked to Lee and he says he’s going to get everything he wants. In the car, Abby asks Bridget if that was the guy and she nods. Abby drives away with their daughter. Ray watches.

At the pot shop, Cherry gives the security guy head and comes out and reports to Mickey. She says he wants her to do him anytime she can. He hands her the purse he had given Claudette and she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Shorty tells him they can do this. They watch the pot shop some more.

Jim leaves the police department when Ray slams him against his truck. He tells him if he wants to fuck his wife he doesn’t care but if he puts his daughter in danger, he’ll kill him. Jim says they could have had Cookie in cuffs right now but instead Ray turned his daughter into a liar. The other cops ask Jim if he’s okay and he says it’s cool.
[10:16:26 PM] Rachel Rowan: At home, Bridget tells her mom she’s so sad and is going to miss Marvin so much. She lies down beside Bridget and holds her and pets her. She pulls out her earring and pops in the big diamond that Marvin gave her and that seems to make Bridget a little better. Ray has Bridget’s bloody clothes and tosses them into a garbage bin on a street then walks away.

His phone rings. It’s Kate. She tells him that he ruined her life. She tells him she really liked him and trusted him. She hangs up on him. Ray knocks on Ashley and Steve’s door. Steve tells him that one of them might have to stop ducking her. Steve asks him what’s wrong and invites him in to tell him about his day.