Ray J And Joan Rivers Sex Tape: You’re Twice The Woman Kim Kardashian Was, He Shouts! (VIDEO)

Ray J And Joan Rivers Sex Tape: You're Twice The Woman Kim Kardashian Was, He Shouts! (VIDEO)

Ray J must really be scrounging around for money this time around! What better gag than filming a fake sex tape with the hilarious plastic surgery Queen Joan Rivers? And since porn is Ray J’s specialty, he probably didn’t even need to be plastered to roll around beneath the sheets with Joan. As a matter of fact, we realize Joan is often trying to turn the hands back on the clock with Botox and other ideas. Perhaps her latest act with Ray J was a way for Joan to reinvigorate her sex life, which we can only imagine has been the equivalent of a sinkhole for several years now.

Nevertheless, the question remains . . . . Was this heat-of-the-moment act really a fake sexual performance by Joan and Ray J, or will he be coming back for more of the action? Ray J has a lot of catching up to do in order to corner the blocks as much as Joan has in her life time. He’s 33. Joan’s 80.

Lately, we haven’t seen Ray J working his porn magic as well as he did with his premiere performance featuring Kim Kardashian. Perhaps this is a way for Ray J to tell the world that he won’t be afraid to make more bold choices in the future; we already know he has relatively few boundaries when it comes to promiscuous behaviors, and this video confirms those notions.

This faux sex tape, which is actually quite humorous, was filmed to promote Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, which returns March 29 on WE TV. Steven Hirsch, top dog of Vivid Entertainment, commented on the promo vid and, well, only sees opportunity. “I’d pay her $100,000 right now [to film a real video]!” he says. The scary thing? You know he actually would!

What do you think about the Ray J/Joan Rivers sex tape? And do you think Kim Kardashian is rolling her eyes and laughing her butt off right now? Watch the vid below (Warning: might be slightly NSFW)

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