Reign RECAP 4/17/14: Season 1 Episode 18 “No Exit”

Reign RECAP 4/17/14: Season 1 Episode 18 “No Exit”

REIGN on the CW seemed to start off a bit slow but as its’ first season progresses the buzz is getting really good and fans seem to be enjoying it. In tonight’s new episode called, “No Exit” Mary’s brother visits and asks her to return to Scotland, but Francis is suspicious of his motives. Meanwhile, Penelope takes command as Henry’s mental instability progresses; and Lola is skeptical about Julien’s marriage proposal.

On last week’s episode when Mary (Adelaide Kane) learned of a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother, Marie de Guise (guest star Amy Brenneman) and Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) orchestrated, Mary and Francis (Toby Regbo) embarked on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mother – and Mary got her first taste of power as the Queen of Scots. Alan Van Sprang, Torrance Coombs, Celina Sinden, Anna Popplewell and Caitlin Stasey also star. The episode was directed by Allan Kroeker and written by Doris Egan.

On tonight’s episode when Mary (Adelaide Kane) learns of a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother, Marie de Guise (guest star Amy Brenneman) and Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) orchestrated, Mary and Francis (Toby Regbo) embark on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mother – and Mary gets her first taste of power as the Queen of Scots. Alan Van Sprang, Torrance Coombs, Celina Sinden, Anna Popplewell and Caitlin Stasey also star. The episode was directed by Allan Kroeker and written by Doris Egan.

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Bash gives Kenna a modest wedding ring he says came from his mother. She likes it and asks why and he reminds her they agreed to at least try to make their marriage work. She slides it on her finger and he says it’s a good start. Preparations are being made for Lola’s marriage to Julian. Kenna complains that she’s getting a better husband and wedding. Greer tells her that at least her husband is young and attractive unlike Greer’s merchant husband. Henry comes in and flirts with her then grabs and kisses Kenna and tells her not to hid herself away or he’ll have to come find her. He says his crown itches and throws it to the floor and walks away.

Greer smiles at her new husband and tells him she’s grateful for the wedding, the necklace and his understanding. He tells her they are in it together – no secrets and no shame. Side note- the chamber musicians are doing an instrumental cover of Lorde’s Royals that is apt and lovely. Julian tells her she deserves all that she is receiving. Mary and Francis dance and he says he likes seeing her enjoy herself. Catherine approaches and tells them they have problems. They follow her off the floor. Francis asks what’s the issue and she says a Cardinal from the Pope who has come to see Henry. She says Henry didn’t show up and they wonder how long they can hide the king from the Cardinal. She says that the cardinal won’t negotiate with her and Mary says she has an idea. Mary brings Francis to the Cardinal and introduces him. She tells him that since he is the future of Rome and they are the futures of France and Scotland, they can make decisions and then Henry will sign off on them. She asks the Cardinal to dance and he goes off with her.

Catherine asks one of her minions where the King is and he says that Penelope told him that Henry is tied up. She comes to his chambers and finds her husband tied up. He says he’s waiting on Penelope and that it’s delightful agony. She tells him that it’s gone on too long and that Penelope is looting the castle and she knows he gave her an estate. She says there is talk about his foolishness and that he’s making France look bad. He says he won’t be humiliated by a woman (meaning Catherine) but is in ropes and tips over. Catherine rolls her eyes.

Mary’s brother James is there and she goes outside to greet him. He tells her her mother Marie is in trouble and he needs her to come help. He says her mother is French and many of her advisors are but Scots demands Scottish leadership. She asks if it’s Marie’s rule he’s challenging or her own. He tells her Scotland needs to see their Queen and bow before her with pride and duty. He tells her to come home.

Mary tells Francis about her brother’s request. He isn’t happy but she says James says it’s now or never. He asks why she has to go in person and she says they need to see they have a Scottish queen. He offers to send diplomats but she says more Frenchmen is not an answer to not enough Scots. She tells him he can negotiate with the Cardinal without her but he says the Cardinal wants to flirt with her. He reminds her that France is unstable and his father is insane. He says if Rome pulls support and money that France will come apart. He says after the deal is sealed and his father is sane he will go back to Scotland with him. He reminds her they need to work on making an heir. She gets mad and says he’s focused solely on France and that he’s forgotten who she is and says she and her country are one and the same.

Julian and Lola wake in bed. He kisses her and she says they are a family. She says their families will have to meet and she asks about his parents. She asks if they can leave on their wedding tour before she shows but he wants to stay there until living arrangements are settled and her dowry is received. She says the money will follow wherever they are since they are both rich. He consents and asks where she wants to go.

Nostradamus wakes with Olivia and he worries that people will talk about her. She tells him that he saved her and she doesn’t care what people say. He has a visions of dead bodies all over the castle. He sees Olivia among them. He rubs his eyes to clear his head. She brushes her hair and smiles at him but now he looks stressed out.

Henry comes in and tells Kenna she distracts him. She says it must be her new wedding ring – a gift from his son, her husband. Penelope demands to have the ring and tells Henry she wants it. He nods and she hands it over as Bash comes up. Henry calls Catherine over and tells her to give Kenna a wedding room. She pulls a ring off her hand and tells Kenna to wear it in good health. Bash says that Kenna shouldn’t have to live like this and she says she wants him to live and he can’t confront his father.

Kenna hands the ring back to Catherine who tells her to keep it as a gesture of sympathy. Catherine walks with Kenna and says they have to get rid of Penelope because she’s about to cause France to collapse. Catherine says she will give her and Bash an estate far away if she will help her. She says they can live free from Henry and his threats. Kenna asks if her plan will put her back in Henry’s bed and she says no – but it does involve a mess of sex. She asks if she wants to kill Penelope and Catherine says she can’t because Henry would suspect her and have her head.

Bash and Francis spar in the yard quite vigorously. Bash asks if he’s upset about Mary and he says that James wants her back in Scotland. He says that he worried about this since he decided to marry her. He asks what to do when being a good husband means being a bad king. Bash tells him to be a bad king and Francis says that’s why she wanted to marry him. Bash says she never wanted to marry him – only to save Francis’ life. Francis says he could have put her first.

Lola is packing her suitcase and steps on the necklace. One of the jewels crumbles. Greer tells her not to worry about it but Lola says he keeps changing the subject when she mentions his parents or about going to Hungary. She says he’s also interested in her dowry. Greer says that her parents told him he had been married to two other women before that both died. Lola tells her that Julian said about her pregnancy that he wouldn’t ask about her past mistakes if she didn’t ask about his. Greer tries to calm him.

Nostradamus tells Catherine that he and Olivia plan to go to Trinidad for a fresh start. Catherine asks if he’s trying to save her from danger. She says he can’t go because she needs his vision there to help the country. He tells her he will stay but won’t share his visions if she forces him. She threatens his life and he says this is just a friend saying goodbye. She tells him good luck but says he won’t find safety in the new world.

Francis comes to Mary and tells her they can go to Scotland for a brief visit as soon as the deal with the Cardinal is done. She asks what if Henry gets worse or the Vatican deal goes bad. He says he’s more worried about his future with her and tells her to pack and tells her brother that Scotland can expect their Queen and King soon.

James isn’t pleased that Francis is coming because she’ll be coming with French soldiers and a French man. She says her people will be pleased to see how devoted Francis is to Scotland. James apologizes and says that Scotland will be thrilled. He asks when they can go and she says when Francis’ business is done.

Nostradamus and Olivia pack and she asks if he’s nervous and he says he’s looking forward to it. Something moves under her dress on the bed right before she sits. It’s a snake. Nostradamus cuts the head off and recalls Catherine’s warning about vipers.

Francis and Bash walk down the hall and sees Mimi – a high charging courtesan – leaving James’ footman’s room. They wonder at how he has that much money to spend.

Penelope complains to the dressmaker about her new dress and says it needs more lace. Kenna comes in and Penelope asks if she wants her ring back. Kenna says she’s there to help her with Catherine. She says she serves a purpose in keeping Henry diverted and that if Catherine wanted her dead she’d just poison her. Kenna tells her she doesn’t want Henry back because of what he does with old playthings. Kenna recommends blindfolds and hot wax and she’s done those but then Kenna recommends the standing cross.

Francis and Bash pull the footman down to the dungeon and catch him in a lie. He has gold stitched inside his bag – English gold. They caught him sneaking out and demand to know where he was going and why he has gold from the realm of his wife’s enemies. They guy makes excuses and Francis sends for the torturer to get him to talk.

Mary doesn’t want to hear Francis’ suspicions. He says the footman says the gold in his bag wasn’t his. Mary dismisses her maid and asks why he was torturing her brother’s man. She says she trusts her brother and says he will keep her safe. He reminds her that only her claim to the crown is stronger than his. He thinks James may have wanted to kill her at sea, unseat her mother and take the crown. He asks for time to investigate and says he can’t take her to Scotland if it will put her in danger.

Penelope ties Henry to the standing cross and he doesn’t like. She slaps him and says he’s wicked and needs to be cleansed of his sins. He begs her to take him down and she says that Kenna said he would say that. She gags him and then Catherine bursts in after a Bishop she says was with the Cardinal. He tells Henry it’s blasphemous and he says to close his eyes. The Bishop tells him that God is everywhere and sees this mockery.

He says if he turns from God, God will turn from Henry. He reminds him that it’s God’s will that gives him his gold and crown. Catherine begs him to end it and send the witch away. Penelope tells Henry that Kenna and Catherine are plotting against him but he says that it’s her. He screams at her to get out and Catherine unties Henry and calls him poor thing. He tells her he’s lost and needs God’s support. He kisses her hands and she reassures him.

Nostradamus says he can’t go with Olivia. She asks why he’s sending her off alone. He says his gift is a curse he can’t escape but says she can and must. He says he’s seen a vision of her happy with someone else and she says he’s lying. She asks if the snake was a message from Catherine and he says if he leaves, the Queen will kill him. She asks to stay and he says she can’t be with a man shacked to a wicked Queen. He tells her to go and be free of him and this place. The weather is turning and he sends her off to be with his cousins who will watch out for her as she starts a new life. She kisses him endlessly but then she pulls away and goes to the ship that waits. He’s devastated.

Lola meets with one of her father’s bankers who has the paper for her to sign to release her dowry funds. She asks to postpone releasing it and tells him she’ll let him know.

James comes to see Mary and demands that they go now. He says there has been a vote to start an uprising against Marie. He says there is a storm coming and they have to go. Francis tortures the footman who finally says that it’s not James’ gold. They stretch him on the rack and demand that he give them answers. James pressures her to go with him now and says Francis can follow as soon as he can. James tells her that she didn’t know what her father wanted for her. He says she was born to be a Queen of Scotland not a pawn of French court. Mary tells her ladies to pack their things so she can leave for Scotland today.

Francis promises the footman freedom and five times the gold he was paid. Francis ups it to 10 and promises him safe passage to a ship of his choosing. He says he was paid to murder Mary on the ship home by a group of Englishmen who want her dead and James on the throne.

Julian comes into his chambers with Lola and tries to kiss her but she turns her cheek. She says she doesn’t feel well and says it’s nerves. She says there is much uncertainty. She asks if he has any troubles he might share with her. He tells her in time they will tell each other everything – all their secrets. He says they have to trust in love and says he loves her. He says if knowing everything would protect them from future troubles, he would tell her. He says that his wonderful life began the day she agreed to marry him. He says that life is uncertainty and asks her to face life together with him.

Bash congratulates Kenna on her ruse with Catherine and the actor who was not a bishop. She tells them that Penelope’s estate went to Catherine and she gave it to them. She also got to keep Catherine’s ring. He says she got all she wanted – land, money and jewels. She also shows him the ring she of his mother’s she got back from Penelope’s and says they need to have a real marriage. She kisses him.

Henry is in his chamber yelling at the voices and visions in his head to get out.

Mary defends her brother and says he wasn’t part of the plot. He begs her to postpone it. She says she has to go to help her mother. She tells him to trust her and she turns to leave but he calls the guards to surround her and locks her in the tower. He tells her he will let her out once her brother’s ship leaves. He says he has done this for her. He says he loves her and has to make sure it’s safe. She tells him he loves a girl but not the Queen. She screams at him and tells him to get out. She tells him if Scotland falls she will leave him. He walks away as she screams at him to let her out. He looks determined and leaves her imprisoned.

The End.

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