Reign RECAP 4/24/14: Season 1 Episode 19 “Toy Soldiers”

Reign RECAP 4/24/14: Season 1 Episode 19 “Toy Soldiers”

REIGN on the CW seemed to start off a bit slow but as its first season progresses the buzz is getting really good and fans seem to be enjoying it. In tonight’s new episode called, “Toy Solders” Mary’s uncle brings important news about her mother, which forces Mary and Francis to make a difficult choice. Henry plots something evil and Bash and Kenna’s relationship gets better.

On last week’s episode Mary (Adelaide Kane) learned of a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother, Marie de Guise (guest star Amy Brenneman) and Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) orchestrated, Mary and Francis (Toby Regbo) embarked on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mother – and Mary got her first taste of power as the Queen of Scots. Alan Van Sprang, Torrance Coombs, Celina Sinden, Anna Popplewell and Caitlin Stasey also starred. The episode was directed by Allan Kroeker and written by Doris Egan.

On tonight’s episode Mary’s uncle arrives at the castle and brings dire news about her mother, forcing Mary and Francis to make a tough choice about priorities. Meanwhile, Henry devises a destructive plan; and Bash and Kenna grow closer as they strengthen their forced union.

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A young soldier is being buried in the village. The commander tells his family he died with great bravery. He tells them Gabriel was a good leader but now he’s lost him and says he needs Gabriel’s brother Martin to take over. The mother says she won’t allow it but the commander says she will. He drops a purse of money at her feet and tells her to be proud of her sons. He pulls Martin away with him.

Mary and her girls are having a snowball fight in the courtyard. Greer says all the other girls are married and they remind her she will be soon. She says her father is coming today and she hopes he won’t offend Lord Castleroy. They asks if she’s told him her family has lost their fortune and she says she couldn’t or her father would be humiliated. She says it was bad enough she fell for a servant and almost shamed her family. Greer says she’s ruined her opportunities.

Kenna says they have all squandered opportunities. She reminds them that Lola is pregnant and she’s married to a bastard with a made up title. A boy runs up with news for Mary that her mother Marie is under siege. She’s furious that Francis didn’t let her go and locked her in the tower instead. He tells her they need to send armies to help her mother. She says his father won’t help and he says they will go together to appeal to his mother.

They come into Catherine’s chambers and before they can talk armies, the Queen breaks the news to them that Elizabeth will be the next queen of England. Henry comes in and says that Mary Tudor is dying but managed to pay the gold to give her crown to a bastard Protestant. Henry ranted at Mary and asks if she’s pregnant. He calls her useless. He says she’s nothing but drama and a drain.

Mary chews him out and says that Scotland protects France on two fronts. She reminds him that her mother is under siege. Henry says that might be a good thing and says Marie wouldn’t be under siege if she did a better job. Henry says that the Protestant’s want Marie’s head on a pike and tells Mary to be careful or hers will follow.

Francis comes into Mary’s chamber and finds her angry that none of her Catholic allies will come to her mother’s aid. Francis says he tried to find help as well but they all ask what the king thinks and they can’t refer to him since he’s gone nuts. Mary is writing to her uncles for help. She’s writing to the Duke of Guise and Francis cautions her and says he’s dangerously ambitious and has built an army from stolen boys (he’s the guy from the opening of the show). She says she doesn’t trust him but that’s not a luxury she can afford.

Penelope tries to get into Henry’s chambers and is turned away. Catherine comes up and asks why she’s there and she tells her she’s pregnant. Catherine says she doubts it and says it’s someone else’s if she’s pregnant at all. Catherine tells the guards to take her away but then she screams for Henry and says she loves him. He comes out and tells them to set her up in a cottage. He says they should send her to Bernaise since he has mistresses and bastards there. Catherine tells her she’s going to be dead if she persists. Penelope isn’t pleased.

Greer’s family arrives and she greets two of her sisters. Her dad is rude to her and says she’s made mistakes. He asks if she lost her virtue and she says it never went that far. He tells her she can’t afford to lose another suitor.

Bash tells Kenna he stopped by their new house and says it needs some work to be brought up to her standards. He’s been off hunting the monster and he asks if she’s had any problems with Henry. She says no and he kisses her but then stops. She asks why he keeps stopping and she reminds him she’s had experience and he says he wants her to have a different experience. He kisses her and says he wants to make her forget every man that came before him. He asks her to tell him very specifically what she wants and she whispers in his ear. He goes to work.

Catherine finds Francis and Mary and asks her what she’s done by calling the Duke of Guise. She tells her she’s invited the devil into their home and says he’s power hungry and dangerous. Mary implies that Catherine is the same but her mother in law is not amused.

[9:46:05 PM] Rachel Rowan: The Duke dismounts and comes to greet Mary. He tells her he missed not getting an invitation to her wedding and Mary explains that it was rushed. Francis greets him as well and apologizes for his parents lack of presence. The Duke tells Francis to call him Christian and says he knows that Henry has gone nuts and why they called him there.

Mary admits they need her help with Marie and asks what he wants in repayment. He says he wants a permanent position at court – Lord Magistrate of France – a position that would make him the king’s right hand. Francis reminds him he was sent from court for being too grasping. Christian says he served the king, not challenging him.

Christian says he ran the country while Henry was out making bastards.
Francis tells him that he could simply take his army and Christian tells him that they won’t follow a boy waving a crown. Mary tells her uncle they will let him know and he walks away. She tells Francis she knows Henry will never agree and he says he has to or she’ll lose Scotland.

Penelope is shagging another servant. She tells him to be quick about it but then Catherine is there and asks what they are doing. Catherine scares the crap out of the guy who runs off. Catherine asks if the man hurt her and she says she got there just in time to save her from risking her baby. Penelope insists the baby is Henry’s but Catherine locks her away and says she knows the baby will come out looking like a stable boy. Penelope begs her not to leave her there but they lock her in and go.

Greer’s father tells Lord Castleroy they need to discuss her dowry but the man says he doesn’t want man, only his blessing for their marriage. Her father is thrilled and relieved.

Francis finds Henry plotting war with England madly. He says they will attack from Calais and Scotland. He tells Francis that he will take England’s throne for himself. He says they are attacking tomorrow. Francis tries to find out if his father has really done this. Francis says they aren’t strong enough to do this. Henry says they can’t lose and Francis says they can and will.

Henry reads some scripture and tells him God spoke to him and told him he would have victory at Calais. He tells Francis that thanks to him, he will rule half of Europe. Francis is in shock at the depths of his father’s madness.

Francis goes to his mother and she asks what’s wrong. He tells her Henry has gone mad and is attacking Calais. She tells him to relax and says General Lavalle knows not to do anything without her approval. He says there is another General Brantam and she says that man is with them too. Francis asks what Henry will do when he realizes Catherine is thwarting his plans. She says that he doesn’t remember what he’s doing day to day. He says he hopes she’s right.

Kenna straddles Bash and then he flips her over and tells her he wants her to forget every boy who smiled at her and every man who flirted with her – every man but him. She’s ecstatic.

Francis talks to Christian and says his father won’t agree to the position and says Christian knew that. He asks what he really wants. Christian says he’s a long term thinker who built his army to serve kings and gain what he wants. Francis realizes Christian wants to be his right hand once he is king. Christian asks if Henry is going mad from poison (implicating Catherine). He asks why Francis is there without Mary and then says he knows he locked her in the tower. Christian says Mary needs his army and Francis promises him the position he wants when he takes the throne. He says he wants to go along to Scotland and Christian says that’s not wise, but he insists.

Francis goes to tell Mary the good news. She asks how he managed it and says he’ll explain when he’s back. He tells her he’s going to Scotland to assure her mother’s safety. He says the Duke will keep him safe to ensure he gets his reward. Mary is thrilled with him and sings his praises. He kisses her deeply. Bash sees this and watches entranced. He goes back into his bedchamber, strips off his shirt and kisses Kenna deeply then pulls off her skirts. She says she thought he wanted to take things slowly and he says not anymore and lays her down on the bed.

Catherine meets up with Penelope who tells her she’s not pregnant. She begs to be able to stay at the castle. Catherine tells her that she may have other uses for her. She says she has ladies that work for her and sleep with men to get her information. She says she’ll enjoy it more than emptying chamber pots. She tells her she will send her to Italy to be trained to be one of her spy network. Penelope thanks her and curtsies awkwardly.

Greer’s father tells Castleroy his family has mines in Scotland and asks him to invest with him. Greer tells her father that he does well in the spice industry and doesn’t want to invest in mines. Her dad calls her stupid and Castleroy takes offense. He tells her dad that he’s not speaking to just his daughter but to his wife. He tells her dad that was a mistake. He pulls out a folder and says he checked on him and knows his mines are all played out and that’s another mistake.

Castleroy also pulls out a paper that pledges that he will pay generous dowries so that Greer’s sisters can make good marches but says since it’s his money, Greer will have final approval on all matches so she can ensure her sisters are taken care of and marry men they want. Her dad asks Castleroy why he’s doing this and he says he’s a good businessman and he knows what things are worth. He says, to him, Greer is priceless.

Mary lays in bed with Francis and tells him she never meant for him to go to war for her. He tells her he loves her and he says when he returns he hopes there will be more than just her waiting for her – meaning he wants her pregnant and he makes loves to her again as a good measure.

Bash is in bed with Kenna and she tells him she wants him to look at her and see only her and not think of anyone else either. He looks at her and tells her he will. She tells him she wants him to always remember what it feels like to be with his wife.

Henry sits at his desk acting out when Francis and Catherine come in. He asks why they lied to him. Catherine asks what he means and he says she’s kept him caged and sent in generals to placate him. He says French forces marched for Calais this morning for real. He throws letters at them and tells her he sacked all the generals and tells them he is leaving tonight to join the invasion.

Henry stands up and realizes he doesn’t have on trousers and says that keeps happening. He says he knows they were just trying to save his legacy but he insists he will be known as an invader and says  God is on his side. Francis says that it’s true and says that the armies are already on the way and says that he sees his father is right – they can take Calais.

He says he can march the duke’s army in from the other side. Catherine says that Mary will be upset that he took the army to do this and he says she’ll have to understand that he had to do it to save France. Francis tells Henry that he’ll do it if he promises to stop dismissing him and says he will be known as a conqueror. Henry is thrilled but Francis looks power mad when he glances back at his worried mother.

Castleroy comes to Greer’s chambers and knocks. He apologizes for his behavior and says he hopes he wasn’t out of line. She says her dad was out of line, not him and he says he likes her outspoken and bold, not cautious like she was with her father. She thanks him and asks how long he has known about her family.

He says he’s rich enough for it not to matter. He tells her he has something for her to look over and sign. He says she gets to approve the marriage contract since she’s in charge of all the marriages in her family now. She steps forward and kisses him. She smiles and steps back and he asks if something is wrong. She enjoyed the kiss and tells him things are surprisingly right.

Mary cries as she tells Francis that he’s taking her army and her mother’s last hope with it. She says she will lose her crown and her mother’s head. He tries to say that France can’t defend Scotland without them taking Calais. She accuses him of only thinking of France and he says he doesn’t and she says he puts France first. She says she made an awful mistake in marrying him.

She says she should have made secret treaties and deals or snuck away from Scotland but didn’t because she loves him. He promises to go to Scotland right after Calais and she tells him he has broken many promises to her before. He says it’s not that simple and she says it should be. He asks what that means and he says she doesn’t know. She cries and tells him to stop making promises he knows he can’t keep. She also tells him to promise to live through the battle and come back to her. She says she can’t lose him.

Lola tells Mary to have faith as she and her ladies watch him leave with the armies. She says her marriage is a problem and says she will have to do what she has to do for Scotland and that he will have to forgive her. They ask what if he doesn’t forgive what she does and she says that’s too bad because she has to do what Scotland needs.