Revenge Live Recap “Meteor”: Season 4 Episode 4

Revenge Live Recap “Meteor”: Season 4 Episode 4

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday October 19, season 4 episode 4 called “Meteor.” On this evening’s episode, Emily feels completely jolted by a recent unexpected revelation. Meanwhile, Victoria [Madeleine Stowe] continues her manipulation of David, a man whose behavior Emily [Emily VanCamp] does not recognize.

On the last episode, Emily’s life was on the line as Victoria orchestrated a family reunion with deadly potential, regardless of who got caught in the crossfire. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Emily is shaken to her core by an unexpected revelation as Victoria sinks her claws deeper into David.

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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Emily and Nolan check the security footage but he says the system was in reboot, he’s still working on it. He’s freaking about the intruder and says the guy wanted blood. He wonders if this was Victoria’s plan and she says it makes sense. She says it’s her move now but Nolan says they need to call the cops. She says no and he says Jack since he’s police-adjacent. She says they don’t call the cops. He wonders if Charlotte could be behind this and says she’s going to search the property. He tells her that her hoodie isn’t bullet proof. He says she doesn’t owe Charlotte her life but she says she won’t turn her back on her sister and tells him again – no cops.

Victoria comes in calling for Charlotte and David and sees a pill bottle. She turns and sees David and he’s limping. She asks what happened. He asks if she just got in. He asks if she got money and says he doesn’t know where Charlotte is. She says he was supposed to stay and protect Charlotte. He says he snuck into Emily’s house last night and she asks if he killed her. He says he came close but couldn’t. She asks if anyone saw her but he says no one did.

She says this is a different world than the one he left. She says his re-emergence needs to be planned and he needs an alibi for the night of Conrad’s death. She hugs him and says she just wants to be with him. She says they can’t rush it and tells him she can take care of things. He says she’s right and says he’s not thinking clearly. She tells him to get some rest and he goes to the bedroom. Emily has her gun and tucks it in her pants but the cops are there.

Nolan reported the break in. Jack and Ben ask why she didn’t call it in herself. She say the alarm was off and someone got in but says she didn’t call 911 because she likes her privacy. Nolan tells them the intruder had a knife and Ben says that makes this aggravated assault and asks her to make a statement. She has no choice but to agree.

David sees a note from Victoria that says she has business in the city and that she’ll be back later. He limps around looking wild and finds a dog chain. He wraps it around his hand then starts to flail his own back with it, tearing his skin as he groans. It’s very Catholic like how the priests back in the day used to flail themselves in penance.

Daniel sneaks up on Margaux at work and says she thought they were meeting later at his place but he says he doesn’t have a place anymore. He says he’s broke but doesn’t want any money. She says Victoria came by to see her to ask for a loan. He apologizes but she says her father loved Victoria and now his mother owes her. He calls her a bad ass. She says her quarterly numbers are down and he offers to help.

He says he’s meeting with Louise to help manage her portfolio and says this is the perfect start for his own firm. She tells him he can be charming and he says he feels like he’s starting over from scratch and needs it to work. She encourages, then kisses him. Ben asks Emily questions and ask if she saw his face. She says she barely saw him and Jack say with a 15 foot drop they guy is likely hurt. Nolan takes Ben to look at where the guy jumped.

Jack chews Emily out for not taking this seriously. He thinks it’s Victoria and says you can’t make the people you love change. He says if he can tie this to Victoria, they can take her down and get Charlotte out of her clutches. He says he’s going to investigate and tells her if Victoria turns up hurt or worse, he will arrest her. Charlotte finds her mom at her apartment and she says she talked to her doctor and found out she stole a refill of Xanax.

Victoria says her reaction should not be to hide behind pills. Charlotte says she was happy about her dad until Victoria made it all about Emily. She says she wants a relationship with her dad but not on Victoria’s terms. Her mom tells her she can earn her respect by not giving in to the darkness. Charlotte looks at her pharmacy bag and then slumps.

Jack asks Ben about running into Emily at the old windmill site and he says she told him she was just out for a walk. Ben says he will have some cars patrol her property and Jack accuses him of crushing on her. Ben says if he wants to ask her out, he will but asks if Jack has an issue with it. Jack says he’s trying to uncomplicate things with her and Ben says he gets it.

David goes to a shop limping around and steals something – looks like bandages. The cashier says he saw it and David walks on but there are cops in the store. They tackle and arrest him. They bring him back to the station to book him. Ben notices the limp and the hoodie and asks who he is. Townsend says he was a shoplifter and he asks about the limp but she says he already had it. She says he had no ID but they’ll run his prints. Ben calls Emily and gets her voice mail. He asks her to come down to the PD.

Victoria joins her son at his poolside table. She says she failed him and Charlotte both but is working to remedy it. She hands him an envelope of cash and he asks where she got it. She says his dad hid assets but he reveals he knows she got it from Margaux and he calls her a liar. He says this is a silver lining to Pascal’s death and she tells him not to speak ill of Pascal. He gives the money back and tells her to stay away from him, Charlotte and Margaux.

Louise sends over a spendy glass of champagne over to Victoria who turns it away. Louise tells the waiter to enjoy the glass from the $20k bottle. She waves at Daniel. They have David in the line up and Jack recognizes him instantly. He’s in shock. He starts to make a call when his boss Alvarez tells him to get this right and says a break in at Emily’s could set off a chain reaction of panic. He asks him to fill it in. Emily shows up and Ben says Nolan is on the way in too.

She asks him to have Jack call of the squad car at her house but he says it was him that sent it. She says she can take care of herself. Jack tells the chief they’re following up with Emily but then she’s there and shakes his hand. Jack says he has to talk to Emily first and Ben says he can’t talk to her since she’s a witness and he prepped the line up. Ben takes her into the one-way windowed room and the men are brought in. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. She says number three.

Ben asks him to step forward and he does. She steps closer to the glass and stares in shock at her father. She has tears in her eyes as he glares. She starts crying full on. Jack steps up by her. Ben thinks she’s intimidated but she says it’s not him. Ben tells her to take her time and she says she’s sure and says she doesn’t recognize anyone.

Daniel watches Louise get out of the water and she asks if he’s still checking out her portfolio. He tells her she can take some more risks and she asks if he wants to get in the pool and cool off before they talk business. He says she needs a comprehensive overhaul. She asks why she should trust him and knows nothing about him but his last name. He says that she shouldn’t believe what she reads. She asks him to tell him about his mother.

Daniel says they don’t have the best relationship. She asks why and he says she meddles. Louise says her mom never cared enough to meddle. She says she and her mom are broken but would give anything to start over with a great mom. He says maybe they’re better off and she asks what her mom meddles in but he says that’s a story for another day. She says she can test his NASDAQ picks while he helps her. She hands him sunscreen and says she needs to know he has her back.

Nolan comes up as Emily comes out of the police station sobbing. He asks what happened and she says her father is alive and in the line up. He’s in shock. She asks how this is possible. He’s in a panic and she says it was him in her house and asks why he would want to hurt her. Jack comes out and tells Nolan it’s him – his fingerprints came back as her father. Emily says she needs to see him and Jack says he’ll find a way.

Victoria shows up at the PD – she was snuck in the back way to see Alvarez at his request. He tells her that David Clarke is alive and must be a shock. He says they’ll get answers. She asks what he said and where he’s been. He says he broke in to her former residence and tells her she may have been the intended victim. Victoria feigns shock and says this is all a bit much. She asks for a moment alone and he goes to get her some water.

Emily sits outside and Nolan asks what she’ll say to him. A black SUV and government guys get out. Emily says it’s too late. She tries to get into the PD but the g-men won’t let her in. Ben won’t help her out and says she just needs to go home. She says Amanda wouldn’t want her to but Nolan tells her they need to go and he pulls her away.

Daniel calls Margaux and tells he’s back in the penthouse thanks to Louise’s retainer. She says he must have been very persuasive. She tells him she needs some help wooing some journalists. She asks about Louise and he tells her to swing by for dinner. Then his elevator door opens and she’s there and reminds him she’s staying at the penthouse down the hall.

She says she sent champagne that’s her mom’s favorite and he asks if she sent a glass to his mom earlier. She says no, but good taste can be a coincidence. She says she has something for him and makes him close his eyes. She has some sexy little swimsuits for him and says he has to work in some leisure time with him. He agrees and she leaves but he looks a little uncomfortable.

David sits at a table when Agent Stiegel from the FBI comes in. Susan Luke, a lawyer comes in, and says she was retained to represent him. Victoria is with her – obviously she hired her. Susan tells them all to clear the room but David says he just wants to tell the truth. He says he’s not a terrorist and was framed. He says he was taken from his daughter and stabbed in prison.

He says Conrad Grayson fakes his death and them hid him away. He says the guards would crush his spirit and shows them the wounds on his back. He says he knows Conrad will find and kill him. The agent says he can’t hurt him but David says the guy is evil. The agent says he’s dead and he admitted to framing David and says he’s been exonerated. The agent asks him to show them where Conrad kept him and he says he thinks he can do it.

Susan lobbies for them to release him and Victoria begs them to let her take him home. Emily watches the news as Nolan comes down but she says they haven’t reported anything left. She says after she lost her dead, she just wished to see him one more time even for five minutes. Nolan says her wish came true but she says she can’t wrap her head around this.

Then there’s breaking news and Alvarez is there and makes an announcement that David Clarke is alive and says he was held and tortured by Conrad Grayson where he was beaten and tortured. He says they are releasing him and that David will make a statement within the hour. She wants to head down but Nolan says not like this – not in public. She says she can’t wait one more day and grabs her jacket.

Victoria tells David that Charlotte is on the way down to see him. She says he’s the man she fell in love with – a smart risk taker. She takes his hand and says he can tell her anything. He tells her when he was locked away he analyzed everything, even her. He asks if she remembers how he wanted to leave before he was arrested. He says he won’t be her prisoner either. She says he has time unaccounted for and says she’ll never let him go down for Conrad’s death.

She says she got a lawyer they can’t afford and says she did it for him and them. The agent comes and tells David they’re ready to out-process him. She tells him he needs her and she still needs him but he goes and walks out. Margaux is at Daniel’s and says she has to share him with his new client. He asks if she’s jealous. They kiss and both their phones start buzzing with texts and calls. She grabs it and gets the news about David. She tells the person to run it immediately.

She flips on the news and tells Daniel that David Clarke is alive. The news reports it and Daniel is in total shock. Jack is dressed at the end of shift and Ben says he must have been shocked to see his father in law. Ben tells him Emily tried to get in to see him but Jack says he needs to go. Ben asks doesn’t he want to meet him after all this time and Jack says no and that he’s not ready to see him. He asks Ben not to tell him he’s a cop.

News media is at the police station ready for David’s statement. Nolan and Emily show up at the circus. David comes out to bright lights and shouted questions. He goes out to greet the press. Charlotte is at the PD as well, but inside. David says he prayed for this freedom and today his prayers were answered. He says he thought his family had forgotten him and then Victoria is there and he calls her and Charlotte out. Emily is in absolute shock.

They walk out and stand on either side of him. She says she and Charlotte are focused on the future and getting to know David again. She says Conrad was an evil, evil man and they ask for privacy so David can readjust and be with loved ones and his family. She smirks at Emily as she says this last. They walks back into the PD and Nolan asks her – what just happened. Emily says – she got to him first.