Revenge Recap 10/12/14: Season 4 Episode 3 “Ashes”

Revenge Recap 10/12/14: Season 4 Episode 3 “Ashes”

Tonight on ABC Revenge returns with an all new Sunday October 12, season 4 episode 3 called “Ashes.” On this evening’s episode, Victoria [Madeleine Stowe] endangers Emily [Emily VanCamp] by arranging a family reunion for her.

On the last episode, Emily confronted former friends and a lifelong enemy in a desperate search for Victoria, while the fallen Queen of the Hamptons found herself at the mercy of her own darkest secret. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Emily’s life is on the line as Victoria orchestrates a family reunion with deadly potential, regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire.

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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The blaze burns out of control at the bar. Jack tries to run in and says it’s his bar. He pushes past and goes inside and sees Emily on the floor. He runs to her just as the blaze gets even higher and hotter. Firemen rush in and he runs out carrying her to safety and calls for help. He calls over to EMTs and says she was inside. She coughs and comes to and he holds her and tells her she’s okay. Charlotte sees her sister made it out alive and disappears into the gathering crowd.

Daniel and Margaux are frolicking in bed and she reminds him when they used to fool around as teens. He tells her she’s welcome to stay but she says she has an emergency board meeting to deal with her brother’s situation. She says she has to hire a new COO and says it will be her third hire in a year. He tells her that he’s storming Wall Street tomorrow. She leaves and he sees a bunch of calls from Charlotte. He says someone better have died.

Victoria and David go to a house she says is vacant and they break in. He closes the blinds and she says no one will know they’re there. He says they will be like prisoners and she says she’ll go to her banker tomorrow and they can get a place of their own. He says he’ll go with but she says he needs to stay out of sight. She says she can’t lose him again and says once the world finds out about him being alive, they won’t have a moment to themselves. She says she doesn’t want to share him until she has to. He asks what if Emily Thorne finds her but she says she’ll be okay. They embrace and he kisses her.

Ben shows up to the fire to check on Jack and says he came as soon as he heard. He asks if he’s okay and he says just a few bumps and bruises. He asks why he ran into a burning building and he says he’s glad he did. He gestures to Emily who tells the fire inspector she saw the smoke and went inside since her friend owns the bar and says she wanted to see if it was a small fire she could put out. They ask if anyone else was inside and she lies and says she was alone in the building.

Nolan brings balloons for Emily and finds her working. He says he tried to see her at the hospital and was shocked to see she wasn’t still there. He says he talked to her doctor who says she was minutes from dying from smoke inhalation. He tells her he’s not indestructible. He says according to Twitter, Victoria is out and about in midtown Manhattan. He asks why she’s not moving and she says there’s something else she has to do today. He asks what is more pressing than her arch enemy.

She walks out and he says he would not want to be number one on her to do list. Victoria finds Daniel and he asks where she’s been the last six months. He says he got her postcards and asks why she came home. She tells him she has never abandoned him and asks if this is how it’s going to be. She tells him all their accounts are frozen or seized. She says she needs money and asks if he has secret accounts.

He asks why he would have those and she says he’s the patriarch now. He tells her that Charlotte is hanging out with drug dealers, dealing blow and almost jumped off a roof. He tells her let’s do this again in six months and walks away from her. Louise overhears them talking and walks away with a curious look. Nolan and Jack come into the wrecked bar to look around. Jack thinks it was bad wiring and says his dad kept the place running for 30 years and says he doesn’t even know where to begin.

Nolan tells him that any new project seems overwhelming and says he starts by thinking about the most important part of the project. Jack says he’ll start looking for photos and mementos. Nolan says he’ll go get a bin for him and goes. Jack looks at a photo of him, his dad and brother. Tom Mullen shows up and asks why he told him there was no one else here. Jack is angry he said no one else was in here but Tm says the girl who ran out told him there was no one else there and then describes Charlotte to him.

Louise chases her down on the street – she was the girl from the psychiatric institute. She says after Victoria left, Miller was fired and the new doctor reevaluated her and says she was falsely committed. She asks Victoria to spend the day with her but she says she can’t. Louise says she has nowhere to go and they need to talk. Victoria says she’s in survival mode and has no resources but she’s sorry. Louise says she can help her. Victoria tells her to go home and see her mother.

Victoria says she can’t help her but she’ll be in touch when things change for her. She walks away. Louise gets a cunning look then walks away. Emily comes to the burned down bar and finds Jack sorting through the wet rubble. She tells him she’s sorry and he says – you got my message. She asks what questions he has. He says he wants to know what happened last night. He says he doesn’t get why Charlotte was there. He says a witness saw her leave.

She asks if he’s Jack her friend or Jack the cop. He says he deserves to know why part of his life went up in flames last night. She says Charlotte called last night and asked her to meet there. She says she knocked her out and set the bar on fire. He asks why she’s covering for Charlotte when she left her for dead. Emily says she’ll handle it and he asks what that means. She says she’s sticking to her statement and will deal with it the way she needs to and tells him to do the same.

Victoria goes to Charlotte’s place and calls her angel and hugs her. Charlotte cries and Victoria says she knows she hasn’t been her for her. She tells her it’s okay and Charlotte cries. She tells Charlotte to tell her everything. They sit and Charlotte says Emily is Amanda Clarke and has been lying to them the whole time. Victoria asks how she knows and she says Emily told her out of guilt or shame or just to torture her.

She asks her mom if she knew and Victoria says she had her suspicions. She says Emily will get what she deserves and Charlotte asks if she’ll get what she deserves. Her mom asked what she did and she says says she tried to kill Emily. She says she survived the fire and knows she started it. She says Emily is going to come after her again and Victoria says she won’t let her. She says we’ll protect you and she asks who’s we and her mom says her real father – she says David Clarke is alive.

Daniel gets a visit from Jamie who brings lunch rather than being seen out to lunch with him. He breaks the news to Daniel that not only will no firms hire him, they won’t even interview him. He tells him finance has a short memory and that he just needs to wait it out. Daniel asks what he should do in the meantime. He tells Daniel to take six months off until people move on to the next scandal.

Charlotte and Victoria head to introduce her to David. She says he’s fragile still and says there are some things they can’t tell him yet – like the fact that Amanda is alive. Victoria says they need to make it clear to him that his other daughter devoted herself to their destruction. Victoria introduces them and he hugs her warmly. She hugs him back and tears up.

Nolan talks to Emily about her messing up her security system. He tells her not to mess with it again. He asks why she’s obsessed with the place on South Pine Road – that’s where Charlotte is – she pinged her cell phone. He asks if she’s going to go slap her baby sister around and Emily says she’s not going to hurt her. Nolan says to forget the idea of having an Oprah moment with her. She says Charlotte is in pain and he reminds her she almost died last night.

She says he can’t talk her out of it and he asks what her plan is. She has no plan and is just planning on walking in blind. She says sometimes that’s the only way in. David tells Charlotte he remembers her eyes. Victoria says she brought her to the courthouse when she was a baby so he could see her. She asks how he’s alive and he says he wants to hear about her. Victoria says Charlotte is all that’s good and that Charlotte who got Conrad to confess. Charlotte is freaked by her mom’s lies.

David says he’ll go get firewood and tells his daughter he’s so happy to meet her. He goes. Charlotte asks her mom isn’t the real me good enough and why she has to lie to him about all that. Victoria tells her she needs some rest and pulls her to lie her head in her lap.

Margaux and Daniel meet and he tells her that Jamie was right about him. She says she can help. She says she can get some c-level executives to sit down with him. He tells her not to burn bridges or her street cred as a CEO. She asks why and he says he wants her to be the one thing in his life that’s not a disaster and she agrees.

Victoria sees Emily walking up the path to the house and comes out with a gun. She tells her it’s close enough. Emily says she came to talk to Charlotte and she won’t leave until she gets to talk to her. She calls out to Charlotte and says only the two of them know what happened last night and says she won’t tell anyone what happened. She says she knows she’s in a bad place and she’s truly sorry. Victoria cocks the rifle and she asks who she’s looking for. Emily tells her to shoot and end this all right now.

Victoria says that would be too easy. She says she owes her more than a quick death. She tells Emily – buckle up sweetheart. Charlotte listens to all this from inside the house. Emily finds Ben peeking in her car windows. She startles him and he says he’s glad she’s okay after the fire. She asks why he’s out there and he says he was investigating reports of kids drinking in the woods.

He compliments her car and asks where it plugs in. She says the car isn’t abandoned, she’s not in distressed and hasn’t been drinking. He asks why she’s out there and she says she likes the woods to walk and clear her head. She asks if that’s legal and he says he’s a walk in the woods kind of guy if she ever wants company. She gets in her car and he asks if she will ever want company and she says – probably not.

Daniel finds Simon in his hotel room and they’re packing him up. He says he owes two months rent and his cards have all been declined. He says he’s been a valued guest and he wishes him luck. He asks if he’s still welcome in the bar and he says as long as he pays cash. Emily tells Nolan about her confrontation with Victoria. She says she didn’t shoot her because she has something else planned. She says she’s watched her for years but this move she can’t predict and says she’s missing something.

Nolan repeats Victoria’s words and Emily says the way she said it was like she knows something that Emily doesn’t. Nolan says he’s going to bunk with her for a couple of nights and says he won’t take no for an answer. Ben shows up to find Jack still picking through the bar mess. He says the other cops send their best and says the fire inspectors have ruled it an accident unless Jack wants it investigated it further. Jack says it’s okay to let them close it.

Ben says the upside is with the insurance money he can build a whole new bar. Victoria tells David that Emily showed up demanding Charlotte. She says Emily wants to destroy their whole family. He asks how she found them so quickly and she says that’s how Emily operates. She says they have to move soon and says she’s got one more potential source of cash. She asks him to stay and protect their daughter. She goes and David pulls out a sharp knife, checks it, pockets it and puts on his jacket.

Jack comes to Emily’s house and rings the bell. She lets him in but says she was on the way to bed. He says he’ll be quick. He says he was cleaning out the bar and found something he thought she might want. He hands her a photo of the two of them. She says that was the day he destroyed her sand castle. He says his dad kept it on the wall by the cash register.

She says she’ll keep it until he rebuilds and he asks what if he doesn’t rebuild. She offers him money to help and he says it was his dad’s dream, not his. He says the bar was an anchor around his neck. She asks what he’ll do and he says being a cop and operating a bar doesn’t leave room for much else. He says he needs to say goodbye to the bar to make room for other things that matter. He tells her to get some sleep and rest her head. Emily thanks him. He says it was his pleasure. He goes.

Daniel drinks at the bar when Louise walks up on a shouty phone call. He tells her she was being loud and she asks if he was doing deep thinking. She says if he wants quiet to find a cave. He stands to go and she apologizes. She says she’s not usually crazy but her family makes her nuts. She tells him to never be born rich. He says that is good advice.

She says her financial advisor is selling off her portfolio without consulting her. He asks who pays the guy and says that’s the person that he has to listen to and she says her mother pays him. Louise asks if he works in finance and asks how much he hates it when people ask for free advice. He says it depends on who’s asking.

Victoria is with Margaux. She asks how she’s holding up and Victoria says she doesn’t know – she says Charlotte is gutted, Daniel is lost and she doesn’t know how much more they can endure. She tells Margaux she’s always considered her family. She says her father Pascal still lives in her heart and says she’ll always think of her as her daughter. Victoria says she feels powerless.

She tells Margaux that Conrad laid waste to her finances and left her children penniless. Margaux says Daniel never told her and offers to write a check for any amount. She says that’s what family does and says they can call it a loan. Victoria says she could agree to a loan. Emily sleeps. David lurks on her property looking around. Nolan works and drinks. He’s resetting the security system.

He is frustrated that it’s not working properly. He sees something on one of the monitors. David creeps into Emily’s bedroom. He walks up beside her bed and then looks at her face. Nolan comes in and fires a shot at him. David runs. He jumps off the balcony. She and Nolan look after him. She asks what he saw and Nolan says it was a guy in a sweatshirt with a knife. He says he barely saw his face.