Revenge Recap “Repercussions”: Season 4 Episode 5

Revenge Recap “Repercussions”: Season 4 Episode 5

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday October 26, season 4 episode 5 called “Repercussions.” On this evening’s episode, Emily [Emily VanCamp] tries to arrange a reunion with her dad, but she needs to be creative about it now that he’s in the spotlight again and Victoria’s [Madeleine Stowe] regained the upper hand. For spoilers on the next show, episode 6, “Damage,” check out our CDL post here!

On the last episode, Emily was shaken to her core by an unexpected revelation as Victoria sank her claws deeper into David. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode with David Clarke back in the headlines and Victoria in control, Emily needs a new strategy to orchestrate a reunion with her father.

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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David takes flowers to his daughter’s grave while photographers snap pics. Victoria is with him and he says she was right that the reporters wouldn’t leave him alone. She says she’s sorry he had to go through the FBI debriefings and he thanks her for coming to DC with him. She promises no one will never know what he did to Conrad. They walk out of the cemetery arm in arm as security holds back the reporters.

An angry Emily works out on her punching bag and Nolan tells her to chill out. She’s mad that Victoria has corralled her dad. She knows Victoria is manipulating a fragile man. She sees the news about the grave and says they need to get him away from her. Nolan says she obviously hasn’t told David the truth about her. Nolan says David is not he man he once was and asks what if Conrad did break him.

A reporter hassles Jack about David and asks if he blames him for the death of Amanda. Jack tells them to get the hell off his property. Margaux leaves a message for Victoria but Daniel says she’s too busy with her three ring circus she’s working. She tells Daniel he needs to tell his side of the story, but he says no press. He says when he was with Emily, they were always in the news and he can’t live like that again.

She asks why he’s keeping Louise a secret from her and he says he just needs to do a good job so he can get more clients. She offers her help getting more but he won’t have it. She tells him to be sure to keep Louise happy. Emily lurks nearby when her dad and Victoria get out of a car in the city. Another car careens close trying to run David down and Victoria screams to alert him and he jumps out of the way.

The driver had a crescent moon tattoo on his hand, but that’s all we see. The press and gawkers film all this and yell excitedly. Inside the hotel, David talks to the cops who don’t know who did it. David says they found the car abandoned and offered him police protections. Victoria wants to take him to a secure estate. He says he has to get closure on Amanda and wants to find out what really happened to his girl.

She says he may not like the answers. Emily thinks Victoria set up the death attempt to get her dad to stay close. Nolan says if Aiden was there, he could make her see that she needs to slow down. She says this is her chance to let him know she still loves him and says to support her. They have to find a way to access him but it’s harder now that more reporters and police are around.

Jack’s chief tells him he has to sit out some work because of all the media attention on him right now. Ben says he knows this has to be hard. He says he’s tired of all the questions about Amanda and his brother. He says he thought it was God punishing him, but turns out it was Conrad. He says the jerk got what he deserved. Ben says the world agrees with him but wonders why no one ever investigated Conrad’s death thoroughly. Jack says it was justice.

Daniel shows up to meet Louise at a dress shop. He says it’s not a private place for a meeting especially when his family is in the news. She says if people aren’t gossiping about you, you’re dead. She asks why he’s feuding with his mom and he says she’s a control freak. He says to get his mom’s attention, just try to date him and she says noted. She asks about the dress she’s trying on and he says it’s hot. She asks if she’s wasting her time flirting and he tells her that he’s unattached (liar!!).

Emily shoes up and tells Charlotte she needs her help with her dad. She says she needs to see him alone and Charlotte mocks her and says she won’t pave the way for her triumphant return. Emily tells her she shouldn’t side with her mom on this and says she thinks Victoria arranged the attack. She asks why her mom would take him to her supposed grave when she knew it was a lie that would hurt him. She asks her sister to help her tell her dad the truth. Charlotte gets in the elevator and goes up still looking angry.

Charlotte confronts her mother and asks if she arranged the attack on her dad. Her mom says she never hurts people she loves. Charlotte asks her how she could take her to Amanda’s grave and asks why she just doesn’t tell him the truth. Victoria tells her that Emily is manipulating her. She says Declan and the girl in that grave would both be alive if Emily had told the truth from the start. David comes in Charlotte runs to him. She looks upset and says there’s someone he needs to meet.

Jack tells Nolan he became a cop to get control of his life but now it’s falling apart. Nolan says he just wants to go to David while Jack says he wants to stay far away because David thinks his son is his grandson. Nolan says Emily just wants to get to David but isn’t thinking it through. Nolan says he’s worried that David isn’t the man he was.

Emily lurks in the lobby. She sees Margaux handing an envelope of cash to a bell boy. She approaches the guy and grabs the envelope and asks if he’s selling access to David. She chews Margaux out who says she just has a job to do. Margaux asks why she’s there and she says she’s fighting for Amanda Clarke. Margaux is annoyed and leaves. Emily gets a text from Charlotte telling her to come up.

Daniel fixes drinks for Louise at his apartment. She says she’s moving out soon and onto her yacht. She says a hotel is not an appropriate place to call home. She says he’s in search of an identity and clearly hasn’t settled on one yet. He says she’s like no one he’s met and she says electro shock therapy will do that to you. She flirts and comes close for a kiss but he pauses. She asks what he wants and he caves in and kisses her.

Police guard the door to David’s suite. Emily approaches and knocks but her dad isn’t there. Charlotte has taken him to Jack’s house. Jack lets them in and Victoria invites Emily in and says they have so much to discuss. Emily asks where her dad is and Victoria asks what her plan is and Emily says she knows damn well so that’s why she’s turning her against him. Emily says ripping a child away from her father is cruel and that’s the truth she’s running from.

Victoria asks if she’s going to be her next victim or her kids. Victoria asks what will happen when she has to tell her dad about all her lies and the death she caused in his name. She tells her to show herself out. Emily says Victoria is scared she’s going to lose the last person she could ever trick into loving her to his daughter. Victoria just smirks but looks a little worried.

Jack tells David he and Carl were on the way out for his check up but Charlotte says he has to meet his grandson. Jack lets him see the child. Charlotte says he has her eyes and then says she’ll get the wedding album for David to look at. Charlotte tells him they lived above the bar. David looks at the album and says Carl really does have her eyes. David says Jack has grown up to be an honorable man and Charlotte tells him he’s one of the good guys.

Ben meets a guy who hands over a file on Conrad’s death. He tells him he has a suspect with a motive. David shows up to Nolan’s – he’s thrilled to see David. He asks to come in and Nolan asks if he gave her the money and the box with the journals. Nolan says he gave it all to her. David asks why she was living above a bar and Nolan says he’s probably hearing a lot of crazy things about Amanda, even from people he trusts.

David says the more he hears, the harder it is for him to remember his little girl. He says she’s slipping away from him and that scares him. He pulls Nolan into a hug and he hugs him back. Emily is at her old house when Jack finds her. She tells him about Charlotte’s switcheroo with her Victoria and her dad. She says Nolan warned her and Jack says no one could have stopped her. She asks if he thinks her dad is going to hate her for what she’s done and he says he won’t stop loving her no matter what.

She says Victoria keeps twisting the truth. Nolan shows up and says he just saw David and tells her what he said. Nolan says she needs to get him away from Victoria and she says she needs to get him back to the house when it was just the two of them. Emily goes to see Margaux who tells her she doesn’t have a lot of time to do battle but Emily says she came to says she’s sorry about yesterday.

Emily says she knows she’s a good person and knows that for sure when she cut ties from Daniel (uh-oh). She says she wants to help Amanda and help her get around Victoria’s blockade. She says a gesture needs to be made that Margaux can take full credit for. Jack shows up to Charlotte’s and asks what the hell she thinks she’s pulling. He asks her if she and Victoria are playing a sick joke. She calls him a coward. He tells her she’s not Victoria, she’s worse – she’s Conrad.

He says she’s torturing her dad and says it’s not wonder she needs the pills and booze because she can’t live with it. Ben goes to talk to another cop about Conrad’s case. He asks about the Grayson kidnapping. He says he was there when Porter got arrested and says Reyes was so sure he was guilty but he never bought it. The guy says whoever pulled that off had money. He asks if he ever looked at him for Conrad’s murder but the guy says he was him when Conrad was killed.

Margaux comes to see Daniel. He hasn’t been returning her calls and says he’s been working. She says she may have something and he tells her to stay out of his work. She asks him to not push him away. She says they’re better together. She says she can put his dad’s scandal behind him forever. He says to do it without him but she says it’s good business for both of them.

David is writing in a notebook when Victoria comes in and asks where the police are. He says he sent them away because he won’t live like a prisoner again. She says not everyone has his best interests at heart and he says she’s the second one to tell him that lately. He says he knows something is not right here. There’s a knock and he goes to the door. It’s Daniel. Victoria says it’s not a good time but he comes in anyway.

Daniel says he wants to personally apologize for what his father did. He hands over the deed to the beach house and says it’s for him. David is thrilled. Victoria isn’t. She says she’s already lined up a home but David says it’s his home and he wants it. Daniel says to consider it part of reparations. Later, David unlocks the door and goes into the house he lived with his daughter. Victoria and Daniel are with him. Victoria asks Daniel how he got the deed and says Emily would never sell to him.

He says that’s why he used someone else. Victoria says she refuses to let him use David and Daniel says he took a few precautions because he thought she might say that. Charlotte and Margaux come in with a photographer. Margaux says Daniel thought they could quell the gossip if they used someone they trust. David says he’s comfortable with this so Victoria has to back down. She leaves the room.

Nolan and Emily watch from her balcony. He’s impressed that she got Daniel and Margaux to get her dad away from Victoria. She says Margaux is her father’s daughter. He wonders if they should call them Maniel or Dangaux and Emily says they should just call them trouble. In the city, Margaux shows up to see Victoria who tells her she’s disappointed in her parlor trick with Daniel.

Margaux says if she will give her exclusive rights to David, she’ll wipe out her debt. Victoria wants final approval but Margaux says she can’t promise that. Victoria says the other reporters may turn up her family’s link to the scandal but Margaux doesn’t believe she’ll taint Pascal. Margaux caves and tells her it’s a deal.

Daniel takes some calls about David and requests for meetings. Louise is at his place and says that she found out he’s involved with Margaux. He says he lied to her and says he can’t be the guy he was with her yesterday and says he’s better as a team with Margaux. She asks what that means and he basically tells her business only or nothing. She agrees and hugs him platonically. He tells her they are going to make a ton of money. He says he’s doing her a favor and says she really doesn’t want to be part of his family.

She’s furious but he can’t tell. She gets in the elevator and punches the wall violently then makes a call to Page Six. She says she has a story about Daniel Grayson. The chief confronts Ben about looking into Conrad’s death. Ben says there’s no reason the case should be open but admits his suspect had an alibi. The chief says someday he’ll make detective but not on this case and tells him to hand over the file. He takes it and tells Ben that nothing good could come from that.

David walks around his house and has a flashback to young Amanda screaming as he’s hauled away in cuffs. Jack, Nolan and Emily toast her dad’s return home but she says she can’t tell him until he’s ready. She says he needs time to recover and it’s not about her. She says she has to win him back honestly with the truth and says he needs to know she’s till there. She hears him playing a song they used to dance to Harry Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talking. They both think back to when she was young.

Charlotte is high at a party and is draped across a guy who invites her back to his place. He knows her name and calls her Charlotte Grayson but she tells him it’s Clarke. He loads her into a cab. Nolan is working on a new infinity symbol box. We see David writing about Amanda saying he knows what he must do. He says she was wronged by someone he trusted and she must have revenge.

Uh-oh – okay I think David thinks Nolan stole the money and that’s why she was living over the bar with Jack instead of living large. I think Nolan is first on his revenge list. This is deja vu all over again! OMG can’t wait.