Revenge Recap “Damage” David Attacks Nolan: Season 4 Episode 6

Revenge Recap “Damage” David Attacks Nolan: Season 4 Episode 6

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday November 2, season 4 episode 6 called “Damage.” On this evening’s episode, David and Nolan [Gabriel Mann]  reunite in a very public way. Meanwhile, Emily[Emily VanCamp] grows concerned about Charlotte, fearing she won’t be able to climb out of the dark place she’s landed.

On the last episode, with David Clarke back in the headlines and Victoria in control, Emily needed a new strategy to orchestrate a reunion with her father. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Charlotte’s downward spiral takes her to a place where even Emily worries she can’t be saved as David and Nolan have a very public reunion.

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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Emily sees her dad down at the shore.  She thinks about them playing there when she was little. He takes off his shirt for a swim and she shudders as she sees the hideous scars on his back. Charlotte wakes in a seedy apartment by the train tracks. She goes looking for Vince and asks him where her stuff is. He shows her a gun and says to make herself comfortable. He says he usually doesn’t sleep with the bait and tells her he’s been after a fish for a very long time.

David finds Victoria at his house and she asks how his first night there was. He says it was surreal. She says she hung onto the house for years after he died and said she would come there and imagine he was still with her. She has a suit for him and says she’s sending a tailor later. She says the TV crew will be there later and asks if he’s sure he wants to tell his story. He says he needs to set the record straight that he’s a victim not a terrorist.

She offers to go over talking points but he says the good thing about the truth is you don’t need those. He tells her he’ll see her tonight and goes inside and closes the door. Nolan is looking up David’s psychiatric records for Emily. She says she has to know what he’s been through and he shows her the photos of the wounds fresh and the notes that he was beaten with chains. They watch the video he did about them.

Charlotte begs Vince not to hurt her and says she just got her dad back. The guy tells her this won’t work and that he has no mercy. She hits him with a chair and they scramble. She gets his gun but he kicks it away. He asks her where this enthusiasm was last night. She grapples with him and when he grabs her from behind, she runs her feet up the wall and kicks back. The fall breaks his neck. She’s both relieved and horrified that her would-be kidnapper is dead.

Nolan and Emily watch the video of her dad talking. He tells the shrink at first he was scared he’d never see the sun again and that he’d be tortured indefinitely. He says now he feels more alone than ever. The interview ends and they look at his diagnosis. It’s complex PTSD, loss of sense of safety and trust and she says there must be more to the story. She says it’s a gut instinct.

Nolan says maybe he’ll say more on his interview but Emily says anything he hides from the FBI he won’t reveal on an interview. He tells her he loves David too. Margaux calls Daniel and tells him he’s on page six for sleeping with Louise and managing her money. She invites him to tennis but he says he has to find office space. His mom shows up and he asks how she got in.

She says she was looking for Margaux and says it’s urgent. She says David has been strange with her then sees the page six story. She asks why he’s with Louise and tells him the woman is mentally imbalanced. She says she fell apart after Pascal’s death and checked herself into a psychiatric hospital. He asks why she didn’t tell him and she says she didn’t want him seeing her like that.

She says Louise was her roommate and she doesn’t trust her. He says she’s stable and Victoria says they once thought that about Emily too. Charlotte starts to call 911 then makes another call instead. Then she looks through the kidnapper’s stuff. There are a ton of clippings about David. The chief tells the squad that Jim Mostrowski, a retired cop, died of a heart attack. He tells them to stop by the wake.

Ben asks another guy about it and says Mostrowski beat up Conrad and had moved to corrections. The cop tells him to quit working the Grayson case like the chief said then tells Jack that last week, his partner was trying to pin the murder on him. Jack glares at Ben and walks out. Ben chases him and asks to explain. Jack asks how long he’s been telling people he’s a murdered.

Ben says solving a cold case would get him to detective. Jack says whoever killed Conrad deserves a medal. Jack reminds him he’s a beat cop and the chief told him to drop it. He tells him to drop it before he gets the both in trouble. Charlotte answers the door at the kidnapper’s place and lets in Emily. She asks her sister where he is.

Emily says his neck is broken and asks why she didn’t call the cops. Charlotte shows her the clippings and says he called her bait. She asks her why anyone would want to hurt their father. Emily sees his car keys and says it’s the same make and model that tries to run him down. She says he was a flight 197 fanatic. Emily asks what drugs they did and she tells her then says they’ll need the heroin.

Nolan answers the door – it’s David. He asks him in and then asks if he meant he shouldn’t trust Victoria. He tells Nolan he wishes he could be there for her. He asks Nolan to come to the interview to be on his side if he gets cornered. He tells Nolan he’s proud of his success and Nolan says he would have none of this if David hadn’t believed in him.

Louise meets Victoria for lunch. They hug and Victoria says it’s exciting she’s working with Daniel. Louise says she did it for her to repay her kindness at Clairmont. Victoria says she’s been a better child to her than her own blood. That conversation never happened. It was all in Louise’s head as she waited outside. She asks her why she ended up working with Daniel and Louise says she just wants to repay her kindness and says she was like a mother to her.

Victoria says it was less than a day and then says if she has less than honest intentions towards her son, it won’t go well. Louise asks to see her again but Victoria says it’s not a good idea. The girl is devastated and doubly so when she sees her greet Margaux warmly with a hug. Victoria gives Margaux a list of interview questions but Margaux says the news team already developed them.

Victoria asks if there are any problems to cut the live feed but Margaux says she wonders if there is a bigger story the way Victoria is acting. Then Margaux tells her Nolan will also be there at David’s request. Victoria is flummoxed. Emily rehearses Charlotte and says she needs to tell the cops that he shot up, staggered to the phone and fell and broke his neck.

Charlotte says she’s not like Emily but Emily tells her that she’s not a killer and hasn’t ever done this. She says her only expertise is making herself disappear and that’s why she can’t reunite with their father. Charlotte says their dad will be ashamed. Emily tells Charlotte she could be the one dead on the floor and tells her she can’t save her. She says she’s at rock bottom and needs to pull herself out.

Charlotte asks if they’ll be able to tell he did the drugs after he died. Emily does CPR to move his blood around. Charlotte asks if she killed Aiden liked this with and OD but Emily tells her plainly that it was Victoria that killed him. Charlotte is stunned. Margaux plays tennis when Daniel shows up and applauds her. She was playing with Louise. Margaux says it’s a lucky coincidence.

Daniel says he was looking at space nearby and he came to wish her luck for the interview. Margaux says she has to go and thanks Louise for the game. She leaves and Daniel asks Louise what she’s doing but Louise protests innocence. Then he asks her why she never mentioned she met his mom at a psychiatric hospital and she says that wasn’t her information to share.

He says he’s been targeted by someone with an agenda before and she assures him this is not about him. Nolan shows up to the interview. Emily calls and says she has a picture of her dad out in public during the time he was supposed to be in prison. She asks him to hack in and draw the cops away. Nolan refuses to investigate him and she asks why he won’t dig deeper.

He says David is going on live TV and he’s there to support him. He says just because she’s too scared to reconnect with David, he’s not. David comes over to thank him for being there and Victoria comes over and comments that they are close. Nolan tells her that she may be able to keep David away from Emily but not him. She says she just doesn’t want him to say anything he shouldn’t.

Nolan tells her he loves love TV because you never know what can happen. Victoria goes to whisper in David’s ear that no matter what happens, she will always stand by his side. She kisses his cheek and steps out of the shot. The interview starts. At the wake, a cop points out to Jack that Ben is hassling the dead cop’s daughter with questions.

She says her dad would be pleased with the turnout. Ben tells Jack her dad hit it lucky in Atlantic City and took early retirement. She walks away after telling them her dad was trying to sell the house. Ben tells Jack it’s suspicious but he tells him that if he doesn’t stop it, he’s putting in for a new partner. He walks away disgusted with Ben.

talks about his ten years of captivity at the hands of Conrad Grayson. He says it was inhuman. He says he drank his bathing water, slept on a cot when he could sleep. He says he spent, 4,000 days down there. He says it was survival, not living, Emily sees proof of all this. Then she sees something on the cot and goes to check. That noise alerts a cop.

He comes in but doesn’t see her hiding on a ledge above him. The reporter asks how he didn’t give up. He says he thought about giving up but then would never see the people he loved again and calls over Nolan. Victoria is annoyed and tries to get Margaux to shut it down. David says Nolan was like a son to him and Nolan says he had the courage to invest in him.

David says he hoped the profits would go to his daughter then accuses him of stealing from her. David says he pulled his daughter’s financial records and found out she got $100k instead of hundreds of millions of dollars. He accuses him on live today of stealing from his daughter while she worked as a stripper while he betrayed both of them. David says he’ll never forgive him.

The reporter asks Nolan to address these allegations. He doesn’t answer, pulls off his mic and walks out while David glares at him. Louise calls Margaux and congratulates her on the David Clarke piece. She asks how Victoria felt about it. She asks for a tennis rematch and Margaux agrees. Margaux asks how she knew she’d be at the office so late and she says she seems like a workaholic. She’s watching from across the street.

Victoria finds Charlotte packing. She tells her she’s checking into rehab and her mom hugs her. She’s happy about it. Charlotte says she has to get away from her and her lies then tells her that David deserves to know about Emily. She says it’s her lie but she’s not going to stick around to watch her tell it. Victoria says she’s doing this to protect David but Charlotte says she just wants to hurt Emily.

Charlotte says she knows she killed Aiden and then says Emily didn’t mean for Pascal to get hurt but was just trying to find out what happened to her dad. Charlotte says she won’t be caught between the hate cycle of Victoria and Emily any more and tells her mom she has ripped their family apart. She walks out. Nolan watches the interview and drinks. David shows up.

Nolan tells him he needs to call first. He asks David how he could believe he would ever do this to him. David accuses him of stealing from Emily and he asks who he gave it to. He asks who he gave it to and he says Amanda. Nolan is upset and says he lied to get him into an elaborate trap because he trusted him like a father. David punches him in the face and goes.

Emily comes in and sees her dad leaving and Nolan injured. She asks what happened. Nolan tells her that her lies finally caught up to him. Ben looks into the garage with his flashlight. Jack asks what he’s looking for and says he thought he left. He asks why he’s breaking into the man’s garage. Ben says the guy never went anywhere and never went to Atlantic City and got paid off.

Ben says there was someone coming and going out of the garage over the last few months. He says he’s not leaving til he searches it. He pulls back a blanket and sees the infinity symbol that Emily and David like. He snaps a pic of it. That gets Jack’s attention immediately. Charlotte goes to tell Daniel she’s checking into rehab and he encourages her. They hug.

He tells her he appreciated that she always told him the truth even when everyone else was lying. She says she needs to correct one more lie before she leaves – about Emily. Later, she ignores a call as she drives to rehab. Then she sees a note in her purse with the infinity symbol. Victoria shows up to David’s and he says he had to keep her at a distance to protect her from the stunt he was pulling.

He says Amanda’s gone and Nolan was one of the few people from his former life. He says Victoria is now his only connection to his past. She tells him she’ll always be here for him. She says she hopes he knows that and then she walks away. He chases her down and asks her to stay with him tonight and every night. She says that’s all she wants and he kisses her.

Emily says she can’t believe her dad did this and Nolan says he didn’t, she did. He says he thinks he stole money from Amanda. Emily says they can’t tell him. She shows him the information the kidnapper had including the photo of him out and about when he was supposed to be in captivity. Emily says there was rust everywhere except on the legs of his bed.

She says her father staged this place but failed to take the water into account so he didn’t modify the bed. She says if he lied about that, he’s lying about everything.