#RichKids of Beverly Hills Recap 8/3/14: Season 2 Episode 2 #Chinabound

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Recap 8/3/14: Season 2 Episode 2 #Chinabound

Tonight on E! #RichKids of Beverly Hills continues with another new episode called, #Chinabound.  On tonight’s episode Dorothy’s friends think she deserves a better boyfriend after her current one bails on their VIP trip to China; and Roxy’s online romance runs into a roadblock.

On tonight’s earlier premiere episode Dorothy invitesd her friends to China. Roxy found herself in an online relationship.  Did you tonight’s first episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s second episode when Dorothy’s boyfriend bails on their VIP trip to China, her friends try to convince her that she deserves better. Roxy’s online romance hits a road block.

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In this episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Dorothy’s boyfriend Cooper bails on the trip to China and her friends try to convince her that she deserves better. Roxy isn’t doing so well in the relationship department either when her online romance hits a road block.

The show starts with Morgan and Brendan making up after their huge fight about how much Brendan works. Morgan apologizes about overreacting about how much he works and Brendan accepts her apology but says she can’t freak out again in 2 weeks about the same thing. Morgan says she understands.

Dorothy arrives in China with her parents ahead of the gang. Meanwhile Roxy, Morgan and Jonny are back in the states deciding what they should wear in China. Roxy shows them all the shoes she wants to bring and Morgan and Jonny discourage her because they said in China people use the bathroom in the streets.

They finally arrive in China and Roxy is super jet lagged. Dorothy greets them in the hotel lobby where she welcomes them to China. Dorothy complains about how long she had to wait in the lobby for them to arrive which pisses Roxy off. They ask Dorothy where Cooper is and she explains that he’s not coming and that she just can’t get into why. Roxy gets over how mad she is because she feels bad for Dorothy. She tells Morgan and Brendan that Cooper is not coming to China and Morgan is mortified and can’t believe he would do that to Dorothy.

The gang realizes the next day that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t work in China because it’s a communist country which makes everyone sad. Dorothy takes everyone to Confucius temple where they take hundreds of selfies anyway. They head to lunch where Dorothy explains the food. She tells them she was nervous they wouldn’t like things in China but she’s happy their there. Roxy brings up Cooper and asks why he didn’t show. Dorothy says he just got caught up in work and gets upset that they are making it a big deal. She says she has accepted it and they should just let it go. Morgan gets emotional and tells Dorothy she deserves someone like Brendan who will make her happy and not upset. They all tell Dorothy that Cooper is a coward for not showing up and Dorothy leaves the table crying.

Jonny and Brendan go to comfort her and say they all feel terrible and that she’s allowed to be upset. Roxy and Morgan talk at the table and say Cooper didn’t come because he just didn’t want to. Dorothy decides to rejoin the table and says Cooper is just misunderstood and that she understands him.

Back at the hotel Dorothy and Jonny talk about pimple cream. She says she doesn’t have any but she can get the store under the hotel to open just of them. They go down where they run around the store and pick out pimple cream. The next day Brendan and Roxy go in search of normal food like pizza or Mcdonalds. They eventually find a Mcdonalds they could’t be happier to see the golden arches. They both order and cheers to America.

Dorothy takes everyone to her dad’s event which is the opening ceremony for the retail shop he built. Dorothy takes selfies the whole time and Jonny suspects she’s taking them for Cooper which he thinks is sad. Dorothy celebrates her dad at the event but worries that she won’t be able to fill her father’s footsteps. She tells he mom that she doesn’t know what her legacy will be and she doesn’t want people to think she is just living off of her father’s legacy. She says she wants to starts something of her own and her mom tells her to go ahead and do it because she has to depend on her when she retires. Dorothy suspects that’s why she’s been so nice to her lately. They both laugh.

The END.