Riot RECAP 5/27/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines”

Riot RECAP 5/27/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines"

Riot premieres tonight on FOX for another exciting episode called, “Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines.” On tonight’s episode, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Cheryl Hines (Suburgatory) are the guests.

On last week’s episode the new show from Executive Producer Steve Carell and hosted by Australian comedian and talk show host Rove McManus, featured the nation’s funniest celebrities and comedians facing unpredictable song, dance and sketch challenges, often while navigating the show’s trademark one-of-a-kind set, tilted at a 22-degree angle. The series premiere featured Steve Carell and Andy Buckley.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode two of television’s favorite comedy stars are featured; Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines, in the wackiest and funniest song, dance and sketch challenges, while navigating the show’s trademark one-of-a-kind set, tilted at a 22-degree angle.

Tonight’s episode is sure to be a great one — and will be perfect to get you in a good mood. So don’t miss out! Come back here tonight at 9 PM EST for your live recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below to let us know what your thoughts are about this new show!

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Rove McManus welcomes us to Riot standing sideways. He’s on a 22 degree angle slanted set. He introduces the players – Jordan Black, Meryl Hathaway, Jessica McKenna and John Ross Bowie. The guests tonights are Jason Alexander from Seinfeld and Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm. They all take their seats and Rove chats with Cheryl about Curb being all improv work. He mentions Jason’s Tony win for his stage work.

They start with Slide Show. They have a gym set. Jordan, Meryl and Jessica are up. Jordan will be a personal trainer and the ladies will be there to work out. They start the scene with Jordan trying to walk up the slanted set and he’s struggling as he rolls out a yoga mat. He gets on a workout ball and slides down the set. He tells the first girl to do 40 pushups. He tells her to get a juice and then Jason is there undressed and says it’s a nude smoothie bar.

Jordan says his name is Rex and he weighed 800 pounds yesterday but it came off like cheese. Meryl comes in and says she’s hungover and is also sliding around. Jessica tries to jump rope with a little success before she slides down. Meryl is crawling up the set and Jason pours her a smoothie and Jordan tries to pour it in her mouth. They both go sliding and the smoothie slops all over her.

Jessica gets on the treadmill while Jason makes another smoothie and Rove tells them to try the trampoline. Jessica loses it on the treadmill and goes skidding. Jessica is dangling from pull up bars. Jason pours a smoothie in Meryl’s mouth and it’s utterly gross. They end the skit. What a riot.

Rove says the celebs need to bond. They tell Jason and Cheryl they’re going to play Alphabody. Rove says they have a secret word on a card – a four letter word. They have to spell out the word using just their bodies on the floor. They have to do it until Rove guesses it. Cheryl and Jason look at the word and then they lie down to make an S. They flip around butt to butt and Rove cracks a crack joke. Jason lies across Cheryl to make an X. Last they spread out to make a Y.

I can’t tell what the word is. Rove says he thinks the word is SEXY and they have it. Rove asks who got to choose top or bottom for X and Jason says he was a gentleman and let her pick. The next game is Fun Facts. Rove says they started filming the audience before the show and the performers will make guesses. They show one guy and Jordan says it’s Beck wondering why he’s there.

They show a black dude with crazy glasses and John says he was in a funk band at his college. Jason says Grandmaster Flash is back. Jordan says the glaucoma is almost cleared up. They show a guy in a scarf taking off his jacket and Cheryl says she had a one night stand with him in 1994. Jason says these are his agents. John says it’s cutting into their Magic The Gathering time. Jordan points out a nerdy guy and says he gets a lot of tail.
[8:50:35 PM] Rachel Rowan: Next is Bunch of Jerks. Rove says everything they say has to be in the form of a question. Cheryl, John and Meryl are playing. They are in jumpsuits strung up to wires and are talking about Christmas. If they don’t answer in a question, there are consequences. Meryl doesn’t answer in time and is yanked to the ceiling. John asks if it was something he said and Cheryl asks why Santa didn’t bring her anything. John stumbles and he’s yanked up. Cheryl wins round one.

Round two is at a Girl Scout meeting. Meryl asked how many cookies he sold and John asks how much is infinity. Meryl stumbles and is yanked up and Rove tells her she’s bad. John asks if she’s teally trying. Cheryl asks why he’s a girl and John asks why she judges his gender classification. Cheryl loses it and is also yanked up. John wins round two. Rove asks Cheryl how it feels and she says like a big wedgie.

Round three is them stuck in an elevator. Meryl asks what floor they work on, Cheryl asks if they had a three way and John asks which one gave him scabies. Meryl asks how long has it been and John asks why he can’t stop drinking. Cheryl asks why they didn’t call her. John repeats her question and is strung up. Cheryl asks Meryl if she didn’t notice it was her she liked and Meryl fumbles and is yanked up as well. Cheryl wins but Rove tells them to send her up anyway. They do.

Rove says the next game is In the Dark. Jason tells Rove that English has Rs because it sounds like he said in the dock. They send them out to a completely dark room where they have night vision cameras. Jessica and John are sent to the dark room. Rove says Jessica will go first and there is a salon/spa set up. We see a naked guy lying face down on a massage table. She touches him and freaks.

Rove says he forgot to mention that she’s the best masseuse that this salon has and she needs to get some lotion and she goes feeling around for stuff. She runs into a salon chair and then they tell her to put some lotion on him. She reaches out and finds his leg and then says he has muscular calves. She asks if he’s a rock climber. Then they send John in.

John comes in and touches a plan and says namaste. John goes looking for the oil but then touches the guy’s head and says he’s just getting to know him. Rove tells her there’s a big tub of lotion for her. She brings over a five gallon jug and John has his hands on the guy’s butt. They slather him down with goo – so disgusting. They say to put him in a chair and work on his nails.

John asks him to stand up. The guy backs off the table and he squishes into a chair and John tries to put his feet up. Jessica puts some cucumbers on his head for his eyes and John says he has some rough toenails and needs a sander. Rove sends Jason in and he says he needs a shave, mani pedi and a massage. They put Jason in a chair and he says he booked a private session.

John says there’s only four of them and Jason says it seems semi-private. He asks her to start wth his shave and John massages his bare head. Jessica starts working on the guy’s hands and then they dump more lotion on the guy’s head. Gross. John tells him he will have the smallest pores in his neighborhood. Jason complains that he’s not gotten what he wanted and isn’t paying for his session.

They come out and Jess and John are covered in ick. Jason is slapping his hands and sending lotion everywhere. Their salon victim comes out in shorts with his butt crack (hairy) on display. Ick. The next game is Shadow Puppets. Jason is wiping goo off of Jessica when Rove calls her and Meryl up. They go behind a screen and we see their silhouettes. They have props. They have to act out movie titles for Jason to guess.

The first is Titanic. The girls hold one another in the king of the world pose and he guesses it right away. Next is ET and they do the iconic finger touch and he gets it. Next is Harry Potter. They girls hop on a rake to look like flying. He guesses Wizard of Oz and then Harry Potter. Nxt is Alien. They do a monster out of the stomach and he guesses it right away. The last one if Godzilla. She puts a pokey thing on her back and waddles and he guesses it fast.

Cheryl will be guessing next and Jordan and John go behind the scene. First is Jaws. They do big teeth on one guy and she get it. Next is Lion King. One lifts the other and then they put on a crown. She guesses Lord of the Rings then the King and I. The starts guesssing king movies. She’s stuck on dragons and then finally gets it. Spiderman is next and she guesses Snakes on a Plane then River Runs Through It. They try to simulate webs but she thinks it’s a rope then finally gets it.

Next is Psycho and they are stabbing but she guesses Twilight then Dracula and finally has it. Last one is Lord of the Rings. One kneels to be tiny. They have a ring and a crown and she guesses Life of Pi (what?). She finally gets that one too. She keeps asking inane questions they can’t answer. Man, she was pretty bad at that one.

The next game is Mime Sweeper. They have a podium and two players will face off. Images will come up behind them and they will have to mime what’s on the screen and the other one will guess. If you don’t get it, a wrecking ball hits you. John and Jessica face off. John gets up there first and Jason gets up to guess. First is a lemon popsicle. Jason guesses popsicle and next is Mike Tyson. John mimes boxing and then he can’t get it. John is knocked clear off.

Jessica hops up and it’s Mike Tyson for her too. Jason still can’t get it and she’s knocked off too. Rove explains it and Jason finally gets it. Jason thought John was saying sounds like but he was saying he bit his ear. It’s a peacock. He flaps around and then mimes tail feathers and he gets it. Next is hopscotch but he thinks John is dancing and then the ball knocks him off.

Jessica is up and she does the classic hopscotch moves and he gets it. Next Rove sends up Meryl and Jordan and Cheryl will guess. Jordan hops up first. The first image is a polar bear. Rove tells him good luck. He shivers, he makes teeth and monsters. He’s knocked off. Meryl hops up and tries it. Jason mocks Cheryl. Meryl does a bear and Cheryl thinks she’s a giant and then a wolf. Rove says bigger. Meryl shivers and tries to communicate.

Cheryl is clueless. Meryl is knocked off. Rove gives up and shows it to her. Next is a cowboy hat. Jordan does that one quickly. Next is a butterfly and Jordan also does well. Next is an ambulance and Jordan kills that one too. Next is coconut and she gets that one too. Next is a banana split and she knocks that one out as well. Jordan is still up. It’s Christmas Tree but Cheryl can’t get it and he’s knocked off.

Meryl is next and she does the presents and tree. Cheryl is clueless but then pulls it out. Next is a leprechaun. Cheryl guesses rodeo and then gets it. That was the last one. She killed Jason’s run. Next game is Slide Show. John will play the owner of a bar and Jordan and Jessica are learning to be bartenders while Cheryl will play a barfly regular.

They head on to the slanted set and take their positions. John struggles to walk up the slanted set and then makes it to the bar. He says it’s a great afternoon at the Leprechaun’s Crotch and then Jessica crawls up the floor and he tosses a rag at her. He says it’s a flashy place and asks if she’s seen Cocktail. She says it was before her time. She says she’s just getting the job to shut her dad up.

John says he’ll show her a couple of drinks – the first is “a series of bad decisions” – and he pours some green stuff and then throws some ice in that splatters everywhere and he shakes it up and it slides right down to her. She catches it and takes a hit on it and says she can’t wait to work here. Jordan comes in and says he caught Leprechaun’s Crotch once and thing it’s a sign he should work there.

Jordan says he’s also never seen Cocktail because he’s a black guy. Jessica demonstrates how to make the bad decision drink. She says it’s a couple of jiggers of this and Jordan asks what she called him. John slips and falls all the way to the door. Jordan makes a napkin ghost and then Rove says they should all pour a beer. Jordan opens the tap and it spews everywhere and sends him skidding.

Cheryl comes in and Rove says for John to watch them make cocktails. Cheryl tries to stagger to the bar. Jessica helps her to a bar stool and Jordan throws a drink down and says it’s called catch if you can. Cheryl struggles onto the bar stool and says she would like a pirate ship origami napkin. Jordan loses his grip and falls. Cheryl asks who she has to sleep with to get a drink and Jordan and Jessica both volunteer themselves. They serve her a beer that slides down and she neatly catches it.