Robert Pattinson Blows Off Dylan Penn After Kristen Stewart Begs Him To Cancel Madrid Hook Up (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson Blows Off Dylan Penn After Kristen Stewart Begs Him To Cancel Madrid Hook Up (PHOTOS)

Twihards can breathe a sigh of relief today, there may be a tiny chance that a reconciliation is in the works between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. We reported on Friday that Dylan Penn was rumored to be spending a weekend in Madrid, Spain with Rob. Penn was photographed arriving at the Spanish airport, grinning ear from ear, clearly excited about the romantic weekend the couple had planned.

We all waited with bated breath over the weekend for photos of Rob Pattinson and Dylan Penn to emerge, but they didn’t. It turns out Rob never made it to Spain. Instead, photos of Dylan alone in Madrid surfaced, clearly upset and arguing with someone on her phone [see gallery below], most likely fighting with Rob  for ditching her.

So, why did Rob bail on Dylan at the last minute and leave her hanging in Spain? Well, that’s open for interpretation. There may have just been a scheduling conflict, he is currently still filming the highly anticipated project titled “Life” in Toronto. Some Rob and K-Stew shippers are speculating that when Kristen caught wind of Rob and Dylan’s weekend in Spain she reached out to her old flame and begged him not to go, and threatened that a publicized weekend with Dylan would ruin any chances of them reconciling.

The old saying really is true, “you never know what you have until it’s gone,” or in Kristen’s case almost gone. The thought of Rob spending a romantic weekend in Spain with someone else scared Kristen, and she realized she wasn’t ready to completely give up on their relationship.

Do you think Rob cancelling his weekend with rumored hook-up buddy Dylan Penn is a sign that he and Kristen Stewart may be getting back together sometime soon? Let us know what you think is going on between Dylan, Rob, and Kristen in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

6 responses to “Robert Pattinson Blows Off Dylan Penn After Kristen Stewart Begs Him To Cancel Madrid Hook Up (PHOTOS)”

  1. gay for Rob says:

    What a BS story, he is in LA since Wed and never planned to go to Spain. There is no hookup……. with Dylan….. His home is where his dogs are ….and they are in LA….

  2. lori says:

    rob belongs with kristen

  3. catherinedove says:

    Very FEW mean girls out here are ACTUALLY Twilight Fans, they are ANTI-Twilight Fans – but they ARE also ‘Robsessed’ or ‘Krisbian’ BECAUSE of Twilight, still (I have LOTS of confirmations about this). There is NO OTHER WAY these ‘fans’ would become this crazy about Kris or Rob. Neither one of them has done any other movie that would inspire this much
    love AND hate.


    Use your B*TCH VOICES toward something that has the potential to CHANGE THE WORLD in a good way – or SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

    SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to SIGN the petition for Hollywood to reform its own Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment – or brainstorm to figure out something else that WILL WORK.

    Stephenie Meyer WORLDWIDE EMBARRASSMENT to the female gender for accidentally & ignorantly causing Twilight Fan (and ANTI-Twifans) OVER-obsessions by leaving her SEXUAL fantasy GLARING throughout her silly saga as only an AMATEUR AUTHOR would. She is a SMUG, GREEDY, SELFISH PIG for never taking responsibility for her HARMFUL writing
    style that brought so much division and hate to both her fans and the world.

  4. twilighter says:

    LOL. You idiots at CDL are too much. Looks to me that it is more likely that Dylan is upset with the price of gasoline. Or maybe she is having problems with her lesbian babe girlfriend she is pictured with. (yeah right). Or maybe she is tired of being stalked by scum Fame Flynet paparazzi trying to make big bucks like a bunch of parasites that they are. (much more likely except that she doesn’t look upset at all).

    But what really is going on is that you at CDL make up this crap to make a few bucks of your own. Pathetic.

  5. IheartRP*KS*BTB4EVER* says:

    These tabliods are so FOS…how can anyone tell by a photo who she is talking with and if they are arguing…they did the same thing last May with the fake Rob/Kristen Break-up story that they continue to try to sell – but now I see some backtracking…

  6. […] Of course fans began formulating multiple conspiracy theories as to why Rob and Dylan’s Madrid hook-up was kaput, and they all somehow were linking to Kristen Stewart. Some fans argued that Kristen Stewart must have gotten jealous when she heard about Dylan and she begged Rob Pattinson for a reconciliation, so he ditched Dylan when he heard he might still have a chance with K-Stew. […]