Robert Pattinson Flying To Madrid For Dylan Penn Hook Up and Romantic Weekend? (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson Flying To Madrid For Dylan Penn Hook Up and Romantic Weekend? (PHOTOS)

Sean Penn has a pretty bizarre ideology when it comes to cheating on significant others, apparently it isn’t considered cheating if you do it in another country. And, he has clearly passed that way of thinking on down to his daughter Dylan Penn, who is currently en route to Spain, and rumored to be meeting Robert Pattinson there.

Sean Penn has always had a scandalous love life riddled with affairs. So, it really isn’t much of a shock that his young daughter Dylan got herself caught up in one of the messiest and most publicized vampire love-triangles to date.

For the better half of 2013, Dylan Penn and Robert Pattinson were reportedly an item, they were  allegedly seen by multiple witnesses partying the night away at Viper Room and snorting lines of cocaine together last Fall. And, then overnight Dylan and Rob were kaput, and all of the tabloids were reporting a Rob and Kristen New Years Eve reconciliation was in the works. Much to the Twihards dismay, Rob and Kristen’s reconciliation was also kaput after a few days.

Rumors have been surfacing for the last few months that Rob and was dating Dylan Penn again, but the couple had been keeping a low profile. This weekend may be the moment of truth. Dylan Penn just arrived at the Madrid, Spain airport a few hours ago. If Robert Pattinson heads to Spain within the next few hours then we will know for sure he and Dylan are officially and item again.

Do you think Dylan and Robert Pattinson are secretly dating again? Or, do you think he should make one more last ditch attempt to reconcile with Kristen Stewart? Let us know in the comment section below.

Dylan Penn arrives on a flight at Madrid airport on March 28, 2014 in Madrid, Spain – is she expecting Rob? She sure looks happy!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

11 responses to “Robert Pattinson Flying To Madrid For Dylan Penn Hook Up and Romantic Weekend? (PHOTOS)”

  1. Teddie says:

    Your story is so FOS. First, they never dated. Second, Rob never did coke especially not at Viper Room-that was Kristen Fan Farce… Third, he’s shooting a movie right now not off flying to Spain. At least pretend to do a google search on the whereabouts before drafting this drivel NEXT. Come up with something better.

  2. rob fan says:

    Rob has long been over with his cheating ex. Time for you to stop trying to get hits by churning up old bullshit. Thought Theo James was the new Rob. Go after him and that Shailene girl instead.
    Dylan Penn seems a sweet lovely girl and I hope she and Rob are together. Two lovely ‘old souls’. She’s like her mother. And be fair, Rob deserves someone special following the circus caused by his ex. Dylan is definitely an upgrade !
    Having said all that she’s probs only there for a photoshoot LOL

  3. Robin22 says:

    What a bunch of bull. Robert Pattinson is in Los Angeles, where he still has to finish filming of the movie Life with Dane DeHaan.

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