Robert Pattinson Slams Star Wars Han Solo Rumors – Indiana Jones Movie Still Possible Though!

Robert Pattinson Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Rumors have been flying for weeks now regarding Twilight alum Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movies. Two strange rumors just won’t seem to die. One of them has dubbed Pattinson as the new Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars movie, and the other claims that Pattinson will be starring in an upcoming Indiana Jones movie.

Fans are having a hard time envisioning Pattinson in any role on Star Wars, and apparently he feels the same way. Rob sat down with Daily Beast to promote his new film The Rover. After discussing his new film, the news outlet asked Rob about the rumors regarding Han Solo. Not only did Rob completely laugh off the rumor, he actually thinks it is some sort of conspiracy against him.

When asked if he would be playing Han Solo he replied, “Oh no. I think all of these things are made up so I get tons of bad press. But literally this random story comes out and I get 50 other stories saying, like, “THAT GUY? NOOOO! What an asshole!”

Although Rob also denied rumors of joining the cast of Indiana Jones, he wasn’t as dismissive as he was regarding Han Solo. He gave the outlet a typical actor’s wishy-washy response, which usually means that he has discussed the part with TPTB; however, nothing is official so he can’t announce it yet.

So, for those Rob fans who were losing sleep at night over the thought of Pattinson in a Star Wars movie, you can rest easy now. However, Indiana Jones still hasn’t officially been ruled out. Would you like to see Rob Pattinson in Indiana Jones, or do you think it is career suicide? Or, do you think that Rob isn’t good enough to appear in an iconic film like Indiana Jones? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Robert Pattinson Slams Star Wars Han Solo Rumors – Indiana Jones Movie Still Possible Though!”

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  4. Gossip tabloids were trying to SABOTAGE Robert Pattinson’s attempts to buck the typecast trend in Rover!!

    The recent Indy & Hans stories have been courtesy of some clever tabloid manipulator who managed to find a string to pull on.

    What Indiana Jones or Star Wars fan is going to want to see The Rover now that tabloids have reminded everyone that an actor who played a sparkling vampire (you KNOW many of them have been making fun of Edward Cullen since they heard of his sparkles) is going for a cherished lead role in one of THEIR favorite movies BEFORE they have a chance to see him in any other type of role?!

    I’m not saying Robert can’t or shouldn’t take those roles… But more time needs to go by. People need to see him in MOVIES LIKE THE ROVER before he earns that level of respect – much less trust – from those also VERY passionate fanbases.

    Tabloids in the United States – where both he and Kristen are particularly stalked & HATED because they don’t voluntarily contribute to their ‘livelihoods’ – have literally FORCED Robert Pattinson to talk to them in this case – which is why they are
    suddenly getting all these ‘exclusives’ from him.

    Do you get it? Remember that their real words make them more money than anything else – they created a false situation in which Robert was forced to speak out and correct it; or those ‘rumors’ (from TWO HUGE, well-established fanbases, you COCKROACHES – and two OTHER franchises that I love to the CORE! NO, I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE THEM, TOO!) would probably have affected movie sales – and it still might
    even though he has been actively denying them.

    • US tabloids didn’t want to be left out of The Rover moneyball.

      We don’t have to agree on any other thing than to be MAD at the tabloids and paparazzi.

      The petition does not call for changing any US laws, nor does it

      with ‘Freedom of Speech’. For that reason, anyone of any age or
      location around the world can sign it – it’s for all celebrities and
      it’s WORTH a TRY. The way Hollywood treats it’s celebrities is NOT a NEW
      topic of discussion. People everywhere have been fed up with the way
      they are treated for decades.

      explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to SIGN the PETITION for
      tabloid & paparazzi reform for ALL celebrities or brainstorm to
      figure out something else that WILL WORK.