Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Dating: RPatz Forgives KStew’s ‘Twilight’ Cheating With Rupert Sanders – Liberty Ross Doesn’t! (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Dating: RPatz Forgives KStew's 'Twilight' Cheating With Rupert Sanders - Liberty Ross Doesn't! (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson seems to have a pretty clear-cut message for all of us when it comes to Kristen Stewart: It’s time to forget about the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders affair. Sure, when she was first caught kissing the then-married director Rupert Sanders back in 2012 it likely felt like the end of the world for Rob. He and Kristen had been together for years at that point and they had millions of Twilight fans believing that their romance was absolutely perfect. The reality of Kristen’s trampire activity left Rob crushed and unable to trust her ever again.

Eventually, Rob dumped Kristen and, quite obviously, got over it. In the Aug. 18th print edition of In Touch Magazine, Rob tries to minimize the impact of Kristen’s behavior by saying, “honestly, who gives a s—?” It has been years since Kristen was photographed kissing Sanders and both she and Rob have been actively linked to other people, yet there are a lot of Twilight fans that would love to see them reunite.

From the sounds of things, Rob really is over it. He’s no longer angry and also no longer emotionally tangled with Kristen. He sounds kind of detached and indifferent, which is proof that whatever existed between them is finished. Now, he just wishes that the fans would catch up, or at the very least stop asking about his ex! Do you think that Rob is in a much better place without the chronic misery princess weighing him down? It’s kind of ironic how after she was tagged as a Hollywood home wrecker her career started to really backslide, isn’t it? Tell us your thoughts on Rob and Kristen in the comments below!

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31 responses to “Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Dating: RPatz Forgives KStew’s ‘Twilight’ Cheating With Rupert Sanders – Liberty Ross Doesn’t! (PHOTOS)”

  1. No Name! says:

    Nope. Isn’t true! You are terrific writer.. It’s your made up your mind. Then leave them alone. He will alway love his ex Kstew. You know that they isn’t a fan of spotlight. Get a life!

  2. Caro says:

    I am sick of seeing Kristen Stewart crucified over one mistake while no one talks about Rupert! She was a kid – 21 or 22 (sorry younguns but that IS still a kid) and she made a mistake with her married boss! Stewart shouldn’t be judged for it for the rest of her life! As for Pattinson…obviously there was something missing in the relationship or Stewart wouldn’t have been tempted by Sanders and if Pattinson had truly loved her he would have forgiven her so I’m guessing their romance was more Bella/Edward than Kristen/Rob! This isn’t a shock since I always thought Taylor and Kristen had more chemistry as Jacob/Bella than Kristen/Rob did as Bella/Edward!

    • Skywalker says:

      Seriously? I concur with Guest. What the hell did Rob or the world ever do to her except treat her wonderfully and give her opportunities many of us would give our right arm for? About the age thing–when I was 21 and 22 I was young, but I wasn’t a “kid”. I was serving my country, responsible/accountable to my superiors for everything, and trusted with a gun while I deployed to Saudi Arabia to defend our freedom. Everyone makes a choice with their actions, and Kristen/Rupert both equally made theirs when they decided to act like horses asses. The “young” excuse by the Kristen apologetics is nonsense. Grow up yourself already.

    • luvofmj says:

      I believe they (K & R) did care deeply for each other, aside from Twilight. The blame for the affair lies on both sides (Rupert & Kristen), but Kristen is labeled the home wrecker as if Rupert didn’t participate in “wrecking his OWN home.” 21…22 is young. Regardless of what you’ve already leaned in life, you still have a lot to learn about life. At that age you’re very impressionable – especially females; to have an “older” man turn his attention towards you is very intoxicating! It makes you feel “very grownup” & very special! Not making excuses for her, but it takes two, people…jus’ sayin’ :-(

  3. ellenj49 says:

    Pathetic story. Not true. Ou just constantly degrade Kristen. You need to move on. They did you idiot!

  4. Caro says:

    Trampire? Misery princess? Why does Celebrity Laundry hire immature, idiotic twits to pretend to be writers? Pathetic! One affair doesn’t make someone a tramp! As for Stewart being a misery princess…if you look at photos of Stewart with friends she is smiling. If you look at photos of Stewart with fans she is smiling. Stewart doesn’t smile for the paparazzi but why she should she smile for people who only want to use her, exploit her and profit on her? Oh wait…look who I’m asking!

  5. Lisa Karelus says:

    They should start all over again and friends and family should stay out and they will love each other again they need to be togethey and be alone

  6. Chloe says:

    No one really knows what actually happened between Robert and Kristen except Robert and Kristen.
    Your comments towards Kristen are rude and insensitive, and unnecessary. Rob and Kristen are still friends, they share dogs together. When he said, “Who gives a s__?” you left out a large part of the article that explained this. They have gotten over it and are friends. Stop trying to make trouble when there is none.

  7. Shirley says:

    Why doesn’t he have the nerve enough already to say Kristen and I are no longer together. End of story and is very simple to put an end to it for all of us.

  8. Ray says:

    If Rob wants to cut ties with Kristen altogether, then he should say that they are no longer together. That is what everyone need to hear from him, if that is the way he really feels. Don’t play us.

  9. Laurie says:

    Gee tell us how you really feel ,asswipes your the ones bringing it back up over and over again.Leave Kristen alone stop already.

  10. Kirsten says:

    Even though Kristen may or may not have cheated on Rob, she is certainly not a home wrecker. Many people cheat on their partners and no one seems to care. No one would care if she wasn’t famous. I believe that people should leave them alone and worry about other things. If they get back together, then they get back together.

    • Foolish says:

      Whoa whoa whoa. Not a home-wrecker? Are you sure about that? I think two people just got divorced and has a pretty ugly settlement, and they both deserve that blame.

  11. Presley Haze says:

    It is just, ugh, they fit perfectly, then and I still want them to be together, but I guess its time to move on :(

  12. Kiana says:

    You people get a [expletive] life leave rob& Kristen alone you don’t know shit about her or him who says he’s a saint you don’t know what he has Done to her in the past so cut the trampire bullshit it’s been two years both of them have let it go so should you it’s old and tired like your reporting

  13. Wendi Beehler Shute says:

    Her career is backsliding……What planet are you on…if she were any busier the girl wouldn’t have time to sleep! I think Rob and Kristen have a lot of Chemisry…they seem to like a lot of the same things , if the press would just let them be then maybe they might find their way back to each other..if not…I hope they both can find someone to share their lives with and be Happy!

  14. linda prun says:

    Leave them alone

  15. yukta says:

    I just want kristen stewart and robert pattinson to be back and no other issues against them.

  16. Andrea Rodriguez says:

    You don’t know anything. None of you, know anything of their lives. You think you do, but you don’t. No one knows, beside Kristen and Robert.

  17. So redundant !!! says:

    Oh Joy !!! Another great post on Pattinson and Stewart from a clueless d list site .LOL . This is so obvious the so called writers on this blog hatred and jealousy is so telling , specially in this BullSh!t piece . You can really see the hate this woman has specially for Stewart thru that vitriolic garbage sje posted . And it aggravates them even more because THIS … here has zero effect on their careers …the only thing correct is that fans don’t give a sh!t about the past , they are not the ones talking about it , it’s obvious that low level gossip are the ones holdinfg on to the past … recycling that same dumb story over and over … ad nauseum !!!.. And Cate ..LOL. you silly cow didn’t know you knew Rob so well , he actually told you personally how he felt about all of this made crap , of all the reputable magazines and respected journalists he picked you to bare his actual feelings about that day ..WOW!!! .. .you want my thoughts … get another career/job you kinda suck at this one . No matter how much you hate Stewart she will always be better than you . Like the saying goes ” YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED , YOU HAVE BEEN MEASURED , AND YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND WANTING ” .. This is for all you so called writers on this blog … Stick to the soap opera nonsense !!!!

  18. Rob's fan <3 says:

    It’s really gud rob is done wid al this. All of his true fans would want him to come over wid dis matter after the cheating scandal.. It’s kinda shocking and disappointing for the fans to see dem seperated but dey have chosen their own ways now.. So we should all just leave them alone.. And rob if u read dis we all wana say u will never loose ur fans.. We love you and ur work :-) keep rocking.. Ur the best <3

  19. nicola says:

    I love Rob Pattinson. I am so happy he dumped her. He is a wonderful person and deserves someone who loves him

  20. nicola says:

    Kristen PR on here again. No amount of guest up votes and comments are going to remove the homewrecker label.
    Rob is a classy guy and she is a HW cliche and Rob has moved on and his fans are very happy for him

  21. maria elena Santora says:

    All Kristen did was the the freaking guy thats all n Rob knows it, u need 2 leave them both alone n Kristens carrer DID NOT back slide, no wonder people break up it’s because of the media n rags like this spreading lies!!!

  22. […] come to. Fortunately, we have a much more specific outlook on their relationship status thanks to Rob’s own words and the status of their whereabouts. We know that Rob and Kristen will both be at the TIFF festival […]

  23. Who cares? says:

    Who cares? They can’t hate each other. They’ll alway loves each other. Robsten fans will disappoint again that they won’t make it for reunion At TIFF. They will avoid each other. Kristen will go there without Rob. When he has left then she’ll skipped again. There is no chance for reunion. They will apart their different schedule. Rob was furious at his ex for cheated on him in past two years ago. You don’t know about them. Seriously, I’m sick of
    many writers called Kristen “Trampire or Homeworker” it’s mean rude to hurt her feeling. People need grow up. Who are disrespect of Kristen and his fans were judged because she cheated on her ex. Thought that his fans aren’t a fans of his ex Kstew because she was the one cheated on him. People need leave her alone. Seriously stop called her about bad words! Thumb down.. She was wrong for him and made her mistakes.

  24. dee dee says:

    hey lynnie was that while she was married to russel brand Is that why divorced katy

  25. IluvRobsten says:

    I love Robsten! :) For the truth only , Google HKN Haven ;)

  26. Allysa Mentor says:

    I hope they both have moved on, but she did wreck a marriage. Maybe it was already dying, but I think it’s fair to say she put the final nail in the coffin. Liberty Ross seems to be doing quite well, so hopefully everything for everybody will end well. No use being a hater, as it’s water under the bridge.

  27. Emily says:

    I just don’t understand on one article he says he can’t understand why people cheat he is in the relationship 100%. The we see that they had an open relationship. All these rumors about him cheating on her. Why did kristen get the bad rep I really like him. He’s talented has such great personality and is so damn hot I really don’t want to believe all the rumors. Now he said in July that cheating is normal? …. What. I wonder how his new girlfriend thinks about that.