Robert Pattinson Still In London – Pining Away For Kristen Stewart? (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson Still In London - Pining Away For Kristen Stewart? (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson is still in London. Hurrah. Well, hurrah for London fans who seem to be running into Rob and then posting Instagram photos documenting their encounters. Also, it’s probably a hurrah for Hollywood Life, who takes each of these many opportunities to ask whether he’s missing Kristen Stewart. Apparently, posing for a photo with a fan = missing Kristen Stewart.

The report assumes that Rob and Kristen are back together and dating, and that it’s been a ‘couple of weeks’ since Rob last saw Kristen. Uh, I would say it’s been significantly more than that considering he hasn’t even been in LA in over a month. Plus, he’s been filming pretty consistently the last year, and he has several movies in pre-production or about to go into production.

Regardless, fans may still want to delude themselves into thinking that all Rob does is pine for Kristen and their time together – but there’s a reason he’s a working actor and not staying in LA with Kristen. In fact, the fact that he’s staying so long in London is telling. Yes, he has friends and family there – but he’s always had friends and family there, but that didn’t necessarily stop him from going back to LA in the previous years, when he was still dating Kristen. Now that he no longer has that obligation, he’ll do whatever the heck he wants. There’s nothing tying him to Los Angeles anymore, and the fact that he hasn’t returned to LA for the holidays says enough about the state of his ‘relationship’ with Kristen.

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3 responses to “Robert Pattinson Still In London – Pining Away For Kristen Stewart? (PHOTO)”

  1. Debbie/ Rob fan says:

    At last a sensible comment from you! He is waiting to film QOTD in Morroco then flying to Toronto to start filming Life on 18th February so why would he want to be miles away from the action? I am so pleased he has not been harassed by paparazzi in London unlike when he’s in LA

  2. Teal says:

    Someone is talking sense! Prepare yourselves. The deluded who think its all just some paparazzi conspiracy and that the two are together completely unnoticed by all will surely not take kindly to your use of common sense.

  3. thebutcher says:

    No stupid paps here in boston. the best city in the world