Royal Pains Recap 8/19/14: Season 6 Episode 11 “Hankmed On The Half Shell”

Royal Pains Recap 8/19/14: Season 6 Episode 11 “Hankmed On The Half Shell”

Tonight on USA Network ROYAL PAINS continues with another episode in its sixth season called, “Hankmed On The Half Shell.” On tonight’s show Divya and Jeremiah treat a sickly model while Evan tries to distance himself from Ray. Elsewhere, Hank and Boris return from Argentina, and Emma violates the trust of her brother.

On the last episode Hank and Boris went to Argentina to meet a potential patient for Boris’ clinical trial; Divya bit off more than she could chew; Russel tried to make amends with Paige. Elsewhere, Jeremia tried to talk to Viviana, and Evan asked Ray to help him expose Oz. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Divya and Jeremiah treat a model with an eating disorder; Evan tries to distance himself from everyone else.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Royal Pains” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think about the sixth season of Royal Pains so far.

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Ray realizes he’s shot and scrambles out of the room. He sees a car peal out and curses. Paige tells him it’s okay and says he needs help but he says it’s a through and through. She says Hank is out of town and he tells her to call Jerry – aka Jeremiah. He treats him and says Ray will be okay with antibiotics. Jeremiah says he has to call the police but Ray says it’s a misdemeanor like jaywalking. Ray says he has nothing to tell the cops since he didn’t see who did it. He tells Jeremiah making the call will piss him off.

Evan rushes in and hugs Paige then also mentions the police. He says he already called them. Jeremiah stares at him and Evan asks what? At the house, Emma comes home and looks at medical stuff in the office. She picks the lock to a medicine cabinet and grabs out a prescription pad. She locks it back up and walks off pad in hand.

Paige tells Evan she can’t believe how many questions the cops had. She tells him about how it happened and says being shot at is so not normal, unless you’re Ray. Evan is in stunned silence. He says he’s worried about what a close call she had and she reassures him. They kiss. She asks what she was thinking taking Ray on as a client and he says better than a partner. He says he has to get out of it but doesn’t know how.

Boris and Hank are still in Argentina. They discuss Tobias and Hank says he’s better. He asks if this will keep him out of the clinical trial and Hank says he’s no longer eligible because of the cardiac issues. He says he thinks their diseases are too different for him to be in the study. Hank says he’ll keep checking and will let him know.

Divya brings Sashi to see Lorena and says they can’t stay. She asks how she would have felt if someone had tried to separate her from Rafa. Divya says she’s holding them hostage and Lorena insists it’s hospitality. Divya asks about a rash on her elbow and Lorena asks why she would help and she says she can tell she’s in pain.

Boris reassures Tobias and Hank says he has to go to the hospital. Tobias says he doesn’t want to worry Jakob. He stands up to hug his son and then collapses. He accidentally dislocated his son’s finger when he grabbed onto him as he fell. Hank pops the finger back in joint and the boy cries out but then thanks him. He sends him inside with Boris to ice it before he splints it. Tobias says it was his pride trying to hide the truth that hurt his son. He agrees to go to the hospital and Hank is relieved.

On the beach, a model, Sloane, shoots a commercial eating a big burger and she coughs out the bite. Jeremiah shows up on set and the director, Nash Wexler, introduces himself. Nash tells him he needs to fix Sloane and Jeremiah says he doesn’t understand anything. He says she always pulls diva stunts and plays sick. He tells Jeremiah to examine and treat her so they can finish their sexy clam sandwich commercial.

Jeremiah checks her out and asks questions. She says she’s nauseous on and off. She admits it’s happened before and says it has happened after every meal. She says it’s kept her skinny but is making her miserable. Jeremiah agrees to give her an anti nauseant and run some tests. She asks for water and then gets super demanding. She asks Jeremiah if he can help before she becomes a diva then tells him she’s koing.

Evan comes to see Ray and says they need to talk. Ray says they don’t. He says he knows what he’s going through – he says he thinks he’s scared and angry and wants things back under control and calm. Ray asks him to sit and says he gets it and he’s sorry. Ray says it will never happen again and Evan asks  how he can guarantee that but Ray says it’s under control.

Evan says he can’t do it any more. He says things have to change. Ray says he understands and holds out for a shake. He says he will be just a silent partner and Evan says that’s not what he had in mind but Ray is already hugging it out with him.

Lorena tells Divya what she takes for the pain and rash. Divya tells her that her doctors are treating her for the wrong type of arthritis. Lorena asks how she knows it’s true and Divya says to check with her doctor. She tells her that when Rafa shows up they will not be one big happy family and says she and Rafa have an arrangement that’s working.

Divya says if she takes the medication she’ll be able to travel and visit her and Rafa. Divya says she’s going whether she likes it or not and tells her to back down if she wants to be part of her granddaughter’s life. Lorena looks like she’s caved and tells Divya to give her the shot. She and her daughter are then on the plane with Hank and Boris heading home.

Hank says he just got all of Divya’s texts about Lorena – he had no signal in Argentina. Boris says if he had known he could have helped. She says she’s glad she handled it on her own. She gets a text and says it’s all of Hank’s texts on Tobias. They tell Boris that Tobias has an orphan disease – a disease that no one researches because it’s so rare. Boris says maybe he should adopt some of these orphan diseases. Hank says it would be costly but Boris just smiles.

We see Sloane walking on the beach for the commercial shoot looking sexy. She goes to bite into the clam sandwich then leans to one side. The director yells at her to stop slouching and asks the people if the sandwich is too heavy and to find a lighter one. They start again. Sloane strides on the sand and then goes to bite the sandwich and then vomits.

Nash asks if she’s really sick or just openly bulimic and Jeremiah says he doesn’t know yet. He has a portable x-ray machine and gives her some solution to drink before the test. She says it’s bad but no clam sandwich. Nash comes to check on her and she says she’s so sorry. He says he just wants her better so they can get this in the can.

She vomits on him and apologizes repeatedly. Nash says it happens and that he wanted to go back to Italy and buy new pants anyway. Jeremiah says she needs a CT and is really sick. Paige and Evan hug Bob as part of therapy and it goes on uncomfortably long. Evan admits in therapy that he tried to break it off with Ray but it didn’t work out.

Bob goes with Evan to see Ray and tells him it’s okay to walk away. Ray answers the door and asks who he has with him. Evan introduces Bob as his therapist and Ray asks why he’s there. Evan says they need to talk and Bob is a good facilitator. He asks to come in but Ray says it’s a bad time. Evan says it’s not all good. Ray glares and Bob says they can come back. He’s nervous.

Ray steps outside and says he can use some fresh air and they can take a walk in the woods. Bob says he gets eaten alive by bugs – he’s obvi afraid and Evan tells him it’s okay to walk away, so he does. Ray and Evan head out for the walk alone.

Jeremiah tells Sloane he didn’t find anything and says all her tests are clean. She asks why she keeps throwing up and he says he can’t find anything physical. She asks if he thinks she’s anorexic or bulimic and she tells him she wants to eat but just can’t. He offers to order a colonoscopy. He says he understands but she explains all the pain and hunger she’s dealing with. He apologizes and he tells her that she’s not the first woman he’s disappointed this week. She thanks him, fires him, then leaves.

Ray and Evan walk out into the woods and he sees Ray reach for his jacket and worries that he has a gun but then when he’s just scratching, he works up his nerve and says he doesn’t want to be his partner at all. Ray asks how that would work since he just invested in all the equipment and Evan can’t afford to buy him out. Evan works up his courage and says he’s done.

Ray tells him not to walk away form him – he says no one walks away from him. Evan pauses and then walks on. Hank greets Evan and Divya. Evan tells him they have to talk but Hank just wants coffee. Hank says something has to be done about Jeremiah and Divya but then Emma comes in and tells him she’s glad he’s back. She goes to hug Hank but Evan blocks her and sends her out.

Evan whispers to his brother that Emma took the photo of him and sent it to Snarkhamptoms. He tries to tell him about Ray but then Jeremiah interrupts to tell them about Sloane. Divya runs through a list of diagnoses and he says no to all. Hank tells Divya and Jeremiah to go see Sloane together. Jeremiah says he has to change Ray’s bandages then fills him in on the shooting.

Paige is painting and Bob advises her on art therapy but she says there’s something still missing. He offers her alternate strategies like alternate birthing. She wants to go talk to Ray and Bob tries to stop her. She’s insistent and Bob says she’s impressive.

Jeremiah and Divya head to the beach and Nash rushes up and says she’s gotten worse. She’s lying in a fetal position and says she can’t straighten out. She’s crying. Divya says she’s got a fever and a weak, thready pulse. Her abdomen is hard and they tell them to call 911. He thinks it may be Wilkie Syndrome and he says they have to do the Hayes maneuver.

They roll her onto her back and Divya tells her it will help. He presses on her abdomen and the pain goes away. She tells him the pain is gone and thanks him. Jeremiah says they have to get her to the hospital.

Paige comes to Ray’s to talk. She says there is a missing piece. Olivia, Ray’s wife, walks in and says she has some nerve coming there. Paige tells her that she’s so glad she’s there and tells her that all of the things they put into the house was to reflect Ray’s love for her. She keeps chattering and Olivia stops her and says he was telling the truth and that he’s not having an affair with her.

Paige says of course not. Ray says he’s changed and they kiss passionately. Olivia shakes her hand and then Paige says she was the one that shot Ray. She says the bruise was from firing a gun and the reason there was no car noise was because she’s driving a Tesla. Olivia says it was just a little warning shot to send him a message.

Paige says lucky for her she’s a good shot and Ray says she comes from a long line of cops and that’s how they met. Olivia says he looks sexy in handcuffs. Paige tells Ray he looks sweaty and then he gets faint and slumps down into a chair and grabs his shoulder. Hank raises over to check on him. He tells Ray it smells sweet and he sees gas bubbles. He says it’s gas gangrene.

Olivia says it was a minor injury but Hank tells Olivia that he has a chronic liver condition that impairs his ability to heal so this could be life threatening. Olivia sits in shock and Hank says they have to do aggressive surgery to save Ray’s arm.

Divya explains to Sloane that she has Wilkie Sndrome, a rare gastrovascular disorder. Jeremiah says she’ll live and Divya says her stomach was being squeezed. They tell her she has to have surgery in the morning to correct it and she’ll be fine. Jeremiah apologizes for not diagnosing her sooner and she says sorry for firing him and thanks him for not giving up on her.

Ray tells Even now he knows why he didn’t want the cops involved. They were both trying to protect their wives. Ray says all Olivia really wants is to take care of him and says now she can. He invites Evan to join them but he says he’s got to get busy and find a new lab space and new investor. Ray says he won’t have any troubles.

Hank comes in and says he’ll make a good recovery and Ray says Olivia will take good care of him. Hank says he’ll fill his next doctor in and firmly tells him they’re done. He and his brother walk out. Jeremiah tells Divya he knows she hired the lawyer to help Viviana because she doesn’t give up on people even when they’re mad and kick her out.

Divya says she had to do something and Jeremiah says he should have been honest about needing less noise and more sleep he couldn’t get with a baby in the house. He says he was afraid to be embarrassed if things didn’t work out with Viviana so he didn’t tell her. Divya says sorries too and tells him that he’s stronger than she gave him credit for. Divya asks if they’re good and Jeremiah squeezes her hand. Hank and Evan see this and are pleased.