Royal Pains Recap 8/26/14: Season 6 Episode 12 “A Bigger Boat”

Royal Pains Recap 8/26/14: Season 6 Episode 12 “A Bigger Boat”

Tonight on USA Network ROYAL PAINS continues with another episode in its sixth season called, “A Bigger Boat.” On tonight’s show Evan and Paige help Emma set a trap for Oz; Divya and Jeremiah treat a resentful boat-builder.

On the last episode Divya and Jeremiah treated a model with an eating disorder; Evan tried to distance himself from everyone else. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Hank treats Cinco’s wrist injury while Evan and Paige help Emma catch Oz. Elsewhere, Divya and Jeremiah treat a bitter boat-builder, and Charlotte struggles to adjust after regaining her vision.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Royal Pains” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think about the sixth season of Royal Pains so far.

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Hank and Evan are inventorying their pills. Evan tells Hank he should be with Charlotte in case she gets her vision back but Hank says they have to deal with the Emma issue. They both think she stole the prescription pad but wonder why she took it. They think it’s from scamming with her mom. Evan says she has wealthy friends she may want money to keep up with. They plan to sit down with Emma in a family summit. Hank gets a call from Emma saying Cinco needs help. Evan says he can’t see him since they’re suing them.

Hank says he has to go see what he needs. He sees Emma playing with the dog at Cinco’s and she thanks him for coming. He invites her to dinner for family night but she says she may have plans. Cinco says his wrist is killing him. Hank checks it out and Parker says his tennis wrist is boring. Hank checks the wrist and asks for some medication. Hank says he needs an x-ray.

Evan shows Jeremiah his business plan he’s prepared for Boris but says they need to give him a little song and dance. He tells Jeremiah he’s there for Q&A. He asks why not Hank and he says it’s better it’s just them. Boris shows up and says he’s glad to meet Jeremiah in person. He says he could have just dropped the files off.

Hank does a portable x-ray of the wrist and Cinco is surprised by her concern. Hank says there’s no break but it could be carpal tunnel. He says to take some ibuprofen. Emma gets a text from Oz. Cinco asks if it’s about her new car and Hank asks how she can afford a new car. Cinco says she’s worked really hard for it and tells Hank that Emma is amazing.

Dan is pulling the bandages off Charlotte’s eyes. She blinks and sees Hank. She tells him it’s nice to see him and he says it’s nice to be seen. Divya and Jeremiah are at the marina. She tells him Rafa is asking for joint custody. She says he’s being influenced by his mother. She says she wants Sachi to know her father but doesn’t want her back in Argentina. He offers help but Divya declines politely.

They head over to Chase and she introduces Jeremiah. He says he likes the name of his shop – Charon. He says he’s having joint pain, fatigue and headaches but thought it was from extra work. He says he gets texts from Ron’s blog. He asks what they think and Jeremiah says he seems a little resentful. He says they’ll run some tests and Divya gives him an air monitor to check for chemicals.

Paige tells Evan that Emma is good at avoiding the truth and doesn’t think she’ll come clean. Evan says they need to follow her and get some evidence. They agree it’s the best thing for her. Hank lays out objects for Charlotte to consider. He asks her to see what’s round and she’s not sure. He reminds her she has a session for the occupational therapist.

He tells her he’s excited about her progress but doesn’t want her to overtax herself. He tells her to be realistic. She says she likes the way his face changes when he smiles. Evan and Paige lurk behind a newspaper when they see her near a pharmacy. They wonder if she’s using Hank’s prescription pad for drugs but then she bypasses it so they hide.

She sits down on a bench and pulls out something they can’t see. They creep closer. She leaves something wrapped in a newspaper on the bench and leaves. Emma is there and they ask what she’s doing. Paige asks what she left. She goes and picks it up and Emma says she can explains. She says to look closer. She says the first page is Hank’s and the rest is just a notepad.

They ask why she took it and she says she’s trying to out Oz. She says she sold the pictures to Snarkhampton and she said she sent the photo because she was mad at Cinco. She says Oz is interested because he thought the pad had copies of all the scrips he’s written for famous people. She says with that she can out him and get a retraction. She gets a text from Oz saying he’s out because she’s having a family reunion.

Divya and Jeremiah come tell Chase his blood work is clean. He says it’s great news. He says he finished his boat. He’s kind of hyper and shows her a model boat he built. Jeremiah says there are no toxic readings. Chase is blabbering and Jeremiah says he seems to have neurological euphoria. He agrees to go to the hospital cheerfully and runs off saying he’ll drive.

Charlotte and Hank walk by the water and talk about the different shades of blue in the sky and the water. He tells her that Emma and Cinco seem like good kids but there’s evidence to the contrary. She tells him she likes Emma but remembers what she was like as a teen. She’s startled by bikers riding by and he tells her they weren’t going that fast. She says she’ll never ride a bike again.

Emma walks through town and Paige and Evan watch her from a nearby balcony. She leaves the paper with the pad then walks away. Evan says Emma shouldn’t approach him but she wants to tell him off. Emma says the money was good – enough to buy her first car. Evan says they could have helped her with it. She says Auto Trader made it easy and shows them the app (hello product placement).

She gets a text from Oz who says – not today. Emma is stressing out and says she wants to make this up to them, especially Hank. Jeremiah is at Boris’ and he tells Divya on a call that he agrees that she was right to admit Chase to the hospital. Jeremiah offers Boris a drink and he asks for Ovaltine. Boris says he probably wants to know why he called him there and they go to sit.

Charlotte can’t sleep and gets out of bed. She walks to the bathroom but then hears a chime from her phone with a message from Hank telling her he doesn’t want her out alone yet and saying he’ll be back soon. She tries to get to the bathtub and things are blurry and strange. She bumps the tub and then falls in and knocks herself out.

Parker rants about Cinco’s arm and wants to know why his fingers are swellings. Hank says there’s no nerve damage. He asks Parker to give them a minute and she asks if it’s sexually transmitted then leaves. Hank tells him that drug use can cause numb extremities. He tells Cinco to tell him the truth about any drug use. Cinco says he doesn’t and was dosed by someone else at the party.

Hank schedules an MRI then goes to Charlotte’s hotel room to check on her. He sees blood on the edge of the bathtub then finds her unconscious crumpled in the bottom of the tub. He races into the ER with her and explains that she lost blood and just had surgery. He orders a bunch of tests and Charlotte says she can’t have a blood transfusion. Hank says saving her life is more important than her transplant.

Charlotte agrees. They wheel her away while he stresses. At the house, he calls Evan and leaves a message telling him that Charlotte is stable and asks to reschedule the Emma summit. He sees Emma’s purse and then a pill bottle in it. She says those were Labbie’s heart worm pills. She tells him Cinco’s arm is worse. He says those things are connected and they speed over.

Hank looks at his arm and says there is no pulse and his hand is cold. He tells him to calm down. He flips his arm over and says he has the same thing Labbie does. He has worms and Hank says he can take care of it right now. He swabs him with Betadine and then numbs his wrist with a shot of Lidocaine. He makes a cut and then extracts the worm.

He says that Labbie and Cinco got bitten by the same bugs. It causes heartworm in dogs and something else in humans. He pulls it out slowly. He says the worm grew large enough to press onto the nerve and then was pressing onto the artery. It was about a foot long. Emma says that’s so cool. Cinco thanks Hank. Emma says it’s a good thing he was snooping in her bag.

Cinco calls them the dynamic duo that came to his rescue. Divya and Jeremiah wonder why Chase checked himself out. He says he felt better but then he got there and felt heavy and tired. He says he got dizzy and decided to sit down. He thinks he’s out on the open water. He goes into a seizure and Jeremiah says he’s showing signs of poisoning.

Divya goes into his workshop and spots a small model. She runs back out and says he was poisoned by the model glue, not chemicals from his large boat work. Cinco is in the hospital doing well and Hank says they’re going to make sure he doesn’t get an infection and he’ll be out pretty soon. Emma says she’s never dated a guy who spawned worms and she teases him about Instagram.

He begs her not to tell Parker. She tells him she’s keeping the worm as a pet and named him Cinco Jr. She says her new car is here and has to go but will be back before he’s awake. She makes an excuse not to let Hank go along. She gets annoyed with him for pushing her and says she has to go. Divya and Jeremiah tell Chase that he poisoned himself with model glue.

Divya shows him a post from Ron’s blog – it talks to Chase and says he wishes he was there with him. Chase says he just took off and left him there alone after they built the business together. Jeremiah says friendships can adapt and grow back stronger after it’s broken. Divya smiles at him and Chase says that’s really nice. Divya agrees. The EMTs wheel Chase away to the ambulance.

Divya tells Jeremiah she knows their relationship has changed and he says he won’t get on a boat and sail away. He asks what she thinks of Boris and she asks why he wants to know. Paige and Evan monitor Emma who waits for Oz. He gets a text from Emma who tells her to look for Oz. It’s a girl and Paige films. Emma goes to confront her. It’s actually Parker.

Emma asks her why she would be Oz. Parker says she’s been a sucker for gossip. She admits it to Emma and Cinco. She says she did it so their mom would read it and became a fan. Cinco is surprised that their mom calls her. She cries and says it’s the first time mom has ever really talked to her. Cinco says she hurt a lot of people. She says she thought posting the photo would get mom to come home.

She begs Cinco not to hate her. He says he knew she was brilliant but not so sneaky. He tells her they have to find another way for her to channel her wicked brilliance. Charlotte wakes in the hospital to see Hank there. She asks how it went with Emma and he says it’s tonight. She says she’s tired of the hospital bed. He has a present for her. She opens it and finds a cane.

Charlotte says it’s her own cane and he tells her at least the box is new. Hank tells her that her recovery will take patience and she needs to take herself slow. Hank tells her to stop and close her eyes. She does and he tells her to listen. He tells her she’s a speed demon and it’s one of the things he loves about her. He tells her to be patient and says he’ll be with her every step of the way. She thanks him and kisses him.

Emma shows Parker the worm and she’s disgusted. She tells her she’s sorry that Hank got in trouble over the photo with Cinco. She says she’s glad it’s over. Parker tells Cinco that Emma was her biggest source. Cinco asks if that’s why she came to his party. He says she’s not that different from the girls around there after all. He looks totally hurt.

Hank, Evan and Divya are summoned to meet with Boris. Boris comes in with Jeremiah. They sit and Boris thanks them for coming. He says HankMed has been operating on his property for years and he’s finally seeing what makes the company so special. He thanks Divya for introducing him to orphan diseases. He thanks Jeremiah for explaining research to him. He thanks Evan for bringing him the HankLab concept.

Boris tells them he’s buying the whole hospital and says he wants all of them on the board of directors with a generous stipend. He says Jeremiah has already agreed. Divya accepts, then Evan says hell yes. Hank says it’s quite an offer but says he can’t. Boris says he’s excused from the remainder of the meeting. He leaves. The others are surprised.

Emma is getting in her new car when Hank comes out and compliments her taste in her car. He tells her he wants to talk to her to clear some things up. She says that sounds great. He asks to have dinner later. She agrees and drives away. He reminds her to put her seatbelt on. Later he calls her and gets voice mail. Evan and Paige come in and are surprised that Emma isn’t there.

Hank says she never came back from taking her new car for a spin. Hank says she packed her room. He says all her stuff is gone and so is she. The brothers are floored. And Evan wants to know why Hank turned down Boris’ offer.