Rush Recap 8/21/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “You Spin Me Round”

Rush Recap 8/21/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “You Spin Me Round”

Tonight on the USA Network Rush returns with another episode of its first season called, “You Spin Me Round” On tonight’s show Rush and Alex plan a guys’ weekend at a medical conference.

For those of you not familiar with the show, RUSH examines the world of renegade physician Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis, “Miranda”), a “medical fixer” who privately caters to LA’s elite and whose service comes with a hefty price tag. Though the hard-partying doctor claims that he doesn’t make judgments about his less-than-squeaky-clean clients, he’s not immune to the ugliness that he encounters.

On the last episode In order to avoid anxiety, Rush took on any medical call he gets; Eve discovered her value. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Rush and Alex plan a guys’ weekend at a medical conference; Rush then finds himself stumbling into his ex.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Rush” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Rush tonight.

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Rush shook off last week’s events and chose to focus on his career or whatever it is he actually does. Because helping a dominatrix revive her client doesn’t really seem like part of a normal doctor’s life. And in between abnormal working hours he’s also taking the occasional time off to hang out with some old friends. Like Alex who technically isn’t allowed to be with him.

Alex’s wife is still kind of hung up on the whole Rush is a bad influence thing and so she’s been guarding her husband like a temperamental dragon. However he did find a way around her. Alex has a medical conference that booked months ago and all he had to do was let his wife continue to think he was going with his friend Stu. So she’s completely unaware that the guys are continuing to hang out or even be friends.

Plus if she did learn about the conference then the guys were going to claim Rush attended for his own practice.

To help perpetuate the lie, Rush had to sign on to go to one of the conferences and it was there that he just happened to run into Sarah. But, upon seeing him, Sarah had originally thought he must have followed her there. Thankfully, Alex was quick to back his friend up and assured that no he wasn’t a stalker. And while Sarah couldn’t really buy Rush attending a seminar on his own – she knew Alex wouldn’t lie to her.

So they were going to chalk it all up to a mere coincidence. And seeing as all three of them were there and were going to be for the duration of the seminar – she decided to come clean about certain things. Though she was a bit late on her delivery. Sarah had wanted to tell Rush about her boyfriend before the two of them ran into each other and that didn’t happen.

Rush met the other man, so speak, first and then he felt like an idiot for liking the guy after he realized who his new buddy was. The two men are similar in that they’re both action men. When they saw someone in trouble – they each wanted to dive in and help. Yet they’re different in their outlook on life. Rush tends to be a jaded person and Sarah’s new boy toy happens to look like an ad for Ralph Lauren. All American and wholesome!

In other words, they’re poles apart. Tall, dark, and angry doesn’t have a chance to win against that. Though Rush will give it his best.

And in the meantime, it’s back to work for him and sadly for Alex as well. The guy’s weekend was turning out to be a bust. Rush was taking calls for people at their hotel and when he wasn’t try to delay the inevitable signs of ALS for some senator or another – he was sticking his nose into Sarah’s relationship. Leaving little to no time for Alex.

Rush had wanted to dig up some dirt and Eve couldn’t find a thing. Dr. Griffin Wagner is exactly the poster boy he appears to be. And he’s also the keynote speaker. So a lot of people seem to respect his opinion but the one flaw Rush managed to find was a doozy – Wagner’s boring. Rush picked on it and so did Sarah. But she likes boring. She feels like it’s what she needs.

Although in the end they were both wrong about him being boring. Wagner and Rush later had a drink together and Wager as showing a whole new side to his personality. He was drinking and he was even – dare I say it – using salty language.

Then his dunk self decided to dive from his hotel balcony to the outside pool below. Rush was forced to go in after him once it started to look like the other man might drown but then they were kicked out of the hotel together. Which is sort of funny – the one time it’s not his fault and yet he still gets in trouble.

The hotel’s company policy required the manager call the cops in those types of situations and so Alex had to come to the rescue and bail out both men just so that one of them could make their keynote speech on time. Though the call did come in right when he needed it to. Before Rush called for his help, Alex was seconds away from cheating on his wife with some random woman he met at the conference. So Rush saved him from making a huge mistake.

Alex was so eaten up by what he nearly did that he cut his trip short and returned home early. He then confessed to Laurel. Just not about the almost cheating. He played it safe and admitted he went to the conference mostly to be with Rush and surprisingly she was willing to overlook it. Laurel really doesn’t want to be the bad guy in their relationship – she simply wanted her husband to be honest with her and often that led to her blaming Rush.

It’s easy to blame Rush. Even Sarah wanted to do it after what happened to her boyfriend. But bad influence or not – he’s fun to have around.

And if he can help Eve escape a really bad relationship then maybe he’s not that bad. Eve knows he’ll support her and having him in her corner has eventually allowed her to move on from her past and try something new with someone new. So, you see, Rush can be a good friend!


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