Rush Recap 8/14/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Where Is My Mind?”

Rush Recap 8/14/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Where Is My Mind?”

Tonight on the USA Network Rush returns with another episode of its first season called, “Where Is My Mind?” On tonight’s show Rush starts taking on any medical call he gets.

For those of you not familiar with the show, RUSH examines the world of renegade physician Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis, “Miranda”), a “medical fixer” who privately caters to LA’s elite and whose service comes with a hefty price tag. Though the hard-partying doctor claims that he doesn’t make judgments about his less-than-squeaky-clean clients, he’s not immune to the ugliness that he encounters.

On the last episode Rush went to lunch with his stepmother; Rush was putting a strain on Alex’s marriage. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode In order to avoid anxiety, Rush takes on any medical call he gets; Eve discovers her value.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Rush” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Rush tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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Rush is sleeping when Corrine knocks at his door. He yells to hang on. He lets her in. She looks upset. He asks why she’s there. She comes in and he asks what time it is. She says it’s early but she didn’t know where else to go. She asks for vodka and he pours her some. She tells him that his dad knows that they slept together. He asks how he knows. She says she told him. There’s another knock at the door.

He asks if he told his dad she was coming there. He goes to the door and sees a porter with her bags. He asks if she’s thinking of staying there and she says she has no place else. He takes the luggage and then asks why she told him. Corrine says he knew and Rush says she should have lied. She says he kept hammering her with names of people they know and then he finally brought up his name. He asks why.

Corrine says she talks about him a lot and his dad thinks she’s on his side. There is another knock at the door. She says she doesn’t see how he could know she’s there. Will creeps closer to the door and asks who it is. He calls out dad, looks through the peephole and sees no one then a gun. It fires at him. He wakes from the nightmare in a cold sweat.

He goes to see Alex for a check up and he says it’s good he came in. He says his blood pressure is elevated and a couple of small things with his heart. Alex asks if he’s having panic attacks and says he thinks he’s got anxiety. Rush laughs and Alex asks if something happened recently. He says anxiety shouldn’t be taken lightly. Rush denies having anxiety and Alex says to tell his body to take a day off.

Rush lies by the people trying to relax but is all twitchy. A waiter comes to check on him and he asks about Jordana Rourke and then asks the waiter to do the usual. Rush pulls on his robe and strides by. He says hi to her and she says she was wondering how long it would take him to say hi. He asks if she wants to get out of the hot sun and she asks if it’s always that easy. She asks if he’s got a tux.

He says midnight blue like James Bond in Skyfall. She tells him to get a new one, a black one, and come to her premier tonight. She says he might just get what he wants. He thinks back to Corrine with him telling him his dad shouldn’t always get is way. He looks at Jordana’s booty as she walks away when the waiter comes up with champagne and asks his room or hers but Rush says to ice it for later.

In the suite, Rush sees flowers for Eve. He pops some pills, sips his Bloody Mary then looks at the envelope. He pries it open but then Eve comes in. He tells her she’s late and she reminds him it’s her day off. He asks who the flowers are from and he says he thinks Lucas. She asks if he looked at it then asks why she’s there on a Sunday. He says he needs something to do.

She tells him about a company called Yurt and they’ve been calling him for weeks. He goes to head out and says he needs to know what the card says. She tells him it’s none of his business but relents and opens it. Her face falls and she says they’re from JP. It’s an apology for taking her by surprise. He says he’ll call him but she insists that she’ll handle it.

Eve tells him to go and leave her be. He says to text him the address and to buy him a black Tom Ford tux for tonight. He leaves and she goes and grabs up the flowers. She smashes them into the trash can angrily. Alex tells a patient he has a fecal impaction – he can’t poo. He tells the man if he can’t poop, he’ll rupture his colon.

The guy crawls onto the bed and gets on his hands and knees. Alex asks the nurse for the long gloves then asks if she can talk to him a minute. He’s grateful for the reprieve. She asks about the missing blood and if he stole it to treat a gang member. He says yes and now he’s getting all the shit patients literally. She says they all used to call him khaki pants, now they call him danger pants. He likes that.

She tells him her brother has advanced cancer and tells him about an experimental drug. She asks if he has connections to help her get some. He says he has no connections and just got reinstated so he can’t. She says she understands but is disappointed as she leaves.

Rush shows up at Yurt. The owners offer $10,000 a month. He says he was thinking more like $20k. They look at each other and then tell him welcome. He asks when he starts and they tell him they rarely have medical issues. He asks why they want a doctor. They tell him Facebook has a doctor and Google has a clinic so now they have him. He leaves walking past the bouncy house full of computer nerds.

Rush drives down the road singing. He starts heaving breathing and sweating. He thinks about Corinne and being inside her. His phone rings. It’s Eve and he says he needs a client. She says she has an emergency and that she’ll text him the address. He says he got the Yurt deal and she says she hopes he got stock options. She says she’ll try and get a better offer and he agrees to a 60-40 split after haggling with her.

He heads to see an older woman, Mrs Atchison. He asks how he can help and she says the worms are back. He asks where and she says on her arms. There are none there. He looks at her arm closely and says he can’t see anything. She tells him they’re under the skin and are purple and moving. He asks to have a moment and goes back to the butler. He says she’s Margallons Syndrome – it’s psychiatric.

The butler says her shrink is out of town. He says he can’t help her and she says no one understands. He tells her he’s sorry and that he has to go. She says it will just get worse if he doesn’t take them out. He says sorry again and goes. He drives away and gets a call from Corrine. He ignores it then gets a text asking him to please call. Instead, he calls Manny, his drug dealer, and asks for some pot.

Manny says he has to come to him because it’s his day off and tells Rush to try it sometime. He rolls up at Manny’s and Jordana calls him and says she changed her mind about her dress and says he needs a different dress. She says she’ll text the deets and hangs up on him. Manny runs out and tells Rush his family doesn’t know his business.

He tells Manny he has no cash and Manny says there’s something wrong with his dad’s legs. He asks him to look and Rush says great and heads inside. He tells him his dad hates doctors. He tells Rush to be subtle. We see Rush drinking shots with the family and talking about reviving Tommy LaSorda and then him punching him in the face.

His dad tells Rush that Manny always gets them the best seats. Rush asks him to break out the good stuff so he can see him walk. He tells Emiliano that he notices he’s limping. He asks if he’s got tingling and needs to pee a lot. His dad says they don’t talk about it. He asks again and he says sometimes and asks why. He tells him he thinks he has diabetes and a lot of people have it.

He says if he doesn’t get it treated, he can lose a foot or left and then won’t be able to get to the good baseball seats Manny gets him. He tells Emiliano that he can put him in touch with a great guy and gives him Alex’s number. He takes it and says he’ll go see him. He asks for his word and Emiliano gives it. They drink another shot. Rush calls Eve and tells her he needs a new tux.

She tells him no – she just left Tom Ford and had it tailored. He says he needs a gray Brioni instead. She’s annoyed. He tells her to make it happen. She screams in frustration. At the hospital, Alex sees the nurse that spoke to him with her brother that has the cancer. Manny thanks Rush who says he was happy to help. Manny asks what’s up with him and says he talked to his dad for nothing and smoking weed.

Rush gets a call from Alex who says he needs a favor. He says he needs Eloxifin. Rush asks Manny if he has any connections in Mexico. Manny asks if he thinks everyone he knows is Mexican and says he doesn’t like being profiled. A cop car pulls up and asks if he’s Will Rush. He says he needs him to come with him. He says he has a prescription for the weed but the cop says – just get in.

this is about and if he’s being arrested. He says he’s not authorized to answer that. He won’t answer any of his questions. Rush says he’s calling his lawyer and that he has no tolerance for violating civil liberties. He relents and says it’s Sgt Harry Grant and he needed help with a delicate situation. Rush thanks him and relaxes.

They pull up at a crime scene and Grant pulls him out of the car. He asks how he found him and he says cell phone. He tells him a couple of his guys went crazy over a woman. He takes him into a bar and explains one is sleeping with the other’s wife. The one guy has a pool cue stuck straight through him. Rush checks him over and listens to his breathing.

He says it’s better at a hospital and Grant says they don’t need the publicity. The guy grabs the stick and starts to yank it out but Rush stops and says they need to do it properly. He asks for plastic wrap. Rush tells him to get out his angry partner. He tells the guy it’s going to hurt like hell then pulls it out. The guy groans and then screams in agony. Rush pulls it out slowly. He tells them to lift his shirt.

He goes to work with the plastic wrap to staunch the bleeding. He says they need to get him to a hospital and says to tell them he fell off a ladder onto a rake. The partner is still screaming about messing with a man’s wife and family. Rush is freaking out with an anxiety attack thinking about Corrine and what he did.

We see Corrine asking him if he thought he could sleep with her and no one would know. She says it has to come out and he sees a pool cue stuck in her. He breathes harder and harder then passes out on the floor of the bar. Grant tells him to come back and slaps him gently. He tells Rush he had a panic attack and he says that’s unlikely. Grant tells everyone to go back to their business.

Grant says he’s seen them a million times and he’s certain it was a panic attack. His phone rings and he takes it. It’s Stephen, the butler, and he says she’s in pain and asks if he can just give her something. Rush says to tell her he’s on the way. At Yurt, Eve stops by and introduces herself as Rush’s assistant. She says she came to talk about the deal.

She says the monthly stipend deal isn’t enough and wants stock options since their getting service no one else gets. She says she knows they’re going public in less than a year. They tell her that the Facebook guy gets paid less and that he’s cool. She asks if the Facebook guy is going out with Jordana to her movie premier. They’re floored and agree to the stock options. They ask if they can meet Jordana and she says one step at a time.

Rush does a fake procedure on Mrs. Atchison to pull out her “worms” – he says he had to do some research. She says some doctors told her they didn’t exist and he says that’s crazy. She moans as he pulls one out. He tells her she’s worm free and she says it’s terrible to have the little monsters inside you but they have to come out or they’ll kill you. She asks if he knows what she means and he says he really does.

He tells her he slept with his father’s wife and she says that’s a lot of worms. He says he knows. He calls Corrine and says they need to talk. He meets her and says it was a mistake of almost Oedipal proportions. He wants her to promise no matter how angry she gets with his father, she’ll never say anything. He says he would love to hurt his father, but not Lily.

Corrine smiles and reassures him. She promises. He chuckles, relieved. She says she’s been going crazy too and says that’s why she was calling him. She says Warren is his past but her present and future. She says she can’t lose her daughter. They agree it’s all good and he thanks her. She says – we know it happened, though – and says they will both always know.

He says he never wants to talk about it again and she agrees. She says they can still think about it and he sighs and says he has to go. She tells him to just take her call next time and he says he will. Alex sees the nurse in the locker room. She opens her locker and sees the cancer meds she wanted are there. He says he hopes it helps. She comes over and hugs him tightly and thanks him. He hugs her back. She calls him doctor dangerous as she walks away.

Rush gets dressed for his big date. He does a line of coke. His phone beeps and he sees a text from her in her sexy dress telling him not to be late. He hassles Eve to tie his tie faster and she reminds him she bought two different tuxedos he isn’t wearing. He says they aren’t him. He calls Grant as he notices Eve tossed out the flowers. He tells him he needs some blue magic.

Rush does his Bond accent since he’s in his Bond suit and calls her Moneypenny and tells her to take the rest of the night off. He pulls up with a police escort to the premier in his convertible with Jordana. There’s a screaming crowd and paparazzi. She says she had doubts about the blue but says he looks almost as good as her. He says it’s good to let someone else be in control.

A pap asks Jordana who her date is and she says he can speak for himself. He does his Bond and says Rush, Will Rush.