Sandra Bullock Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend, Troy Aikman?

Sandra Bullock Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend, Troy Aikman?

It seems like everyone, including crusty media journalists, is rooting for Sandra Bullock to find love again, especially after getting her heart broken so brutally last time around. Sure, she’s happy being single and she’s a kickass single mother, but wouldn’t it be great to see Sandy happy with a man? Especially after her ex-husband turned out to be such a douchebag?

Well, according to the UK edition of Closer, Sandra might be dating someone on the down low. The Closer’s source claims that Sandra is seeing one of her old ex-boyfriends, former football pro turned sportscaster Troy Aikman. Troy divorced his wife in 2011, so he’s single, and he lives outside of Dallas. Considering that Sandra has a home in Austin, this story’s not completely unlikely.

Anyway, Sandra and Troy used to date way back in the day, but they broke up in 1995 because the distance became too much. However, Closer claims that Sandra and Troy got ‘back in touch through a mutual friend’ right before the Christmas holidays.

A source tells Closer, “Sandra and Troy have always got on well, but she doesn’t want to publicly date him until she’s 100 per cent ready for a relationship. She’s also worried about getting her heart broken, so a no-strings fling is fine, but she’s not committing to anything yet.” The source also adds that Sandra wants to make sure that Troy’s legit before introducing him to her young son, explaining, “Sandra hasn’t introduced Troy to Louis [Bullock] as anything other than mommy’s friend.”

Well, that’s smart. Imagine the issues that the kid could grow up with if he’s meeting a different ‘boyfriend’ every other week. I’m sure Sandra’s dating around right now, although she’s keeping things super quiet for the sake of her privacy and her son’s privacy. She’s probably not introducing her boyfriends to her son, and I doubt she will – not until she’s sure that it’s very serious.

Image Courtesy of Alpha Press

  • drdebo cherry

    I hope so- want her find someone and have a happy life.

  • Michael Dus

    i don’t know….how reliable is Ms. Bullock’s word. She said that last time. I think she needs to “settle down” and by that I mean “she needs to reel it back a little” and by the I mean “she needs to dial it down a notch” … this is the girl who said and I quote, ‘I didn’t date, Jesse James because {she} was intimidated by how much stronger he was than she herself was “spiritually.”

    Personal I think she might be eating the mushrooms out of her neighbors back yard…no wonder she makes people laugh…the girl is of her rocker.

    Hell, Sandra…DO IT!! Come on..marry the guy already. What’s stopping you…I mean, who is really going to stand in the way of true love like that…a guy would have to be a real jerk (or real angry at you #CASSANDRAANNETTEBULLOCK for whatever you did to him{me}{lol})

    Yeh that guy…he won’t make sure you are completely confronted on how you screwed him over so he’s gonna be on the internet making sure anybody is going to be embarrassed to be with you until you apologize for the rotten thing you did to him{me}.

    Yeah…good luck with that genius d(^-^)b !