Scandal Recap “The Key” Season 4 Episode 5

Scandal Recap “The Key” Season 4 Episode 5

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues for another exciting episode in an all new Thursday October 23, season 4 episode 5 called, “The Key.” On tonight’s episode Jake [Scott Foley] stops returning Olivia’s [Kerry Washington] calls, distracting her from the investigation into Catherine’s case.

On the last episode, Fitz asks Olivia to shut down a situation that could destroy the Grant family’s reputation. Meanwhile, Rowan called on an old friend to do his dirty work. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Olivia and the team continue to investigate Catherine’s case, but Olivia is distracted when Jake stops returning her calls. Meanwhile, Cyrus falls deeper into the rabbit hole with Michael, David realizes what it’s like to finally be a winner in DC and Fitz seeks answers to Jerry’s death.

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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Liv asks Catherine about a guy – he’s a dirty cop who worked for a drug lord. Liv and Quinn watch Kubiak and she says Jake is avoiding her. Kubiak was drummed out of the cop corps but still knows lots of guys and he’s tied to Jeremy, Catherine’s husband. Huck spies on someone and says he doesn’t have the parabolic mic but he does – he’s using it himself to spy on someone.

They watch Kubiak and see him with Caitlin’s best friend faith. The guy is assaulting her and they call 911. They wonder why she’s not running as he approaches. He shoots her and she slumps down the will. Olivia and Quinn watch in horror. Huck shows up and says he talked to contacts on the force and six off duty officers gave Kubiak an alibi.

Olivia says she’s going to confront Jeremy tomorrow. She asks if they hadn’t seen the murder, how long would it have been before Faith’s parents knew what happened to their daughter. Huck offers some facts on decomposition but she says it was rhetorical.

Fitz asks for an update on Jake Ballard. Cyrus says he needs to let his staff go home. He tells him to go up but he says Mellie is likely drunk and he wants an update on Jake. Cyrus says there is no update and Fitz wants a new interrogator. Cyrus says Ballard has been trained to withstand interrogation and they may want to consider a less-Constitutional method. He tells him to just ask but Fitz says to do it by the book.

Cyrus leaves. Olivia sits drinking and calls Jake but it goes straight to voice mail. She says she’s calling to say hi and hangs up. There’s a knock at her door and it’s her dad. She asks Rowan to come in and he says he needs a nightcap and hates drinking alone. He talks about rare bird exhibits he was working on and she says it sounds like a lot of birds.

He asks why she’s drinking and then asks why she’s drinking the cheap stuff. She says she hasn’t heard from Jake and he asks if they’re okay. He says things seemed fine at dinner. She says they’re great and reminds him they don’t really talk about this stuff and says they probably shouldn’t. Rowan laughs and says Jake reminds him of himself at his age and says he wasn’t good at respecting other people’s schedules – especially lady friends. They share a laugh.

Olivia says she can’t decide if she’s one of those people that she hates wondering why her BF isn’t calling or if her gut feeling is right that something bad happened to him. She asks what if she’s supposed to be saving him instead of drinking wine. Rowan asks what possibly could have happened to a man like Jake. We see Jake being interrogated and sitting silent.

He’s refused food and water and the interrogator wonders if he’s hoping to be sent to a medical center for medical assistance. He tells him he will continue the interrogation at the medical center. Jake tells Bill he won’t eat or drink until he gets to talk to the president. He says to be quiet and wait for the president. He tells Bill his voice is getting on his nerves. He says he handcuffs are just a suggestion for him and says he’s being nice.

Bill asks again why he gave Tom Larsen the order to kill the president’s son. He thinks instead about being on the beach with Olivia. The guy doesn’t shut up and he kicks the chair out from under Bill and sends him flying. Shortly, he’s surrounded by armed guards but just sits and thinks of her smiling on the beach.

Fitz comes up and finds Mellie and asks if she’s drunk already at 8. She says he gets a double today – drunk Mellie and Smelly Mellie. He asks why she just doesn’t leave if she’s not going to try and be first lady. She says it’s because their son’s body is there and she can see his grave every afternoon. He’s disgusted and walks out.

Olivia comes to see Jeremy and asks if he’s expecting Kubiak. She says she watched him kill a girl last night and wonders if he also killed Caitlin. Quinn tails Kubiak and Jeremy comes to see him. He asks bout Faith’s death and the guy says she had something we needed. He says she had a key to a locker they needed. He says Faith took the locker key.

Jeremy accuses him of killing his daughter. Kubiak tells him he’s warned him before not to ask about his work. Olivia tells him she can help him but Jeremy says he knows nothing about this. The two conversations bounce back and forth. Olivia tells him that Kubiak is going to pay and if he’s involved he will too. She stomps out.

David calls Abby and she says she wants to go home. He asks if she wants to hang out. He says he can come over to her place and she says that is her place. He says he’s at work too and talks about them showering together. She asks if he’s drunk and he says a little. She wishes him good night.

Olivia calls Jake’s phone again. She says he’s probably fine and she’s probably worried for nothing. She says if he doesn’t call back in five minutes, she’s going to assume something bad has happened to him. Huck sits outside a house. She tells him she needs him to find Jake for her. His ex Kim is there and tells him to go away. She says she’s tired of his story about spies killing her and Javi and tells him to get help. She says she doesn’t want to have to call the cops again. She tells him to leave and not come back.

Quinn tells Olivia about the key he took from Faith. It’s to a storage locker. Quinn says Kubiak can’t find it and she doesn’t know where Faith would have put it either. Huck comes and tells her that he found Jake’s last location. Olivia calls Fitz and she asks if Jake was there. She says he’s missing and she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her he has to go and she asks what’s going on.

He says he’s not talking about this with her. She demands to know if he has Jake. He doesn’t answer and hangs up. Cyrus tells Fitz that Olivia won’t let this go and the Prez says they need a confession. He says he can’t do anything without a confession. Olivia calls back for Cyrus but he refuses the call. Fitz says he’s going to the Pentagon for an update.

Olivia calls Abby and demands that she find out what’s happened to Jake and she refuses then hangs up. David calls with an apology for drunk dialing but she doesn’t want his sorries. A table and tray are brought and set down in front of Jake. He tells Bill he should stand and he asks why and Jake says you stand for the president. Sure enough, Fitz walks in.

Bill rushes to stand and Fitz sends him out. Jake tells him that Rowan tried to kill him because he turned Tom. He says he didn’t kill his son. Fitz tells him he should eat. He looks at the notes and asks if he was singing – he says Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. Fitz sings a little and Jake sings along with him. He asks if the food is okay.

Fitz says he wants him to have a full stomach when he signs his confession. Jake is stunned. He looks at Fitz who then stands and asks why he killed his son. Jake says he didn’t. He tells him it was Rowan and says he’s been hunting him since he got back. Fitz says – since you got back from your trip with Liv. Jake laughs and says he’s screwed and says he’s there because of her. He says the truth doesn’t matter to him – just that he touched her.

Fitz says he killed his son and he’ll see him fry in the electric chair and will throw a party when he does. Jake says he knows that Fitz is a good person because Olivia loves him. He says she’s a white hat and that he’s one too. He tells him to go upstairs, sit down his ego and says there is no way he could have killed his son. Fitz grabs him then walks out in disgust.

Huck watches Kim again. She sees him and comes out and shouts at him again. She asks if he wants her to get a restraining order. He says he needs to see his son. She asks if he’ll stop if he sees Javi. He promises to go away if he can see him and she asks him to come back tonight and says he can see him then.

Mellie comes in and asks where Fitz is and why the motorcade isn’t ready. Mellie says 2:30 is when they visit the grave of their dead son Jerry. Mellie chews Lauren out and demands to know where he is. She asks what’s more important than her dead son. Lauren is in a panic.

Quinn sits and thinks about Faith and wonders why she didn’t run. She replays the murder in her mind over and again then tells Huck she figured it out. She finds him wrapping a gift and tells him he’s doing it wrong and she takes over doing it for him. She says the only place Kubiak hasn’t checked is on Faith’s body. She says she thinks she swallowed it.

She asks who the gift is for and he says he can’t tell her. She says she’ll get it from him later. Quinn heads to the morgue and sneaks out her body. She gets scalpel and cuts open the girl’s stomach. She found it. Huck shows up and Kim invites him in. He says he got Javi a present. Javi isn’t there. Instead, there’s a doctor there. Kim says he needs to talk to him but he screams for Javi and gets mad.

He chokes the doctor and tells Kim everything he told her was the truth but she lied to him. He lets the doctor goes and slams out the door. Kim is in shock. Olivia is drinking when there’s a knock on her door again. It’s Cyrus. He tells her Abby won’t tell her anything and he says she doesn’t know. Cyrus tells her they have photographic proof that Jake killed Jerry and then Harrison.

He says her dad got the confession from Tom. Olivia says no and Cyrus says he saw it and it was clean. He tells her that her other boyfriend is in the bowels of the Pentagon where he will confess and then says he hopes he’ll be executed and she’ll find him dancing on his grave. He says he only came here as a courtesy and says this is a classified matter.

Olivia confronts Rowan. He says Jake was his agent that he sent to cozy up to her and destroy her relationship with Fitz. He says he gave Jake many orders but killing Harrison wasn’t one of them. She asks about Jerry and he says Jake did that for her. He says Jake gave her what she wanted and then blamed it on her mother so she could never be with Fitz again.

He says Jake orchestrated it so she would leave with him forever. She asks why he let her go if that’s true and Rowan says he didn’t know that she was taking Jake. He says Jake truly does love her and so he wouldn’t hurt her. He says he just wanted her to be happy. He says that’s all he ever wanted. Quinn comes back with the key and finds Huck devastated.

She asks what’s wrong and he says – she doesn’t believe me. He says she’ll never believe me and I told her the truth. She asks who and he says Kim. Fitz comes in and finds Mellie drunk in the Oval Office. He apologizes for missing the grave visit and she accuses him of being off screwing Olivia. She lays into him and yells. He asks if she wants to know.

She says his father would be proud if him out screwing his mistress. He screams at her that he was at the Pentagon trying to get a confession out of their son’s killer. Then he says they have to stop doing this to each other. Mellie asks who but he says he can’t give her the details only that he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Mellie says this helps and he says it wasn’t an illness or God. He says he was murdered as an act of terrorism. He says the murder won them the election. She says his death was meaningful. She says it wasn’t random and senseless and had a point. She says on some strange level, this makes sense to her. She says he was their soldier and died for them. She says he died for their sins.

She freaks Fitz out and he says they’re done talking. She rants some more and he tells her to stop talking. He says until she is the Mellie can recognize, they are done talking. He tells her to take her booze, chips, get out of his office and never mention his son to him again. Abby finds David lying on the sofa in her office. She asks if he was drinking and reminds him he’s Attorney General.

He says he wants to talk to her and she says it feels like he wants something else. He says he killed someone with the B613 files. He tells her it was Judge Sparks. He says he’s been losing since he came to DC but the files got him the job, got the country gun control and made him a winner. He says Judge Sparks had a daughter who turned nine today. He says he killed him trying to be Olivia Pope.

He asks why they are all trying to be Olivia Pope. Abby beats on Olivia’s door and tells her she ruined David. She says she made him think he needed to be like her. She calls her poison and says everyone that touches her pays the price. Olivia is distraught and tells her that Jake killed Harrison. She says he’s in custody and there’s all this evidence.

She says they also said he killed Jerry but it has to be a mistake. She sobs and Abby comes closer and holds her and shushes her. Olivia hangs onto her and Abby says it’s going to be okay. Mellie kicks off her Uggs and takes off her sweats and gets into the shower. Fitz goes back to see Jake. He takes off his jacket, rolls up his sleeves and tells the guards to get him on his feet.

He asks Jake if he killed his son. He says no. Fitz punches him. He says no, it was Rowan’s puppet. He hits him again. Jake tells him he’s being played. Fitz asks him over and over again. Jake says he screwed his GF for two months on an island. He says it must be hard imagining him inside her. Fitz hits him again and again. Jake taunts him about Olivia the whole time thinking about the beach with her even as he’s being pummeled.