Scandal Recap 11/13/14: Season 4 Episode 8 “The Last Supper”

Scandal Recap 11/13/14: Season 4 Episode 8 "The Last Supper"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday November 13, season 4 episode 8 called, “The Last Supper.” On tonight’s episode Fitz [Tony Goldwyn] and Jake [Scott Foley] keep feuding over Olivia, but she wants them to concentrate on defeating Command. Meanwhile, Huck [Guillermo Díaz] yearns to reunite with his family; Cyrus realizes he can no longer run from his actions; and the grandeur of Elizabeth’s scheme is unveiled.

On the last episode, Olivia, still unable to believe that Jake was guilty, set her eyes on Tom for additional information, and when Leo Bergen’s newest client caused a gut wrenching reaction, her associates sprung into action. Meanwhile, Huck continued to play with fire, Mellie made a power move and Elizabeth’s shocking alliance was revealed. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Fitz and Jake continue to fight over Olivia, but Olivia needs them to focus on the real prize, taking down Command. Meanwhile, Huck longs to connect with his family and Quinn continues tracking Kubiak. Back at the White House, Cyrus’ exploits finally catch up to him, but Elizabeth North’s plan is much bigger than anyone ever expected.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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Jake, Fitz and Livvie have their sit down. He says now they think he’s innocent, should they hug. Fitz says Jake’s name but Jake tells him to call him Captain Ballard since they aren’t friends anymore. He says friends don’t drop you in prison to be tortured when you’ve told them nothing but the truth. He asks if he’s clear on addressing him by his rank. He asks if Rowan has been arrested yet and Fitz says no. Jake says that will make it easier to kill him.

Liv says they can’t kill him but Jake says he will and wants her blessing to do it. Fitz says they have to gather evidence and arrest him and Jake tells him to shut it that he’s trying to talk to his girlfriend. Jake finally asks if he thinks he’s going to expose B613. He says that’s suicide. Liv says they can keep the trial secret. Jake says as soon as they release him, they will kill him then Fitz and then it will over. Fitz says they aren’t releasing him.

He asks if he’s in there what will the two of them be doing and basically asks if they’re going to be banging. Fitz calls him Jake again and then snaps and says he’ll call him anything he damned well wants. Liv begs Jake to tell them anything he can to help them nail her dad. She says the two of them, meaning she and Jake, don’t dwell in dark places like this anymore and says she wants to be standing in the sun. Jake tells Fitz it’s one of their catch phrases from their time on the island. He’s goading the Prez.

Fitz says they don’t need Jake and can do it wherever. Jake tells them they probably don’t want the thousands of B-613 files he has hidden away. He says it’s not as good as killing Rowan but it will leave him standing in the sun. Fitz holds out his hand to Jake and says no hard feelings. Jake repeats this back and they shake on it. Olivia meets with Lizzie and tells her she did a great job raising funds for Fitz. Olivia asks what she wants and she says she thinks someone has bugged her phone and is trying to take her down.

Quinn fills everyone in on their new client Lizzie. Lizzie tells Olivia as the first female head of the party, she has no friends and rattles off a list of people after her including her ex. Lizzie tells Olivia she knows she doesn’t like her and then pauses waiting on Liv to correct her. Instead, Liv says she doesn’t like her because she cuts corners, is mean to assistants, lies and never shares credit. She says she can still represent her without liking her and tells Lizzie to consider it handled.

The VP is leaving a speech at the Taft Hotel when he stops to shake hands with some of the staff. This saves him narrowly from a car bomb. Fitz comes into a briefing and Cyrus tells him he had just condemned West Angola and that’s the likely threat. They also have F15s on high alert waiting on confirmation. Rowan calls to check on Liv and tells her there are bombs blowing up and she didn’t come to dinner as promised.

She says she didn’t know they were talking much less having dinner. He says families fight but you don’t stop showing up for dinner. He says family forgives. She says Jake is not in a forgiving mood. He says he’s not family but she says he is. Rowan tells her these boys may love her, but they are not family and says they will move on from her after making conquests.

Rowan says he will be there for her long after these boys move on and he will pick up the pieces and remind her of who she is. He says she will always have a place at his table. He says he will always be there waiting for her. He asks her to dinner and she ends the call. The car bomb is all over the news. Mellie rushes in to check on Nichols and he tells her they’re fine. She’s being a little clingy and then says she couldn’t believe it. She asks for the room. The doctors leave.

He buttons his shirt and thanks Mellie for checking on him. She pulls him into a kiss. He pulls back then pulls her in more aggressively. She pushes him down on the sofa and unbuttons her dress. Huck says he found the feeder app but can’t trace it until someone activates it from the other end. The president sens Marines to pick up the B-613 files and they bring David in to tell him they want to prosecute Rowan.

Jake says he was command for a short while and kept a few souvenirs – lots of files. He says he kept thousands of files but never used them. Jake makes it clear to David that they are going to play like David knew nothing about the files prior to this conversation. Liv says he needs to handle this discreetly and creatively. The records can’t go public because it would disrupt the government and start a scandal for years to come.

David asks if they are looking for something like a military tribunal even though that hasn’t been legal since the 1800s. David says he’ll work on it. After, Fitz asks Liv if she’s okay and he tells her he wants to take her to Camp David when this is done. He goes to kiss her then she pulls back. He says she doesn’t know what to do and says she’s trying to figure out if it’s disloyal to want him or to want Jake.

He tells her what will happen later doesn’t matter and says no one is watching and this one is free. He tells her to kiss him because she wants to. He leans in and she does. She wraps herself up in him. Then she stops abruptly and tells him not to walk out with her. She marches off. Quinn watches Kubiak when she gets a call. She tells Huck she’s bored. Huck calls and tells her he traced the worm on the phone.

He says he knows who’s spying on her. Cyrus comes to meet Liv and asks what she wants. She asks why he’s bugging Lizzie’s phone and tells him to sit. Cyrus tells her about the man whore. He says James was real and Ella who is a stranger to him is real. He says Michael wasn’t real and he liked and needed it.

He says Lizzie set Michael up as a honey trap and says he needs to know what she has on him. She says Lizzie is a client. He says she’s trying to destroy everyone she cares about and all they’ve worked for. He says clients are plenty and friends are few and asks for her help. Liv finds Javi hanging out with Huck and Huck introduces them. He tells Javi to take off and she hears the kid call her dad.

Huck tells her that he really is his dad. She asks if his mom knows he’s there. He says he’s the boy’s father. She asks if the law sees it that way. He asks if she has a work-related request for him. She says she needs to know what dirt Lizzie has on Cyrus. He says they’re going behind their client’s back to screw their client. She says it’s due diligence and he asks how the law would look at that.

Liv reports back to Cyrus that Lizzie has pics and videos of Cyrus with Michael in bed. She says now they know what they’re dealing with. He says he’s a stupid man and has done this same thing to people and set them up using their weaknesses to get what they want. He says he can’t believe he fell for it anyway. He says he’s one of the most powerful men in the country and has compromised his integrity, his family and his president. He’s in tears and asks – for what?

Liv calls Lizzie and tells her there was a virus on her phone and tells her it came from her daughter’s tablet onto their home WiFi. Cyrus listens to the call and says he’ll go back to the White House. She tells him to call in sick and give her a chance to do what she does. He says he’s supposed to see Michael tonight at the new apartment he just got him. She tells him to cancel on him and he says it’s a good idea because he might kill him. She tells him to go home and put his daughter to bed. He leaves.

Liv goes to see Jake and says the files are on the way to the Pentagon and then Rowan can be arrested. She says he may have to testify to their authenticity. He asks if she’s getting him out and won’t let Fitz make up a reason to leave him there. She says he’s getting out. He says she could leave him to rot there and dance off with Fitz into the sun. She tells him never to talk about her and the sun with another man. He agrees.

Michael comes to Cyrus’ house and he says he knows he shouldn’t be there but was worried when he canceled. He asks if he can come in. Cyrus lets him in. OMG! He tells Cyrus his home is perfect and just like he imagined it. He kisses Cyrus and Cyrus tells him to stop because his daughter is asleep in her room. Michael asks if he wants him to go and Cyrus tells him to turn around and bend over.

He unbuckles his pants, bends over and braces himself. He asks now what and Cyrus tells him to shut up and not say another word. He takes Michael brutally while holding the man’s face down onto the bed.

Huck tells Liv he’s been through all of their phones and says all Michael gave Lizzie was something on military base closings, no confidential info or state secrets. Liv waits for Michael and she tells him they know he’s working for Lizzie and says she knows he could have done a lot more damage. She asks why he didn’t do more. Quinn watches Kubiak sit around his place and do little. She reports back to Huck.

He takes a call from Liv who tells him Michael told her about a secret appointment Lizzie keeps at the Findley. Huck goes to check it out and plant surveillance equipment. He takes Javi on stakeout with him and Javi says it’s cool that he’s a PI. He tells Javi he’s sorry he asked him to leave and says it’s best they not hang out at work. Javi asks if they can still hang out and he says yes.

Fitz and Jake are arguing when Liv comes in. He wants to have soldiers storm B-613 to take Rowan. Liv says they need to secure him to a secure location to arrest him. Jake and Fitz argue like boys with a toy. She calls her dad crying. He asks what it is and she says he was right and he asks about what and she says – them. She says they just want to fight and win and it wasn’t about her at all. She bawls.

Rowan says it’s his fault for sending her away when she was too young. He says he damaged her and she says she doesn’t want to be angry at him anymore. He asks what he can do and she asks him for dinner. They pick a restaurant and a time. She hangs up then cuts off the tears instantly and calls with the information. Flashback to the argument when she tells them to shut up. She says she’s the shiny object that her father will come running to pick up.

Just-laid Mellie is in a good mood when Nichols comes in. She asks if he’s feeling better. He tells her what happened between them was amazing but says he hasn’t existed for her in months. She says he chose the vice presidency over her and she says she was so mad she had to be that way. Then she says Jerry died and that erased her too. She says then the bomb went off.

She says if someone dies and you haven’t loved them like you should have and told them that is something she wouldn’t wish on anyone. She says the bomb went off and she woke up. She says her body woke up and says she isn’t the same person she was. She asks for a second chance with him. He kisses her.

Liv calls Cyrus and tells him about the secret apartment at the Findley. She says Huck is there watching. She also says the source was Michael. She says he gave Lizzie almost nothing. She says Michael cares about him and thinks he’s a good man. Cyrus says it’s ironic and that the ones closest to us do the most damage. He ends the call.

Javi tells his dad that stakeouts are boring and Huck agrees. He asks why he left them. Huck says it wasn’t either of them. He says he has to believe that and Javi says he does. He asks why again. Huck pints out that someone is there. Huck tells him to go buy ice cream because it’s inappropriate. He makes the boy go. Javi puts on his headphones but then there’s a banging at the door. He thinks it’s Javi, but it’s Quinn.

She asks why he’s at her stakeout. She says she followed Kubiak there. They watch as Kubiak and Lizzie talk about Jeremy Winslow. They hear the doorbell and they see Nichols is there. Quinn says this is now a lot less boring. He says his security is keeping a discreet distance and asks Kubiak to give them a few minutes. He leaves.

Nichols tells her she’s sexy and Lizzie kisses him. Huck says they have to call Olivia but then Kubiak busts a window of the van and chokes Huck. She stabs the guy and then he bleeds and lets go. Unfortunately, Javi saw the whole thing. Poor kid drops his ice cream cone and runs off.

Liv sits with her dad at the restaurant. He tells her he’s glad she called and she says she wasn’t sure if he would be. She asks why he’s giving her that look and he tells her he hasn’t been a perfect father and he knows that. He says he always wanted what was best for her and for her to be the best. He says he had no role model for how to be a dad and he stumbled.

He says he put too much pressure on her and should have understood when she was struggling. Armed men surround the restaurant on the sly. He tells her he never put his job or anything before her and says it was all because of her. David is at the Pentagon with the files. Liv asks why he’s saying these things. The lead tells Fitz and Jake they are in position.

He tells her she was everything to him and it’s over and he’s leaving because of him. He tells her the men outside are dead because of her. The snipers go down. He tells her she has forsaken him, her father, her family. He says she wanted to stand in the sun and says it blinded her. He says she doesn’t really see those people she’s chosen over him and how they see her.

He says she will never be one of them. David realizes all the files are empty. All the B-613 files are gone. Rowan tells her she knew what they would have done to him – a trial and execution – and she would let them do it even though he was trying to protect her from them. He tells her for the first time in her life she’s really on her own. He tells her if she thinks the world is so terrible with him in it, wait til she sees what it’s like without him. He slips out of the restaurant as police car sirens close in and is gone.