Scandal Recap Olivia Gets a Confession: Season 4 Episode 7 “Baby Made a Mess”

Scandal Recap Olivia Gets a Confession: Season 4 Episode 7 “Baby Made a Mess”

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday November 6, season 4 episode 7 called, “Baby Made a Mess.” On tonight’s episode Olivia [Kerry Washington], still unable to believe that Jake [Scott Foley] is guilty, sets her eyes on Tom for additional information, and when Leo Bergen’s newest client causes a gut wrenching reaction, her associates spring into action.

On the last episode, Olivia was summoned by a convicted assassin who claimed he was wrongly accused, and Mellie became intrigued by a former first lady whose stories seemed to be strikingly similar to her own. Meanwhile, Elizabeth inched closer to corrupting the White House and Fitz made a shocking move. Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, Olivia, still unable to believe that Jake is guilty, sets her eyes on Tom for additional information, and when Leo Bergen’s newest client causes a gut wrenching reaction, her associates spring into action. Meanwhile, Huck continues to play with fire, Mellie makes a power move and Elizabeth’s shocking alliance is revealed

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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Fitz calls Olivia and he offers to come over and tuck her in if she’s tired of him calling every night. He says that came out dirty but he just misses her and wants to spend time together. She asks if Jake is being fed and says he’s in a super max that has a poor reputation for prisoner care. He says Jake is no concern of hers anymore. But she says she wants a full report before they can talk about what hope means and hangs up. Mellie steps into the room band hears him say Olivia’s name. She looks annoyed and walks back out. He never knew she was there.

Quinn shows up to a dark house and calls out to Mr Winslow. He’s there and she tells him her name and that she works for Olivia. He says of course she does. She says he wasn’t out of town when Caitlin died. She tells him that her daughter took a folder of photos of Olivia and says that’s why his daughter was killed. She asks why he lied about the meeting and why he had photos of Olivia. He has a gun. He tells her she can’t stop what’s coming and says he can’t help her. He shoots himself as she watches, horrified.

A news programs shows a video of Senator McDonnell pooping in a diaper while a sex worker records him. Cyrus laughs so hard he almost poops himself. Abby is disgusted with his levity. Abby runs a press conference and they ask her if the president saw the tape. She says the president doesn’t watch reality TV. They ask who will replace McDonnell and she says that’s up to his constituents but then someone throws Putney’s name out and it takes her off guard. She says they’ll make an announcement when they know.

She asks Cyrus when he was going to tell her he had a candidate to replace McDonnell and he says just now. He asks if she’s okay and she says she knows Putney but it’s not a problem. Fitz introduces Cyrus to Putney who says to call him Chip. He introduces her to Chip and she says she knows him because he used to be her ex-husband. Huck plays online with his kid Javi and they chat. The kid asks if he wants to hang out after school and he agrees.

Olivia makes a heated call and Quinn says she’s alternating between calling David about Jake and grilling her about the Winslow case. Quinn tells Huck that the folder had photos of Olivia and the guy killed himself. Abby calls Olivia upset. She comes to her office at the White House and finds her hiding under a desk. Olivia says no one saw her come in. Abby says she ruined her dress.

She says she saw Charles and she kept it together and no one could tell but then she went to the bathroom and threw up on herself. She asks if she brought a dress and Olivia says she brought two nice ones for her to choose from. Abby asks if she should tell the Prez that the man he’s nominating used to beat her. She says she has no personal relationship with her so she can’t tell him.

Olivia says this is not okay. Abby cries and says they need the votes on the Hill so it has to be okay. She cries and says he has to stop but Olivia tells her it’s okay. Abby says press secretaries can’t cry. Olivia asks what she wants and Abby says she can’t ask her. Olivia asks again and Abby says the Putney name means everything in Virginia and says Olivia can’t handle this but she says – watch me.

Olivia and Quinn walk into the campaign HQ for Susan Ross. She tells her to take the sign down. She snatches some campaign materials and says they all have to be run by her. She introduces herself to Susan and says this isn’t even a campaign rally, it’s just sad. Olivia introduces herself and offers to run her campaign free of charge. She says she will make her the next Senator from Virginia.

She tells Susan to say yes and she says yes. She barks out orders and tells her people to get moving. The woman is stunned. Quinn and the group talk about Susan and Putney’s double digit lead over her. Olivia suggests some tweaks and they wax and primp her so she looks so much better. Putney also has a war chest and they need to put him on the defense but she tells her people she can’t tap Abby for info.

Abby gets a visit from Leo who asks about her and her ex. She says there’s no deal and they’re not friends. He says they can pretend the unbearable sexual tension doesn’t exist or move on. She doesn’t want to hear him. A car bomb goes off near the US Embassy in West Angola. They tell Fitz it could be the rebels or the president of W Angola convincing them it was rebels to get military support.

Cyrus thinks about what Abby told him about his boy toy. He tells his lover they are sending in the USS Roosevelt as backup. Cyrus calls Ethan and tells him he wants to know if Lizzie says anything about Angola. Lizzie comes to see Mellie who is looking at china patterns. Lizzie says she likes the Reagan china. Mellie says when a woman becomes President, first lady will become a paid job.

She tells Lizzie she’s bored and she tells her she can help the party shape foreign policy. David tells Olivia no about info on Jake. She says she needs to get into supermax and he says Dahmer was in supermax – he says it’s where people eat people and you just can’t visit there. He asks if she already has a plan and she asks why he thinks she wants to visit Jake.

She wants to see Tom, the guy Jake supposedly told to kill Fitz’s son. She says the warden allowed her to use his office so their meeting could be off the books. He says he’s sorry but he never gets to look at her very often. He stares openly. He says he’s usually working and he’s never got to really see her. He says she’s beautiful. He says her face launched a thousand ships.

She says she wants to know the truth about why he killed the president’s son. He asks her what is special about her and how she has so much power over Fitz and why she left him. He asks if her dad ordered her to leave him. He tells her she doesn’t have a father, she has command. He says she was raised by command and she’s a soldier who has been taking orders since she was born.

He tells her Fitz came to her apartment one night after she left. He says he had to see that she was really gone. He says it was just him and four guards. He says he went in to check on him because of the sound. He says Fitz was making this horrible sound beyond crying and says he’d never heard a human make that noise before. He says his president needed her and was in pain and wanted to die.

He tells her Fitz had even wanted to kill himself. He says he could protect the president from everyone but her. He tells her again that she’s beautiful. He says it’s what’s behind her eyes. He says Jake and command love her too. He calls her Helen of Troy. He says Helen didn’t have a father either because her father was a god.

She says her father is not a god. He’s a man who doesn’t like loose ends and he’s a loose end. She says she will protect him if he will tell her the truth about who ordered him to kill the president’s son. He says it was Jake and she tells him to watch his back and walks out. Olivia works with Susan who is filming a commercial. She tells her she’s blinking too much.

She makes her start over – the woman is over-blinking. Now she’s holding her eyes wide open like a lunatic. Olivia sees Huck playing with her daughter and gets an idea. She films the kid holding a photo of her mom. She shows the camera her mom’s doctoral degree and says smart people should run the country. She also shows a photo of her dead dad and her grandpa that worked in the coal mines.

It’s a great ad. Cyrus, Abby, Leo and Putney watch the ad and Cyrus says it’s gone viral. They discuss that Olivia is running her campaign and she could make Hitler electable. Putney catches Abby in the parking lot and he says they could have fun if he wasn’t married. He says he may have lost his temper a couple of times and she says she’s lucky to be alive. He tells her she can call off Olivia because he’s going to win,

She pulls out a gun and holds it in his face. She says she’s going to shoot him and when people ask why she did it, she says she’s going to tell them he used to beat the crap out of her. She says she may tell them he attacked her and she went crazy. She says either way he can chalk it up to PTSD. He looks scared and walks off and gets into his car. Her hand shakes and she finally lowers the gun.

She next goes to Olivia’s office and tells her what happened. She says it felt good when she pulled her gun on him. Olivia asks for the gun. Abby hands it over. Abby says he can’t win and says he can’t be a Senator. She asks what she can do. Olivia tells her to stand up at her podium with the presidential seal and tell the reporters who Chip really is. She says she would be a hero to so many other battered women.

Abby says they have helped so many women over the years but it never works out for them. She says it’s like Monica Lewinsky and Anita Hill. She says they told their story and now where are they? Olivia gets a call on her cell. She takes the call – it’s Fitz. He gives her a report on Jake’s meal, says he’s safe and alone in his cell and gets one hour of exercise each day under the watchful eye of seven guards.

He asks what’s wrong and she says nothing. He says he’s annoyed she’s helping Susan Ross after he endorsed her opponent. He says because he has hope, it’s great. She tells him she went to the supermax last night and says she went to see Tom. He asks if she was going to get him to confess. She says she thought he would change his story but he didn’t. She says Tom told her that he tried to kill himself.

Fitz is silent then takes a drink and says he wants to talk about what hope means. She says she wants to talk about what Tom said and Fitz asks if she was lying when she said there was hope. She says she doesn’t lie. He tells her to come over there and prove it. He says he can sneak her in and says he’s very powerful. She says he’s drink and he asks if she wants to know what she’s going to miss.

He tells her he’s in a giving mood. He says he would take off all her clothes but wouldn’t kiss her yet. He says he would spread her out on the desk and then start at the bottom and work his way up slowly and deliberately. He says he wouldn’t stop until she was begging and then he’d finally kiss her on the mouth so she could taste herself and then… He pauses and she asks and then what. He says that depend on how much hope there is. He ends the call and she flops back onto her bed with a dissatisfied sigh.

Huck heads to the arcade to meet Javi. He sees the kid waiting and watches from a little ways away with tears in his eyes as Javi looks around. He thinks about when he was born and then watches him play a shooter arcade game. He leaves. Ethan says Lizzie has said nothing about West Angola. He offers to keep looking but Cyrus tells him to go home and relax.

Leo comes to see Abby and says everyone has something. He says McDonnell liked diapers and Susan Ross is not a sad widow. He says she was never married to her dead baby daddy. He says Yahtzee and Abby says no one will care. Leo says Republicans will care and will see her as immoral. He says she’s going to lose and Putney will win. He says that’s a Yahtzee.

Abby tells him her jaw was wired shut for six weeks and says two of her front teeth are missing and her collar bone still aches when it rains. She says Charles did all that to her and tells him – yeah, you won – Yahtzee. Olivia finds Rowan waiting for her and he asks why she went to see Tom. She tells him to go home and walks away. He yells at her that she will not disrespect him ever.

He says he protects her and the republic and says he has spent a lifetime keeping her safe from harm and that her path was clear from debris. Rowan says she thinks he’s a misguided vicious dinosaur who attacks without thinking. He says when he attacks, it is for a reason. He tells her never to choose anyone over him again and says he won’t have it.

He asks her if that’s clear and she what’s clear is that he wasted a lifetime doing all the wrong things. He reaches for her and she flinches. He tells her against him, she will lose. She glares at her father and he walks out. A guard tells Tom there is a bunk inspection. When he comes close to the bars of his cell, the guard says he has a message from command and stabs him. The guy collapses in his cell.

Quinn shows Olivia the photos and she says Winslow killed himself. Olivia asks why she didn’t show her before and she says her dance card was full. Quinn says he was drunk and rambling but now they know the meeting was about her. Cyrus and his boy toy lie around in bed watching Mellie talk to a reporter about the new china for the White House.

Mellie segues into saying that they had the President of West Angola for dinner and discussed the human rights issues there and that’s why she’s in support of him sending the USS Roosevelt over there for support. Michael brings Cyrus his coffee and says he knows all his weaknesses including a diabetic load of sugar in his coffee. Cyrus agrees he does know his weaknesses.

Leo finds Abby sitting in the dark press room and says he came to celebrate his loss. He says his client withdrew his candidacy. She asks why and he says someone leaked it to the press that Putney set up diaper-gate and paid the sex worker. He says Susan Ross will be the next senator from Virginia. Abby says he leaked it and he says he would never do that to a client.

He offers her a drunk and then kisses her gently. He smiles and she says she can’t believe she let him kiss her. He tells her to drink some more bourbon then he’ll touch her boon and she laughs. Fitz finds Mellie outside and tells her she can’t keep doing these things. He says she was supposed to talk about china. She says he wanted smelly Mellie and drunk Mellie back.

She reminds him how much he hated the real Mellie and she’s back. She says she’s held him up for 20 years and when she fell down for two months, he laid into her. His phone rings and he doesn’t answer so she does. She tells the caller he’s right there and tells him it’s Olivia Pope for her. Olivia plays a recording for him of Tom confessing that it was Rowan.

He called her in to see him in the infirmary and says she was right. He says Jake had nothing to do with it. He says Rowan told him that he took his child from him so he was going to take Fitz’s. The Prez asks her how she got him to confess and she says she played him like her father would have. She got the guard to stab him once, none fatally to encourage his confession.

Javi finds Huck at the office and says he tracked him by his IP address. He says he knows he’s his dad and wants to know why he left. Fitz has a mini breakdown but thinks about her telling him there’s hope. Jake is shoved into a room and sees Olivia there. Then he notices Fitz is there too. Wow!