Selena Gomez is Flaunting Her Boozing Fresh Off Brief Rehab Stint

Selena Gomez is Flaunting Her Boozing Fresh Off Brief Rehab Stint

Supposedly, Selena Gomez is still addicted to the idea of being with Justin Bieber. I say that she’s addicted to the idea of him because I just don’t think their time together is that fabulous, instead I think she kind f hangs on because she sees potential. Anyway, girlfriend lasted about two weeks in rehab and then came barreling out to check up on her man. Those closest to Selena say that she is desperate to get him back and that everything that she does is aimed at getting his attention.

According to the March 10th print edition of Star Mag Selena didn’t want Biebs thinking that she has totally cleaned up her act because that might make him think that she’s no fun. She took to her social media sites to post a pic of herself nursing a big fruit drink that was loaded with booze. Sources close to Selena say that she did it to call attention to the fact that she still is a fun girl to hang with. She wants Justin to be jealous of how she looks when she’s out without him and apparently she thinks that boozing sends him a clear message.

I’m not sure how Justin actually feels about Selena’s pic but she is getting hit with some serious backlash from the fans that seem to believe that drinking at all should be a huge no-no for Selena. Do you think that she’s posting this stuff just to prove to Justin that she can keep up with his high cost lifestyle? Or is she just confused about what is truly appropriate for her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Selena Gomez arrives at the 1st Annual Unite4:humanity event hosted by Unite4good and Variety at Sony Studios on February 27 

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